Wonton/ Dumpling Mee

Wonton/ Dumpling Mee

Featuring Foong Kee Coffee Shop, Tangs Market, Holland Village Market & Food Centre, Wong Kee Wanton Noodle (Timbre+), Food Junction (Junction 8), Kopitiam (Changi Airport Terminal 3), Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wan Ton Mee (Old Airport Road Food Centre), Hiang Ji Roasted Meat & Noodle House (Toa Payoh), Encik Tan (Kallang Wave Mall), Cookhouse by Koufu (Waterway Point)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

A very comforting hot bowl of noodle soup. Noodles were springy and the soup was well seasoned. Wontons were the star of cos. Plump fresh succulent prawns made this a winner.

Noodles were springy and I liked the mix of fried and soup wontons. Sauce was good. I much prefer this outlet compared to their Timbre+ one. No pesky flies as big as eyeballs to fight with, and the air con was great. Very comfortable too.

The lye smell was strong but taste was ok. The chili was good. Char Siew was quite fatty. I liked the roast pork. Skin was still crispy. From Guan Chee HK Roast stall.

78 Airport Boulevard
Jewel Changi Airport
Basement Two Food Court

While I was waiting for my meatball noodles at Guan’s Mee Pok, uncle was a bit rough in cooking my noodles and I got splashed by boiling hot water. Uncle was so very sorry and apologized profusely. While I was finishing up my meal, he came with this bowl of dumplings and apologized again. Very touched by his sweetness.

This dumpling soup was delicious. Big fat dumplings stuffed full of pork. No bad porky smell.

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Oh my this was so good! So sour and spicy. Oily thou but I loved it. The minced pork on top was a bonus. 👍🏻


Yes it looked very bland. But perfect for nursing a sore throat. Kuay teow was smooth but the star was of cos the fish dumplings. So chewy and Q. Yummy.

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The new food court at Raffles Hospital (new wing basement) is now opened and offers plenty of dining choices and seating space.

This wonton Mee was not bad. The char siew got nice char and not fatty. Wonton was good too.

I squeezed a dollop no bigger than a 20 cent coin. After mixing, I could barely see any redness in my noodles. It didn’t look the least bit threatening. I was wrong. Annihilated half of my tastebuds on first bite. Sooo good. Add at your own risk.

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Freshly fried and super hot. I ate it after my noodles and they were still hot. Didn’t detect any prawns inside but the meat was chewy and soft. Well marinated. Very nice.

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Pleasantly surprised to see that they have opened new stores. Space was small but very clean and comfortable. This one tasted just as good as the one in Tanjong Katong. Chewy noodles in bland-looking but flavorful gravy. Loved the wontons. The small size was just nice for me.

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This was significantly bigger than the small one. A bit too much for me.

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