Fast Food!!

Fast Food!!

Mmmm, for the sinful indulgences
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Redefining fast food with their well grilled and flavourful meats, plus at pocket friendly prices - going for $7~ alacarte but if you go for the drink + chilli cheese fries, may add up (pretty delicious and sinful combi). Wait time can be awhile.


While the truffle scent is captured, the taste itself wasn't too strong. The Truffle Angus Beef thus felt like a slightly upgraded version of the Mushroom Swiss. Nevertheless a good perk me up in the morning. ($24 for this set as we also switched up the drinks)

Ps. Love BK's nuggets and bbq sauce. Will be back to try their mentaiko salmon burgers!

Philly cheese steaks at Bishan's Kim San Leng kopitiam is a big throwback to having the deal at Philadelphia. Wanted to try this for awhile, and the signature cheesesteak has melted cheddar cheese comes with onions and chewy beef. ($5)

It's a little smaller than the usual Subway but does well in meeting all your savoury craves. Hope that it's business is as good in a kopitiam setting too - where there's so many competition from all the signature local dishes. Glad that bishan is having more diversity

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Didn't get a chance to eat it while in US and with all the rave reviews, I'm happy to finally sink my hands into this burger stack. It won me over with the super customisable options: grilled onions, mushrooms, lettuce....e.g. and the cheeseburger is worth it for it's melty American cheese ($15).

I added on the small fries (which is anything but small, since they have it overflowing in the bag for $7) and love how it's potato chunks is fried crisp.

Rather premium prices for this but deffo larger servings than shake shack. Interesting to note that 5 guys' serving time should be around 8 mins after you order, but I think it took about 15-20mins at it's peak

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On a saturday afternoon, it was about 15minutes queue and 30minutes wait for food. The shack sauce was irresistibly crramy and matched with the grilled patty.

We had to get the mozarella cheese fries, which tasted milky and may get gelat - theres also tomato + mustard to mix and match. ($28 in total)

Still a little not sure what I'll eat when I come back to Changi airport next time. Excited that all these international fast food chains are coming to Sg. (in-and-out! Five guys? Tim hortons?)

Nailed it with the portobello, 21 days aged beef patty, melted cheese and the crisp brioche bun. Catching the sunset here on the rooftop with its chic ambience completes the meal. Beautiful scenery ($23)

Would have tried this nevermind my NYR because its mac and cheese! Slightly surprised that the fried chicken is spicy. Everything is well fried to the crisp and topped with nacho cheese (yums). Its so big that i had to eat patty by patty. While the mac and cheese isnt too strong for its cheesy taste, its an ingenius invention for pasta lovers like me.

Tldr: lovely but wish it could be less heaty and spicy with more variety of meats. Am sure any meat will go well with the mac and cheese! ($7.50)

As much as not eating fast food is in my new year resolution, the truffle parmesan chicken really got to me. I love how strong the fragrance is with, and KFC always get the tender chicken right. With that savoury parmesan cheese, this is easily my preferred premium chicken choice. Tastes like those korean ones!

is so tantalising. Can't go wrong with truffle, mushroom and cream. I liked the crisp and thin crust though it wasn't hardy enough to hold up the pizza. It's a generous serving to share amongst two. We love the cafe's quiet ambience, it's a place to hide from the hustle and bustle of town.

#HSBCentertainer #oneforone (~$22)

New lunch place explored: hafudog! The smoked cheese kurobuta pork sausage is quite pleasing with its juicy mushroom and bed of cheese. While I wishcheese could be more pungent like the raclette kind, the entire bun was well executed in a simple way. Was v tempted to try the poutine here! ($10 for the torched cheese west coast)

PS. Love the adventurous name

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Explore new food Fridays got me here to Rotisserie. For $12.90, you get quarter chicken and 3 sides. Am glad I chose the hot sides with well baked + soft cheese cauliflower, mash and corn. (wished they allowed mixing of the warm and cold sides)

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The onion Rosti was a highlight, it goes perfectly sweeping the egg and with the crackling pork. The crackling pork on the other hand was slightly over glorified, it was tough to cut it and not as crackly as I expected. Overall, a very good Sunday brunch. #burpplebeyond


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