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surely foodness
surely foodness

Croque Monsieur $9.90
The melted cheese top toasted multigrain bread filled with layers of honey baked ham and bechamel, was nicely complimented with the flowing soft boiled egg yolk and greens.
+ soft boiled egg $1.60

Apple Cinnamon Waffles 14.90
The waffles were topped with cubed apple compote. Goes yummilicious with the salted caramel, dried cranberries, pistachio n Greek yogurt.

Seven Spiced Chai Latte hot $5.8
Best chai latte I’ve had so far in a cafe!

Mocha $5.80
Good like the usual.

Phad Thai Noodles with Prawns ($19) was springy and a bit stickier then the usual but still flavourful with medium size succulent prawns.

Tom Yum Seafood clear Soup ($20) was authentically spicy with a kick bit too fast for my sensitive stomach to signal a stop so my lunch partner finished it all!

Thai green curry with just enough lemak, fragrant n flavour.
1 serving for 4pax @$17

Also in photo is the Thai Fried Rice with Crabmeat ($18); with not a lot of crabmeat but fried rice was done well.

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The Thai Prawn cakes, a starter we will not miss in any good Thai restaurant n this did not fail is with its firm and generous bite.
4 pcs @$14

Also ordered the Baked Honey Ribs, it was a bit too dry. We all agreed we I’ll give this a miss the next time.

4pcs @$24

Crispy skin on the outside n flavourful stuffings on the inside that went really well with the Thai chilli sauce. A dish we’ll order again.
4 pcs @$10

Tender braised pork belly that melts in your mouth with the flavour of the marinate still in tack despite it was serve in the soup udon. The udon was thinner then the norm you get at other Japanese restaurants but it was silky with a good texture, like it was handmade. Broth was just nice the right amount of flavour for me; not too salty.

$18 from the ala carta menu, but I will order this again.

Waitress replied they do not serve the Pork Belly separately when requested on ordering.

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The Classic Salmon ($9), a slice of sourdough bread spread with herbed cream cheese, layered with thinly sliced zucchini, and smoked salmon, and finally topped with slices of pickled radish.

The zucchini gives the toast a unique texture different from the usual cucumber.

The Mocha ($5) was a bit too milky for me but still ok for the price.

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Lovely presentation with the stacking and garnishing with edible flowers; but the rosti was uncooked.

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Creamy egg yolk mashed with avocado and stuffed in hard boiled egg white, over sliced tomatoes on scones.
Nice savoury mash. Was expecting a small scone to add butter or jam on but it like a halved scone topped with the mash which can a bit too much for a small eater.


Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict on Crispy Waffle $14.80
Thick-cut Bacon & Scrambled Eggs with French Toast $9.80
Beef Stroganoff ~ Braised beef brisket with button mushrooms and linguini in cream sauce $18.80
Cappuccino & Mocha $5.50 n $6.50

Nice chillax instagrammable place with lots of good choice for brunch!
Breakfast dishes were reasonably priced for its quality n we loved this all-day pasta that has cream sauce infused with braised beef flavour!
Coffee was great too but it took a bit long to arrive way after we finished our food n we’d to ask for it twice despite we ordered it to come with the food.

Totally enjoyed this brunch though n will come back for more!

Trendy succulent pork ribs grilled n basted with Hickory BBQ sauce, with our choice of 2 sides: mashed red potatoes n pilaf rice!
$44.83 (Full slab)

Crispy golden beer-battered Hoki fish fillets served with French fries, coleslaw & tangy tartar sauce!

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