(Also unexpectedly) delicious coffee. It’s rich, layered, not overroasted like many cafe’s.

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Won’t deny the gripe I held onto aside from this cup over the price.

But. Isn’t this a rich delicious cuppa coffee, with delectable wafts of the coconutty fragrance from the Gula Melaka that was also slightly savoury 😋


I love evaporated milk.

So I had no qualms with this cup of: shot of espresso + full mug of (seemingly buttery) evaporated milk.

But this milky palate leaning is highly a personal preference.

7/10 (for me)

It was really dry.. and filled with powdery hae bee hiam that seems to be fried with plainly only chili.

Nothing else :(



It was chock full of zesty aromas. A thick tea of strawberry, the kiwis seems to have taken a back seat in this painting.


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Well, I think Ethiopian might just be slowly being redeemed by stellar baristas who know to complement and uphold its richness appropriately.

OR, it might just be that single shot in 5oz milk blends, winds up to the best play for the typically sour//intense Ethiopian beans?

It was nicely toned down to a zesty stone fruit finish here at Glasshouse👌🏻


Every month boasts of a different origin, looking forward 😊

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Have you had Italian Grounds before? Couldn’t quite find Dorilas in Italy on good ole Google but I was excited to find out the type of flavour profile Italy beans provided! (Had authentic Italian espresso when my tastebuds were untrained.)

But (this) Italian Coffee is exactly how I would imagine it to be. It tastes like.. FOUNDATION.
Not the makeup kinds! I’m talking about hearty robust, earthy. It’s like the LEAD in concrete foundations. Without any embellishments

Solid, Smooth, Single, Strong, plain earthy flavour. Like Pear and Pecans! Without a bitter or oily aroma.

Could get a little Flat after a while without much acidity/fruity or floral tones and short finish. But overall very SAFE a choice of coffee. Easily pleasing the conservative or simply-Caffeine-seeking drinker. Even the picky cant quite complain or nitpick this style.

I’ve got to admit. Finding out that the house blend is 70% Ethiopian seeded some apprehension. Having had a couple of tasting sessions go not-great.

The acidity of Ethiopian beans have thrown me off altogether. In particular, I am beginning to conclude that these beans have a very thin optimum roasting frame; resulting in many coffeehouses overroasting these acidic overly flavoured beans. The bitter comes out very easily too, is what I’m saying.

Sniffing this cuppa, the skeptic in me at once went “uuuhhh yes” this is gonna be one sour coffee. The crema gave it all away too.

OR SO I thought.

I was slowly greeted by wafts of berry, pink grapefruit, nutty scents. IN LAYERS. Just the way I like a. Good Cuppa. Complex, full bodied. It got pretty exciting to drink after the first 30seconds when my palate acclimated to the tang.

With the cream, or the remaining 30% + not overly extracted Ethiopian Grounds.

I enjoyed it as an overall. 👏🏻👏🏻. With its long finish


Clean tasting hot cuppa matcha for $5 in a nondescript space. (although it sure didn’t quite sound so idyllic idealistically for the purpose of a stealaway)

You know how matcha can get too greenly watery without much of any tea scents or some would be too overly sweet while others can get too overwhelmingly potent to the point of a powdery bitter?
Particularly not a fan of those with an astringent aftertaste.

I can appreciate that this cup served up is well balanced in its strength without any odd notes or aftertaste.

Although, I would have preferred if sugar wasn’t added by default or have been offered up as an option; well, just like any true self-respecting avid Matcha lover would have desired. #purist


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