Top 10 Places for Rainy Day Comforts

Top 10 places for Rainy Day Comforts

Latest Reviews for Rainy Day Comforts

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Rainy Day Comforts

Don’t let the mountain of chilli trick you, it really isn’t as spicy as it looks, if you can take spice, that is. The fish was uber tender and soft, easily breaking apart as you pick it up with your chopsticks. An absolute killer when paired with a bowl of rice. You can top up sides like mushrooms, crab stick along with various other options to go along with your fish!

A great find for delicious ramen! The customisable ramen concept is one of a kind where you had a choice in everything - richness of the soup, firmness of noodles, spiciness level etc. I recommend the Black King ramen which is garlic and squid based. Broth was flavourful and it came with a generous portion of chashu topping. Would visit again :)

Tried their Original King (Butao) Ramen, Luscious signature tonkotsu pork broth. Had it with normal cooked ramen noodles, with their special spicy sauce in level 1 spicy and added on an onsen egg to go with it.

My partner had it too but without their special spicy sauce & ended up liking my bowl of ramen more as the spicy sauce goes really well with the pork broth with an added dimension. $13.90 for a good bowl of Ramen, why not! I will definitely drop by when I’m near Suntec.

In addition, the branch manager at Suntec is really nice & welcoming.

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It is then stir fried with capsicums, red dates, king oyster mushrooms, chilli powder and sesame seeds. Unfortunately I find the sauce a bit too sweet for my liking.
Find out more at
313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 65095808
Nearest MRT: Somerset (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 11am - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 11am - 11pm

Tried the soup, sesame chicken and Luo Han Zai.
Soup had a comforting homey taste, with a good amount of ingredients - loved the meatballs too. Free refill for soup btw!
Sesame chicken was decent. Did not like the Luo Han Zai- try only if you are familiar with the dish.

Some might be afraid it's fishy, I won't deny that it is a little fishy but dip on those mustard sauce and you won't be able to tell. 😋🦀🥚🥢

1st outlet in SG. Chose the Black King 黒王 flavor: Fragrant blackened garlic & squid in a silky broth with Chashu(Lean Shoulder Meat), Minced Pork Ball with black sesame & Nagi Spices. If you're on a date, I suggest you choose another flavor cos your teeth & lips will turn black while eating this. Since I'm on a date with myself, I don't have to care abt image. 😂 Their service is pretty gd, they provide their in-house Nagi Chips & barley tea for you while waiting in the queue. The best part is you can customize your soup base and the firmness of your noodles. Since it's my 1st time trying, I chose normal for all. The soup is really rich, it's a bit salty for me. If you have healthy taste buds like me then choose light nx time. You can also choose shoulder or belly meat for the Chashu. Their ramen noodles are thinner than usual, you can choose the firmness. Overall quite gd, I'll be back to try the Original King & Green King next time since it's just opp the gym. 😄🍜

Conveniently located near the gym, this is one of my fav ramen places for my cheat meals. Just the Original King(BUTAO) 豚王🐷🍜 is enough to make me happy. I like how I’m able to customize the ramen just the way I like. This is how I like the soup base to be.
Richness of Taste: Light
Special Sauce: Normal
Garlic: Heavy
Their ramen noodles are handmade and thinner than usual, you can choose the firmness, I usually choose normal or firm.