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In terms of convenience, Heng Long Teochew Porridge definitely wins in that aspect as they have several outlets in Singapore and most opens till quite late in the evening. Pricewise, they are not the cheapest around but that is a small trade off for the variety and convenience that they offer. Over at the North Bridge Road outlet, they have a wide array of freshly cooked dishes for you to choose from even though I was there at around 8pm at night and I was told by the staff that over at the Upper Serangoon outlet, they have an even larger assortment of dishes.

Got the usual steamed fish with black beans, fish cakes, braised minced meat and salted vegetables, all perfect to go with a bowl of piping hot rice porridge. The bill came up to $20.20 for what we have ordered, which to me, is a decent price to satisfy my cravings.
✨ Heng Long Teochew Porridge
📍 809 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198777
🍴 [Self Funded]

Beside their signature porridge, they also served some interesting sides like this one.

The you tiao is stuffed with fish cake, creating another texture to it. Order one piece is enough for 2 person to enjoy.

The chef behind the kitchen used to work in another popular place, before venture out and open his own shop at the same neighbourhood.

You could expect a very smooth and wok hey taste of porridge.

Spare Ribs served with honey sambal sauce.

Something we don't get to taste often, can honestly and sambal really mix?

Surprisingly, it's was quite nice.

But portion a little small though.

mickey mouse much, theyve lots of exotic items if youre an adventurous foodie

Had the seafood pot Set A for $58++. They ran out of crawfish and they give up crayfish instead which I am ok with it.

For a seafood lover, the amount is very generous and delicious. The soup when served with seafood is only a little. But you can ask them to top up the soup for you.

Pork chop, braised cabbage, chap chye. Lol this branch is the poorer sibling. The crowd and the food here are inferior to Jalan Besar. I know chap chye is a cabbage dish so why did I still have cabbage? My chap chye was a dish of assorted vegetables without cabbage, but I don't know how to name it, so it's a form of chap chye.

Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge opened a few months ago and it’s by the former chef of famous Ah Chiang Porridge that’s located a few streets away. I had high hopes for this place since I’m a fan of Ah Chiang but was left feeling a little disappointed. For one, the porridge here was on the blander side and I had to add quite a copious amount of soya sauce to make up for it. I guess the good thing is that it probably means they don’t add MSG. I did love their ginger chicken and Thai-style tofu. If only their porridge was seasoned better!

Just discovered Yan Ji Seafood Soup and this is probably my favourite seafood soup in singapore. It’s on the pricier end with soups starting from $13 but it’s worth it cos the portion sizes are massive and the amount of ingredients in each bowl is insane. Look at the size of the crayfish!! Madness.

Recently checked out Sumo Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee, the sister shop of famous Sumo Big Prawn. This stall sells Hokkien mee, fried carrot cake etc and we tried the Hokkien mee. Was a little disappointed because we thought that these would be cooked fresher on the spot but the guy manning the stall simply scooped up some noodles leftover in an unheated wok and served it to us. Thankfully noodles were still warm. Taste wise it was decent too and had plenty of umami, but overall it could be fresher.

Eating this in Singapore weather is shiok af. Not too spicy either so if you have Low spice tolerance like me you won’t die.