Top 10 Places for Rainy Day Comforts

Top 10 places for Rainy Day Comforts

Latest Reviews for Rainy Day Comforts

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Rainy Day Comforts

I also liked their rendition of tomato and spicy mala broth. Less oily and less spicy than our usual Chinese hot pot and drinkable as a broth on its own.
Till 31st Jan, enjoy 10% discount promotion when dining from 5.30pm to 10pm.

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We wanted to order the chongqing grilled fish but it was unavailable. The fish was super meaty though I heard that the mullet fish would be even better! Flavour was just alright, made our lips slightly numb due to the spices. Maybe I’m just not a fan of mala kinda food? Shared this amongst 4-5 people. We added golden mushrooms and other veggies in as well.

Total bill for 10 people: $200 (drinks+rice)

Awesome Ramen joint for those who enjoy ramen like I do! Décor was pleasant and area was clean. Service was attentive and quick, very typical of Japanese restaurants. Staff were knowledgeable and were kind to give us recommendations when we were ordering in order to ensure the ramen was suitable and we knew what we were ordering.
I ordered the “Butao Ramen” ($13.90) which had a thick broth with a very deep taste profile. I selected the amount of chilli being “level one” which was just the right amount for me. For someone with an above average tolerance for spice, level two may be for you. (Levels go up to ten!). They were generous with ingredients, giving large amounts of green onions, black fungus accompanied with thick slices of Cha Shu. Added $2 for an egg, and would recommend an egg lover like me to definitely try it. I also ordered mujicha at $1, which at its price I would expect to taste bland, however it was definitely not the case. To top it off, it is refillable! Great for someone who needs a drink to accompany their meal.
Overall, the experience was definitely a pleasant one and I would recommend Ramen lovers like me to definitely give this a try, and this may be your new favourite joint!

Comfort food after spinning class. HUGE crispy & hot tau kee is a MUST get item.

Couldnt give the famous Ramen Nagi a miss!

I had the Red King. It comes at a minimum spice level 5. (You can choose to increase it to a max of level 10) While it looked reallllllly intimidating, it wasnt as spicy as i thought it would be. In fact, the soup was thick and fragrant! I loved it!

A pity i chose the shoulder charsiew instead of the pork belly. Felt that the pork belly would have been more tender. Nevertheless, would definitely go back again! And this time, I would go for the Butao King with pork belly and less oil.

Was raved by many of my colleagues on how good this is. Manage my expectations they say, and I did. Went to try this finally but wasn't blown away.

The soup was way too peppery for my liking and covers all the supposed fragrance of what you would expect in a bak kut teh soup, if any. My staples to go with bak kut teh - mee sua and fried fritters - were not up to standard too. For me mee sua must not be too thick yet maintain a certain degree of spring, fried fritters must of course be crispy.

To be frank, I'm sure there's some place that serves a much better rendition of this traditional dish. Looking forward to a really good bowl of bak kut teh; till next time.

Tan Yu 探鱼 has been on my radar for some time, tempting me every time I walk around [email protected]’s basement. Packed during lunch on a Tuesday, I was surprised by how affordable and shiooook this place was!

Of course we chose the ma la, and it was just perfect. The amount of 麻 was just nice, giving your tongue an addictive tingly sensation without going overboard. We added on their Golden Combination ($9.90) – enoki, lotus root, potato and crab sticks sitting under the fish, soaking up that intense fiery flavour. And the fish itself was good enough to share among 3-4, soft and fresh; definitely a value for money lunch. 👅💦💦