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Recommended lists for Rainy Day Comforts

Recommended lists of Best Rainy Day Comforts in Singapore, 2019
Burpple Guides, Rainy Day Comforts, Steamboat, Supper, Good For Groups Best Places for Steamboat in Singapore Six hot spots for huddling over warming hot pots when it's cold outside.

Top 10 Places for Rainy Day Comforts

Top 10 places for Rainy Day Comforts

Latest Reviews for Rainy Day Comforts

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Rainy Day Comforts

Marinated pork belly stir-fried with carrots, onions, sesame seed and Masizzim’s special sweet and spicy sauce.

The overall taste was more sweet rather than spicy. Pork belly were thinly sliced, similar to what was used for shabu shabu.

1-for-1 Main Dish with Burpple Beyond ✌ (U.P $14.80)

Comes with 4 levels spiciness, choice of udon/glass noodles and a bowl of purple rice. Additional add-ons of cheese/toppoki/extra noodles are available at $2 per portion. We were told that spicy level 3 taste like chili padi hence we decided on level 2 which still turned out to be a little too spicy. 

1-for-1 Main Dish with Burpple Beyond ✌ (U.P $16.80/single portion)

Fresh mala ingredients especially the mushrooms, cheap prices and in my neighbourhood? Those are what that are making me coming back for more. $13 for 2 people.

This curry simply reminds me of home, that old school flavour. Curry is luscious and perfect, with hints of spiciness. Tender pieces of chicken drumsticks and wings. Potato. Eat the curry with a plate of rice or some white bread, that would be the perfect pairing for this dish.


I ordered the black version and the broth was really rich, almost like a gravy. Great for the first half of the meal but got a bit jelat at the end and I couldn’t finish it (I usually make it a point to finish my ramen broth, must not waste!) Will probably order the original one next time.

I had their original Butao King with their traditional signature Tonkotsu broth. I found it really interesting as there was this umami taste that was different from the usual ramen broths, perhaps a bit of shrimp was boiled together to give it that extra seafood flavour. Really enjoyed drinking the soup as it was flavourful but not overwhelming.

My friend had their ramen style egg which looked so appealing and yummy so I’d definitely get that the next time I’m there.

Great service by their staff as well. Will definitely patronise again!

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I have to say this is probably one of the best Pig’s Organs soup I have ever tasted in Singapore.
I am really not a soup person but this has got me finishing every drop of this flavourful and appetising soup and oooohhhh boy the meats are so tender and yummy


We ordered Popularity BKT through Burpple Beyond and an additional Founder BKT. Would prefer the meat to be less chewy and more tender. Soup had the right amount of pepper. Dip your meat into dark soya sauce and you’re ready to go with a bowl of steaming hot mee sua!



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Super crispy outside and moist & soft inside. Really yummy dish with appetising sweet sauce! Goes well with the peppery bak kut teh soup.