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First time here for their $9.90 hotpot! Both the chicken and mala soup are of good quality and doesn't leave you thirsty like some msg soup does. The ingredients served were also fresh and an extremely generous portion for $9.90++

Free sauce before 4pm on weekdays!

Special mention for the chewy handmade noodles 🍜

For the price, the quality is definitely worth it.

We waited 25 mins for a table during weekday lunch.

Will definitely be back!

Seven Wonders Ramen: $7.80

The Seven Wonders Ramen was a surprising delight with the sweet chilli adding a wonderful depth and dimension that made my tastebuds sing. Though the ingredients were a little cold and the minced meat with ginger had an odd taste, the noodles were delightfully springy and tasted very authentic. The soup itself had a strong but pleasant spicy ginger and garlic kick that had me craving for more!

Overall: 4.2/5 🍜😋

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A pretty decent place for korean soondoobu. I especially liked the kimchi pancake.

Visiting Lau Wang Claypot Delights has became one of my family’s weekly affair. We were all impressed by the claypot dishes, and the generous portion yet pocket friendly food! It is especially shiok to enjoy them while they are sizzling hot with a bowl of plain rice!

Price: $4
Ordered dried prawn mee. It’s a mixture of sourness, creamy from pork lard, savoury from dried shrimp. What stands out is their soup which is strong in prawn taste, giving you the feeling of ah ma’s prawn mee.

Mui Kee was brought to Singapore by the Les Amis group. The original outlet is a famous congee shop in Hong Kong. They are famous for their fish porridge, but I got the pork Innards porridge. High quality porridge with lots of flavour. However, it could have been a bit thicker.

Ordered the butao king with a side of chicken karaage and gyozas - they were all really great especially for its price! This is an affordable ramen place and will definitely be back!! :)

Really love the sweet potato tteok for its pretty pastel purple and the mousse filling inside! Their yangnyeom fried chicken was damn good too! It was a fun experience making our own sauce, putting all the ingredients together to make our own pot of tteokbokki. Well worth the money. (P.s. cheese ring was too much for 2pax. And once it hardens it didn’t taste as good. Must eat fast)

Although Dadong Prawn Noodles in Joo Chiat remains the number one in my heart, I have to admit the one from this stall is very tasty. Theirs is the “kill-you-with-strong-prawn-flavour” style. So even though the soup isn’t the opaque sort and may seem a bit thin even, there is no denying its intensity. The prawns, served halved lengthwise with shell on, are fresh and sweet while the smallish pieces of pork ribs are tender and tasty.
If I had to choose, I would pick the dry version over the soup because I really enjoyed the savoury and slightly tangy chilli sambal used to dress the noodles.

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee
Address: 2 Jalan Ayer, Singapore 389141.
Closest MRT station: Kallang.
Opens 8am to 3.30pm.
Closed on Tuesdays.

P.S. In case you are wondering, I prefer this stall’s infinitely more than the popular one on East Coast Road.

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The rice cake was a tad soft and it couldn’t really hold its own weight (and thus, breaking apart when I lifted it up) but it tasted soo good. Warm, sweet and slightly chewy. Love the serving of red sugar with the crushed peanut on the side too, so I can adjust it to my liking. The deep fried rice cake was not too greasy either. Must-order when you’re here.

The subtle numbing aftertaste was pretty enjoyable, and I can understand why some people hoped for stronger flavour or more oil. There are various flavours for the ice cream, but I suggest going with vanilla to avoid overpowering the peppercorn oil.

Comes with seaweed soup (quite tasteless and bland tbh) and 2 pieces of potato pajeon

Beef bulgogi set was value for money! Mixed grain rice was delicious but super filling. Couldn't finish it