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Sliced Fish Bee Hoon is my usual go-to comfort food, and this is one of the best I've ever had. Broth was rich and flavourful, and had a generous portion of thick fish slices which were well-cooked and springy without a fishy smell or aftertaste.

I decided to give Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge a try as Mui Siong Bak Chor Mee is closed when I went down on Sat (😩) and I can’t decide what is more surprising: 1) having to wait 1 hour plus for the porridge, or 2) how gooood it actually is😍!

I ordered Mixed Pork Porridge with Century Egg ($4.50) which comes with sliced pork, meat ball, pork liver, pork stomach and century egg. Although this is not the super fine kind of porridge, it is still very smooth, fragrant and flavourful.

The pork liver is slightly pink and crunchy, and the handmade meat ball is well seasoned. Each component is well-executed and there is no porky aftertaste. My only grouse is that the youtiao is quite soggy - wish there is more crisp to it.

I tried this without any expectations and I must say that I’m pretty impressed - glad the long wait paid off!

Had surgery so I could only eat soft food. The stall was very busy during breakfast but your food will eventually come.

Always feel very fulfilled with hotpot, and the signature tomato soup that's sweet but not over the top, slightly bland mushroom broth, and a mini mala soup in the center (which goes perfect with meat). Our fave goes to the handmade prawn balls and the must have beancurd rolls. (About $40 per pax, good to come here with a big group)

Missing JB? Here’s the place you’re looking for for some Malaysian style kway chap in an old school setting. I liked that the kway had a herbal taste to it. Consider adding the duck for an extra kick!

tried the mushroom pot and signature (both non spicy) and the mushroom pot was the more popular choice at our table. think wld have been more shiok if it was just a tad spicy! skip the chicken skewers they were q dry but the lamb and pork belly ones were another fave at our table! total damage was pretty gud with burpple 1 for 1 and the staff there was pretty friendly too!

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Dined here because I had a voucher. But turns out I didn’t really enjoy my visit here

👉🏻fried fish with ginger onion $15.8++: I’m not sure why the fish wasn’t fried. Diff from the photo from another review. Fish is frozen fish and can taste a metallic aftertaste. The sauce that accompanied it was also slightly salty not the ginger onion sauce I’m used to

👉🏻salted eggs shrimp $22.8++: this was alright the nicer dish of all 3 items. But the prawn didn’t taste v fresh either slightly mushy. And the flour batter separates from the prawn v easily. The salted egg taste could also be much stronger

👉🏻 Yangzhou fried rice 9.8++: I had one scoop of this rice and couldn’t eat further. The fried rice didn’t have the egg fragrant fried rice taste at all. It was very bland and had a very strong rice smell that I couldn’t take it. Felt like I wasted my money for it

But perhaps I ordered all the wrong dishes from this stall. If anyone wants to visit here maybe you have better luck trying other dishes

Favourite dish will be the potatoes #30 on the menu as well as their cold dishes and skewers! Visit them at least once a month since a few years ago. Would recommend everyone to visit!

Treated myself with the 1 for 1 (M size) Chicken Hot Pot which comes in different flavours (in picture: Mushroom and Hot & Spicy) you can choose from. The serving for one pot is almost more than enough for 3 people, so having 2 pots was actually an overkill. It wasn’t too salty nor oily, so it was actually quite nice. 👍🏼 Will definitely be back to try their skewers!

This is really a gamble. It's clear the execution is not off, it's simply that some day they do a milder version and other days it's a lot more flavourful.

Didn't intend to review this again, again, but this wasn't anywhere near as stunning as the first time we had it. That was amazing and now it's pretty insipid