Top 10 Places for Rainy Day Comforts

Top 10 places for Rainy Day Comforts

Latest Reviews for Rainy Day Comforts

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Rainy Day Comforts

Besides their signature soontofu, they also serve some of the favourite Korean meat dishes such as L.A. Galbi (pictured), Spicy Grilled Chicken, and Spicy Baby Octopus. These can be ordered as a main dish or to be included in the combo meal along with a Soontofu soup of choice.
I've tried this L.A. Galbi and I liked how soft the beef is. It's well marinated yet not overly sweet nor salty. It also came with side dishes as pictured (kimchi, seaweed, pickled green chilies and spicy squid strips). At SBCD they also serve this whole fried croaker fish (not pictured) as one of their side dishes, and it was really tender!
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We love peppery soup style and the lean meat Pork Knuckle is also our favorite 馃槏馃槏 #bakkutteh #鑲夐鑼 #lunch #localfood #sgfood #hawkerfood #bkt #burpple

Quite unexpected but the fish and congee both had such an intense Wok Hei it was like they had cook it with a charcoal inside (just kidding). Also enjoyed their drunken chicken which wasn鈥檛 too strong in alcohol but carried a mild sweetness which was pleasant.
Other than congee, Mui Lee鈥檚 noodles would also appeal to those who like that HK style noodles.
However, their 鐐稿叐 fried fritters wasn鈥檛 as impressive. About their parrot fish belly, we tried it once late at night and another time when they just opened and the taste was different. The Wok Hei wasn鈥檛 that distinct in the morning. Too many customers maybe? Or their wok wasn鈥檛 sufficiently heated up yet?

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I chose enoki mushrooms and tofu, although we all shared a huge number of lovely veggies and noodles. #chinesehotpot #hotpot #bedokmall #tofu #enokimushroom #haidilao #chinesefood #noodles

Pork liver - slices of tender pork liver which have been perfectly sauteed and matched with a savoury ginger-onion sauce.

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The stall which I wanted to visit was closed. Haiz..... but this seemed like a well known and popular stall.
I ordered a 3-in-1 which comprises of prawns (small), pork ribs and gelatonous pig tails. The sambal chilli was quite fiery hot and the rest of the components were normal. The soup was the star. Sweet, flavorful and with a distinct prawnish body. In my opinion, go for the soupy version instead of dry.

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Crazy night with 馃敟 馃敟 馃嵕馃嵎
Drink, drank but we won't get drunk. But we get high by the Mala seriously. 涓荆 is no joke.
We got choked and numbed for the first time. I thought I was gonna blackout seriously. Hahahaha 馃槀 yet it's 馃構 yummy!
Great recommendation but 寰荆 please next time.
Good service too.

There are 5 soup bases to choose from - we picked bak kut teh which had a well-balanced sweetness with strong herbal flavour, and a pretty spicy blazing magma (Japanese miso) that鈥檚 good for dipping your meats in. There鈥檚 also clear chicken soup, tomyum and Sichuan mala soup, made from their secret recipe which uses 28 spices and ingredients!

The hotpot ingredients were fresh and pretty affordable (prices start from $2) - we particularly loved the iberico pork collar ($5)! Other than that, there鈥檚 also cooked side dishes. Personal favourite was the Seasonal fiery mala Fish ($10.80), crisp, meaty and the mild spiciness proved to be very addictive!

Thank you @dingxianhotpot /@brandcellar for having us and @cweizhi for extending the invite!

That sums up Long Qing鈥檚 Braised Pork Rice Bowl ($12). It鈥檚 definitely saucy, and that adds to the sumptuous comfort of warm rice and tender pork. I wolfed this down rather quickly, so you know this was gooooooooodddddd 馃槏

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Very pleasant experience trying out the Hokkaido soup curry that is pretty unique. Tastes great and definitely is worth trying out!

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