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Teochew Porridge
with sambal kang kong, braised chicken feet and beancurd skin

genuinely don’t understand why will people go back to HDL after trying BITP.
literally, everything abt the steamboat was so on point. collagen soup was da bomb, xiang la soup tasted so much better than typical ma la soup. meat slices were fresh and the soft bone pork ball was SO GOOD!
but to be fair, lamian cannot beat HDL’s handpulled noodles, but trust me, it’s still rly rly rly good. just that, you know, handmade stuffs alw triumph.

tip: if you like adding alcohol to your soup, feel free to ask the waitress for a serving of huadiao wine. recommended to only pour wine into collagen broth after the meal in cause you find the taste too strong.

Who can resist a good kimchi pancake? I always crave for @wangdaebakbbq kimchi pancake because it’s just so good! So crispy and flavorful!

You may be fooled by their promotion at the storefront but the price actually not that cheap. Hot Pot for 2 persons with drinks may be resulted in total bill $50++. Given there’s extra charge for dipping sauce per person. With service and GST.

However overall food was satisfying, although not fantastic. Good for family lunch or dinner. As they provide incentives of soft toys if you accumulate points.

We headed down after hearing about this funky dish. They're quite a well-known zichar and I've been here for the claypot mee tai mak. It's basically using zichar curry as hor fun gravy. I like zichar curry and this is quite novel.

Sweater weather is ending, but here is a cozy Tofu Stew that warmed me up.

Each stew set comes with banchan (side dishes) and rice. The banchan I received includes deep fried yellow fish, fermented squid (which I absolutely love, swipe to see), kimchi & seaweed. Requested for extra fermented squid multiple times because I like it so much.

Can’t wait to be back!


Grilled Limbo Fish With Green Pepper (48.90)
Golden Combination (12.90)
Rice (1.00)

Good fish which was cooked well. They gave a lot of ingredients as well, we counted 8 crab sticks.

$13++ for 2 person not bad deal they do not weight separately for meat ingredients

I knew I had to try the mala soup from 老成都麻辣烫, a takeaway food stall (#01-K99G) outside People’s Park Complex, when I saw it in a recent vlog by #聪生家 because it simply calls out to my soul😂

I ordered a variety of ingredients for 2-3 pax and it costs $16, which is quite reasonable given the generous portion. I opted for the lowest level of spiciness (小辣) and the soup hits all the right notes for me - it is robust, spicy and numbing without throwing me off. The aftertaste can be a little salty, but the flavours made up for it. The ingredients are fresh and I thought the prawn balls and tofu (not sure why but it’s quite Q!) are better than the usual ones I have.

This is my first time venturing beyond my usual 麻辣香锅 to try a soup version of it and I really enjoyed it. Definitely can see myself ordering this again on a rainy day!

Cold weather so have lunch set at @haidilaohotpotsg in @sunplazamall
Made reservation online before going.

Mutton Slices Set 羊肉卷套餐 (S$15.80++)
Black Pork Set 黑猪肉套餐 (S$15.80++)
Fish Slices Set 嫩鱼片套餐 (S$15.80++)
Lunch set served with vegetable platter and a choice of drink (choice of wintermelon tea, plum juice, soya bean milk, Chinese tea).

Accompanied with
Japanese Soy Milk Soup 日式豆奶火锅 (S$8++) - new broth
Pig’s Stomach Chicken Soup 猎肚鸡汤火锅 (S$6.50++)
Sichuan Spicy Noodle 担担面 (S$4++)
Glutinous Rice Cake with Brown Sugar 黄糖糍粑 (S$6++)

Previously I had lunch set at Vivocity outlet which served with plain rice but this outlet didn’t serve with rice. Needed to addon at S$1++ per bowl.

Hai Di Lao
Note 📝 :
No more manicure service
No more playground for little ones
No more babysitting for babies
No more self service sauce, condiment, appetizer, dessert counter -> need request from staff

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The unique thing about this place is that the soup will be boiled based on the ingredients you choose. So no MSG, I would think it’s healthier (?) than most hotpots! Also, you can go up to the fridge and select and take the dish yourself! Most of the drinks as well!

The server will also cook some of the base ingredients in the hotpot for you before proceeding to add the soup! I loveee the soup, it doesn’t take very heavy as most hotpot places, but it has a v subtle and refreshing taste to it!

Other than that, pretty much v average. It’s around 25 to 30 bucks per pax, so it’s not cheap!

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One of the good BKT I tasted for quite some time.

Perfect on a rainy day.

Soup was delicious.

Also added on a small intestines, but it was not very fantastic.

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