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Alyssia Yu
Alyssia Yu

Been quite sometime since I last visit dinner buffet at lemon garden. Extensive selection from seafood, Indian cuisine, Chinese, Italian and not to forget the dessert selection

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Located at the entrance of kepong wai sek kai, this is one of my favourite barbeque chicken wing.

Juicy, tender and slightly heavier seasoning than the other bbq chicken wing stall. This is so perfect for a supper that pair along with a bowl of tongshui to reduce the heat.

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Sarawak laksa, Sarawak kolo mee, Sarawak tomato kuey teow. You're able to get everything under the same roof.

Totally in love with their Sarawak laksa, very flavourful and so different from Sarawak laksa that I tried elsewhere.

As for kolo mee I do wish they have the red sauce that will be able to elevate the flavor to another level.

Nevertheless it's a very enjoyable visit to be able to had the Sarawak Noodle craving fix.


The New kid in damansara uptown specialize in authentic peneng style CKT. A very straight forward menu that you can pick a regular CKT, a duck egg CKT, crab meat CKT or roasted pork CKT. All meal came with a free drink.

The queue at this place is crazy, we were lucky to be able to get a table in the restaurant and waited one hour for our meal. I overheard the waiter did told diner that came in at a later time that they will have to wait for almost 2hrs.

Verdict: I'm not sure is the CKT that awesome with the price that I pay and the time that I waited.


The staple that I always order when I visit this place. A comforting plate of noodle with special soy sauce and topped with roasted pork.


Kopitiam in style. We had charcoal toast with chicken fross and egg, crossaint with kaya butter, vietnamese egg with bread roll and a thai style wonton noodle.

My favourite item have to be charcoal toast that topped with chicken fross and half boiled egg. Savoury chicken fross with creamy egg yolk on the toasted toast. Very simple comfort food.

On the other hand Thai style spicy and sour noodle taste good too. Generous amount of pork slice serve with the springy egg noodle, topped with pork ball, veg and a half boiled egg. Mixed the egg with the noodle for a complete texture of noodle.


Signature drink from foo fee, a modern kopitiam in kepong area. MK drink which a mixture of traditional coffee with chocolate drink.

It's a very rich drink aka "kao". Definately something traditional with a twist.


The very long q stall at happy mansion that attract the customer by their cendol and small bite.

A very generous portion of red bean for my cendol. Perfect for the very hot afternoon. They do sell meesiam, nasi lemak, Nyonya kuih and some traditional bun. Very nostalgic stall.

The famous kuih bakul and pisang goreng store in Brickfield. Uncle that fry those yummy crispy kuih right infront of you. Pisang goreng that not in frame taste so good. MUST try


Peranakan dish has always been one of my favourite cuisine as the use of spice that make every dish interesting. One thing that we couldn't miss whenever we dine in a peranakan restaurant will be cendol.

The shaved ice, coconut milk and the rich gula melaka. Perfect for the hot weather in Malaysia.

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A rendang chicken that's not crispy with nasi lemak.
Not really like this dish compare to the other dish during my visit. I do wish the rendang was serve on a separate plate so the coconut rice doesn't soak up with chili oil 😅.

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I'm very surprise with the quality of Softserve in a restaurant that not specialize in Softserve.

Their durian Softserve that made in house taste just like the real deal. So good. Recommended


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