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Alyssia Yu
Alyssia Yu
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After hearing so much positive review about this Indian restaurant in sentul, we trying out on a weekend afternoon.

My all time favourite order will always be a thali meal thay served with different veg and curry. Pairing with poori (puffed bread) instead of regular rice for a change.

Masala tossai here is different from other restaurant. The tossai is thicker and softer in texture. It do have a unique taste to it as well.


A place that I always came back for their thali meal. Brown rice served with different type of vegetable side dish and gravy.

We also had the masala tossai for sharing. Crispy thin tossai filled with potato, by far my favourite tossai combination.

Trying out the Indian version of ice cream for the first time as well, so creamy and full of wonderful nuttiness from pistachio. Do give it a try if you never had Indian version of ice cream before.


As recommended by the friendly staff, we had mutton briyani, plain naan and a spinach for our lunch which the flavor is really balanced.

A few tips for those who wish to visit
1. Thali meal only available for weekday lunch
2. Mango lassi with fennel come in big serving👍

Kumar did surprise me with their mutton briyani. Fluffy briyani rice with the generous amount of tender succulent pieces of mutton at the bottom. Such enjoyment in every mouthful.

Located at the lower ground floor of the new arcoris residence in mont kiara. This restaurant do serve flavourful, homey Indian cuisine.

Heard so much good thing about this restaurant in PJ. When I found out they do serve salted egg briyani I quickly make a trip to have my dinner there.

The briyani to my surprise is very flavourful, however my serving seem to be a bit wet. It almost like the Chinese style wet salted egg dish that mixed together with rice. Recommended for sharing as it do get a bit "jelak" towards the end.


Getting my Thali fix at this authentic chettinad restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

North Indian vegetarian thali meal come with naan, rice, 3 subji, yellow dal, sweet, papadam and curd. The deep fried cauliflower is too good to stop eating.

Not to forget to complete the meal with Marsala tea. *Any recommendations for Indian Thali meal?


A bit addicted to Indian thali meal lately. I'm always excited to the different item on the plate, each of them taste so unique and good.

Saravana SPL meals, sweet, chappathi, rice, koothu, sambar, rasam, SPL.kuzhambu, two veg curries, raitha, curd, appalam, butter chili and pickle.


The standard thali set come with 3 veg, 2dahl, brown rice, papadham and salad.

Perfectly complete the meal with a smooth marsala tea


Finally get to try this new north indian eatery at bukit damansara after a few failed attempt.

We enter the restaurant 10mins after it start business of the day and being told there's no more table for us. The restaurant is about 40% occupied by the time and the other table was reserved. Luckily they able to find a couple who willing to share the table with us.

Thali, refer to a big plate used to serve a variety of small dishes. The veg thali that I had come with veg, beans, potatoes, dahl, yogurt, rice, bread and papardam.

Every dishes is so well balanced with the spices, its rich and flavorful but not overpowering each other.

Definitely a place to revisit for more delicious Indian cuisine.

1. Make reservations ahead
2. Be ready to wait patiently for your food


Not your regular appom. The sweet and savoury appom with a twist of Malaysian flavor.

Chicken satay with egg appom. Mango with toasted black sesame and coconut milk.

We did hope the spicy peanut sauce was slightly heavy on flavor.


I love dal, dal is my must have whenever I enjoy roti canai/chapati/tossai/naan.

The dal that we order from WTF is different from what i usually had. Dal makhani (rm16), black lentils slow cooked for hours in freshly pounded spiced to a creamy goddess.

It got a thick consistency packed with all type of spices. The waiter recommended us to pair with some butter naan. The creamy hot dal and the chewy naan, I just can't stop myself from eating it.


instagram :alyssia_yu

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