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Featuring Super Boring Club, Chicken Up (SS15), Shinmapo Korean BBQ (The Gardens Mall), Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (Pavilion Elite), Chicken House, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (Mid Valley Megamall), MyeongDong Topokki (1 Utama), Bon Ga Korean Restaurant, GogiKing Restaurant
Alyssia Yu
Alyssia Yu

The sauce that pair with smoked duck definitely blow my mind. Wouldn't imagine a familiar Chinese style ginger sauce to pair with a Korean bbq.

However the flavor work well together and I do enjoy the heat from the sauce

One thing I like about the bbq in super boring club is how they pair the meat with different sauce to enhance the flavor and experience.

Something like a lamb with cha siew sauce is quite remarkable. *if you're not a fans of cooking your own food, you can always opted for the staff to prepare for you (for the perfectly cook meat) :)

Japanese style fried chicken with mustard garlic sauce. The juicy deep fried chicken is so simple yet hit all the right spot to be a perfect fried chicken

Everything is better with a touch of truffle oil.

A Japanese style rice cooked with mushroom, tofu, chicken konnyaku and finish with truffle oil. The slightly chewy and flavourful rice is just nice for sharing

Miso grilld eggplant in an eggplant casing. The homemade miso paste gave the perfect balance of sweet and saltiness to the dish.

If you prefer a more texture eggplant with skin, give a try on the eggplant casing. Yum

First dish during our visit and the favourite of the night. First took a bite on the crunchy baby octopus that's full of heat and follow by a refreshing cold juicy watermelon.

The watermelon balanced out the heat and I couldn't stop myself going for second piece.

For a quick fix on Korean food. Aside from toppoki, this place also offer some other Korean dishes such as bulgogi, ramen and kimbap.

They do have the very spicy Korean Fried chicken that heavily coated with spicy sweet sauce. Beware of the heat if your toleration of spiciness is low.

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Korean fried chicken with a curry twist. For those who not prefer the usual Korean fried chicken that coated with sauce, this might be something that you can try out.

The Curry smell so good the moment the dish serve. The Curry wasn't spicy at all but with a nice curry fragrant. Fried chicken is very crunchy and juicy as well. It also come with honey mustard sauce as well.

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Milky shaved ice served in melon, topped with more melon ball and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Watermelon + sojo. A refreshing drink to balance the spiciness from snow squid toppokki.


Ganjang chicken wings that marinated in soya sauce for twelve hours before deep fried it. It then dip in the soya sauce mixture to give it a coat before serving to customer. I found the soya sauce was a bit overpowering for the fried chicken inside out.

Bulgogi fries on the other hand is our favorite. Generous amount of bulgogi serve with the crispy thick cut fries. Do enjoy while it's hot as the fries turned soggy after absorbing the juice from the bulgogi.


Deep fried onion with special sauce. Do enjoy it while it's hot as it lost the crispiness after a while.


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