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Featuring Teppei Japanese Restaurant, Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, Maru Japanese Restaurant, Hokkaido Marche, Standing Sushi Bar (Marina Bay Link Mall), Haru, Teppei Syokudo (Plaza Singapura), Pepper Lunch Express (Takashimaya Food Village), umisushi (Waterway Point)
Eunice Hahappie
Eunice Hahappie

The squid sashimi was fresh! It was smooth to the palate but not sticky. That’s how you know if it’s fresh. Even better to boot if it came with a lingering sweetness. But this fared well, as with the quality for the remaining toppings too. The salmon sashimi was at the very least creamy in your mouth ( good indicator of fat content and freshness :))

Micro greens add such a refreshing touch as a palate cleanser.

Also enjoying how you can gauge the amount of sauce you’d like for your bowl.

8/10 (this promotion makes the deal a worthwhile meal)

There’s sashimi slices with spicy salted egg cream and aburi-ed AND

Sashimi chunks coated in some creamy sauce.

I must say for $13.90, this is really worthwhile. I definitely underestimated the portion— fish or sushi rice wise!

Loved the entire bowl with all the veggies,kelp, and ajitama egg too.
With the exception that maybe having 1 creamy sauce base and another non-creamy, might be less surfeiting on the palate. Especially with salmon sashimi being a creamy fatty fish on its own to begin with.


Chunks of fish were really fresh. You can taste the sweetness of the flesh.

The bursts of tobiko with plump vinegary sushi rice was very appetising too.

7.5/10 👌🏻👌🏻


Signature Teppei Shoyu marinate for the bara sashimi cubes 👌🏻👌🏻

What I felt was unpleasant is how much sesame dressing lathers the small portion of salad vegetables. Sometimes, less is more :)



Such chewy unagi!!

These really were the words that resounded every biteful. Aside from that, I wouldn’t say there was any remarkable char smokiness or flavour of the marinate. But generous portion of unagi!

I did enjoy the multigrain pearl rices. This was a unique touch.


Came with 2 Salmon mentai maki slices, a Yuzu dressing garden salad and miso


It was fresh, but nothing memorable.
And I don’t think it was really worth it for such a small portion!

Part of the Sanshoku Set— this is the Aburi Salmon bowl!

Everyone loves a good Aburi. im not an exception :)

But the faint fishy smell for this one did shed some hesitation over this dish.
+ I do still prefer sushi vinegary rice as mentioned.


That said, thank you Teppei for the thick cut of salmon. Def go heavy(ier) on the Aburi please!

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Part of the Sanshoku Set— this is the Bara Chirashi bowl!

I wish that smidge of fresh wasabi would’ve been bigger, along with the entire bowl of sashimi:) haha

+ that hot plain jap rice was used rather than vinegary sushi rice, would be my other quirk


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Part of the Sanshoku Set— this is the Negitoro bowl!

Smooth, sticky fresh dollop of minced tuna with crunchy tempura bits 😋 YUM YUM.

Tempura bits would’ve been more enjoyable if it was crispier but it’s a nice textural foil nonetheless. With that fresh wasabi


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I mean. Yes it’s all meat, and some hot melty cheese.

It was a very mild tasting blend of cheese and not quite so oozy as shown on videos/pictures. So I conclude the lack of consistency in these cheese stuffed patties


And you know what, after a while, you really get sick of the richness of the meat, the substantiality of the sticky Jap rice, and this slick oily cheese. YUP. Go without it :)

😋 chose ponzu Yuzu with grated radish for mine. And am pleasantly glad it’s not overly salty like the original glacé but truly helped lift my experience of the dish :)

It could get jelak after a while. I mean. It’s a full juicy (sweet-ish) meat patty.

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