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The piping hot hokkien mee was simmered really well together with the fresh seafood, paired with the chilli which gave the perfect shiokness.

omg this was so tasty 😙 the crunchy garlic slices and the sauce underneath made the whole bowl so creamy and delectable without feeling ‘gelak’. fish was also really fresh and cut into reasonably sized cubes and slices. staff were also really friendly!

The restaurant is located on the second floor easy to find. The Eel rice set is very tasty, they recommend three ways to eat Eel rice, nice experience.

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Choose 1 sauce and 1 side: we chose parsley sauce and french pilaf onion rice

The secreto is maybe the best I've had. Juicy, tender, crispy. Well seasoned too, I enjoyed it very much

French pilaf rice was somewhat aromatic and very fluffy. Parsley sauce was quite aromatic and simple


First time trying, people say it tastes like lobster, but it's closer to spongey frog. Not bad, but the chorizo cubes tasted like potato idk why lol.

Ratatouille has too strong an olive smell

Overall it's pretty decent

A good version, but it's more seafood than creamy, which is not what you're used to for lobster bisques. Not as sweet as well

Still a solid version tho, in fact smelling this when I walked past inspired this trip to this restaurant

Salted Egg Pork Ribs 咸蛋排骨 (S$12)
Sambal KangKong 马来风光 (S$8)
Sliced Fish Bitter Gourd Soup 鱼片苦瓜汤 (S$6)

Rice (S$1/ plate)

Like a comforting yet elevated home dinner prepared by self-taught chef Jeffrey, Ovenbird was everything I expected and more. The casual one-man restaurant was like a gem hidden in the quiet basement of City Gate. As the sole solo dinner there that evening (I secured the slot very last minute as I chanced upon it just days before; truly a very spontaneous dinner plan for me), chef Jeffrey was a very gracious and attentive host, making sure I left rolling and was bursting at the seams from the Autumn menu ($165).

🐟[Hokkaido Herring (Nishin) vinegared for 2 days & Steamed Monkfish Liver (Ankimo)]

-A great starter to whet one’s appetite; the distinctive, mild salty, oily fish flavour of the herring was superbly balanced. The Chinese monkfish liver steamed with sake broth was also wonderfully done as its meaty texture was two thumbs up! And I love that the mild sweetness came without a trace of fishiness.

🐟[Fried Hokkaido Monkfish Fillets (Anko Karaage)]

-Pretty greasy but the sliced Hiroshima Sudachi helped cut the richness. It was my first-time having monkfish fillets, so the firm, plump, muscular texture was a nice surprise.

🐟[Hokkaido Prowfish (Bouzo Ginnpo) aged 9 days, marinated in Sakekasu & Saikyomiso | Ceps/French Porcini and Girolles Mushrooms]

-Brilliant combination, the little East-meets-West number was so tangy and delicious. Similar to cod, the Prowfish was tender, moist and a fantastic blend of firm-flakey. And oh wow, the crisp crunchy fish skin was so good. Slightly boozy, the alcohol-infused cream sauce was stellar too with the bits of earthy fresh French mushrooms.

🐟[Salted Grilled Kanagawa Beltfish aged 8 days (Tachiuou Shioyaki)]

-Spritzed with sake, the grilled beltfish was a simple and satisfying dish. Not grilled all the way through, the seasoned slice was charmingly fatty and soft.

🐟[Grilled Tsushima Mackerel (Ma Saba) vinegared for 3 days wrapped in nori]

-With the slightly pungent yet bright floral taste of the fresh-grated wasabi to tie all the elements together, the wrap really highlighted the delicate briny flavours of the mackerel.

🐟[Hokkaido Japanese Amberjack Loin (Buri) aged 5 days & Ibaraki Radish (Daikon)]

-Whilst braised radish will always have a special place in my heart, the buri was marvellous, aged amberjack at its finest - melty, fatty, perfectly seasoned thick slices with beautiful crisp seared skin. Though flavours were prominently the very familiar, umami soy-sauce dashi base.

🐟[Prawn Shaped Taro (Ebi Imo), Sakuna Pumpkins (Kabu) and Black Hen of the Woods Mushrooms (Kuro Maitake) simmered in Summer Unagi Eel Sauce, Coho Salmon]

-At this point, I was ready to call it a day but I pushed on. The ebi-imo with its intriguing texture was rather firm, not all that fibrous and none too sweet. A hearty autumn dish with sweet pumpkin and salmon bathing in a slight herbaceous sauce.

🐟[Miyagi Shiogama Blue Fin Tuna (Hon Maguro), Grilled Shimonita Leeks (Negi), Marinated Salmon Roe Sacs (Sujiko), Ibaraki Smoked Daikon Pickles (Iburi-gakko) with Sushi Rice (shari)]

-Going over the top with his idea of a ‘cai peng’ - calling it ‘2 meat 1 veg’; the exquisite bowl was a treat. Apart from the boozy Sujiko which was a bit too much for me, the elements were great. The roughly cut Maguro was amazing - high-quality buttery texture. In place of wasabi, the charred leeks were insanely sharp and kinda spicy yet moreish. And wah, the crunchy, smokey daikon pickles that came in mid-way during the meal was the best part. The unique smoky aroma was so shiok - full-bodied, savoury with a hint of sweetness.

🍐[Seasonal Fruits - Le Lectier & Le France Pears]

Another must-order is the dessert, their Young Coconut steamed with Peach Gum and Egg White ($9.00). Served in its husk, the cold version was the perfect sweet finale as the coconut egg white pudding was surprisingly fragrant and moreish. The combination was not overly saccharine or heavy. You have to love the velvety texture of the steamed egg white too! The jelly-like Peach Gum was the icing on the cake and added a refreshing touch.

We had the Grilled Miyazaki A5 Wagyu ($45 per 100gm) too as part of the set which didn’t look like much at first (at the initial glance seemed dry and well-done) but was super tender and succulent. Thinly sliced, the protein wasn’t too lean and had a pleasant beefy flavour (great even without the sauce on the side).

Discovered a new family favourite at Myo Restobar, where the star of the show was their signature Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken ($25). The hunky (70g) chicken dish arrived enveloped in caramelised cabbage, generously drenched in a rich herbal sauce. Fall off the bone tender, the deliciously succulent chicken was so nicely seasoned. The savoury sauce was also bangin’ and lip-smacking - very good with a steaming bowl of rice, truly the highlight at the lunch table.

WHOLE STEAMED SEABASS ONLY AT $9?! Popped by Toa Payoh Palm Spring Market at Lorong 4 for lunch, and Hee Hee Hee Steamed Fish & Seafood caught my attention with its punny signboard (might have chuckled a lil hee hee) and affordable steamed fish/seafood sets! The portion of the fish is generous and value-for-money for one person but still sufficient if shared amongst 2 people with sides included! I liked the fish meat was supple and fresh without any 土味, enhanced by the fragrant and savoury aromatics drizzled on top. They also offer thai seafood dipping sauce, though not necessary (unless u want to add some tang and heat) given the freshness of the seafood. Depending on the catch available for the day, they have other options, such as Grouper and Golden Pomfret! ⁣

You can pair your steamed fish sets with sides like Lala or Otah Steamed Egg!⁣
📍 Address: 93 Toa Payoh Lorong 4, Singapore 310093. 11am to 8pm, closed on Mondays. Other outlets include TPY Lorong 7 and Circuit Road.