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Roasted Black Grouper ($28++) skin was crisp with a flavourful sauce. We like strong tasting food so mixing in the garam masala spice in really hits the mark! Full of unami and the pickled shimeji adds a tad of sourness. Canto Grouper ($26++) had an sweet broth reminiscent of those wedding dinner soup, but elevated. A must try! They use sake here instead of the typical Chinese wine. Sweet potato noodles - springy for that mouth feel. If we had to be really picky, the dish could use some chilli or stronger alc for an added kick .

Got the Guinness pork ribs, 3 flavour chicken, 3 eggs spinach, deep fried brinjal. Honestly it was all nothing to squeal about; the meats and brinjal were too salty/sweet. Taste was too overpowering and wasn’t balanced well.

What was VERY disappointing was the service.
It was ABSOLUTELY bad. The waitress first told me that we could only use 1 voucher for Burpple Beyond, after which I said no, that’s not what the instructions says. Then she changed her stance and said, can use 2 vouchers but need 2 phones. Seeing the ordering taking place longer than it shld, a more senior lady (in rank) came to see what was happening, and corrected her saying 1 voucher can be used for 2 persons and 2 voucher for 4 persons. The waitress didn’t even apologised and walked away after confirming our order.

Lastly, we couldn’t finish our food and wanted to takeaway but was told that the free dish can’t be packed away. She said she mentioned this after we ordered (but she didn’t), and I said there is no such clause. She was adamant about it and say no taking away of your ‘for 1’ free dish, “I can pack the other dish, but your other free dish you can take away.” So I said, if you’re doing things to such an extend, I won’t take away anything at all then. The service here is really bad, perhaps they see us as BB users and treat us differently. Either way, if they treat customers who use vouchers differently, then it’s double standard. People in the service line shouldn’t even be treating customers like this. So I would suggest don’t come here, the food isn’t even jaw dropping enough.

The home of taste that goes light on your tastebud accompanied with the earthy fragrance from the lotus leaf and the savoriness from the mei cai setting a contrast against the sweet fresh meaty pomfret. It will go well with their Blue Pea Mushroom Rice steamed in Bamboo.

Meatball Pasta- the sauce was delicious, though meatballs tasted too porky to my liking. Great deal with burpple 1-1, and house pour wines were also at 1-1.

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Location : JB Ah Meng. 534 Geylang Rd, Singapore, 389490
#jbahmeng #burpple #burpplesg

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Didn’t know the last review is 2017.
Headed there due to the review and trying the Beyond for 1-1.

Ambience is okay. 6/10

Truffles Fries is pathetic. The portion size is for one similar to probably around 20 strands of fries. Claimed it’s for two pax. 0/10 . No truffles . Just 20 fries with salt

Chicken wing.
Abit of blood in the inside.

Portion is small.

Saving grace probably the music.
But it’s get repeated over time and time.

Definitely not going to come here again even with the promo.

Seriously in need of change over.

New Zealand ribeye, bratwurst sausages, chicken legs and wings, roasted baby potatoes and sauteed mushrooms. This was shiok. The steak needn't stand out - everything matched up.

Surprisingly, this steamed pomfret, simple as it may seem, turned out to be the favourite among the array of dishes we shared. It has that something more than your typical steamed fish - a delicious blend of "mei cai" (pickled mustard vegetables) and tomato bits. The simple fish gravy has the sweetness of the fish and a meld of the lotus leaf fragrance, all which comes together to deliver that umami, sweet clean taste without fishiness. 💫
Pair with their bamboo steamed pearly Japanese Niigata rice (salted fish blue pea / blue pea mushroom - both equally good, but our preference was slightly more for the latter). Only $13.90 for this wholesome fish dish. Plus, the entire dish is boneless, for those who love fish, but hesitate to eat cos of the bones. Like me :P #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg #nudeseafood #mbfc

Decided to try this after seeing good reviews about it but conclusion was that the food here is meh and the price is expensive. Paid $27+ for about 9 sticks and that is with a 10% eatigo discount. Flavours weren't there and you would be much better off at "taan" which is just a distance away with better and cheaper food.