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GINDARA MENTAI DON ($15.40, U.P. $30.80)
deep fried cod fish with mentaiko mayo. not badddd but a little lno variety”. and the rice is just plain whtie rice instead of the garlic rice they serve in the chirashi don.

The sashimi in the 𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐑𝐀𝐒𝐇𝐈 𝐃𝐎𝐍 ($𝟐𝟑.𝟖𝟎) came in thickkk cubes & were stacked tall atop a bed of fragrant garlic rice🍚 I liked that minced tuna was included which is uncommon!

parmesan stuffed fish with lemon butter sauce!! it’s $11.90 with a drink because of student meal SUPER WORTH I URGE ALL STUDENTS-

Visited Cheval Chi Bao because they were listed on burpple beyond 1 for 1. First impression was mehh already right after enquiring with staff A what we could order using burpplebeyond. Staff A informed us the free item was for the mains only, and customers need to order a chicken/pork/beef dish that is at least $15.8++ value to even get the free mains. Upon hearing this, we were all ready to walk off. But decided later on to stay. When ordering later on, we got another staff B to come take our orders and upon trying our luck to enquire again, this time round staff B replies on what items could apply for burpple beyond was completely different from that of staff A! We could in the end order two mains using 1 for 1 burpplebeyond with staff A. While i understand restaurant can have diff practice for burpplebeyond, this should be stated clearly in the app if they want it that way. In addition, the staff should also be giving the same replies on how the 1 for 1 should be treated. So because of this, our appetite was already spoiled even before the meal came as we were still uncertain throughout our meal whether the 1 for 1 offer will be granted since different staff said different things and we werent sure which staff had the final say over payment matters lol 🙄

Anw this was what we had
- signature truffle fried rice ($13.80++): while special and unique, my only gripe was that there is no meat or seafood in it. Basically just egg fried rice with truffle taste

- seafood fried mee sua ($13.80++): was surprised by the amount of seafood in this. There was squid, prawn and slices fish! Tastes like xin zhou fried beehoon! Would have preferred if sambal chilli was given! But at this point, we were already trying to avoid unnecessary conversation with the staff and just wanted to faster finish eating and leave

So if anyone intends to dine here using the burpple beyond 1 for 1 to get two mains (rice/noodles etc) dishes, best to clarify before heading down.

had to get the famous wagyu beef cubes ($18), truffle moonlight horfun ($23), their ebi katsu sando ($18). i get why their beef cubes are so hyped up — its really good! there was a nice char (or wok hey) on the beef, it was so tender, and the sauce it came w was amazing!

the horfun was so yummy too. the truffle oil wasn’t too overpowering and they were very generous w their wagyu striploin beef pieces! i kept eating them but they never seemed to finish (good problem HAHAHAH). one downside is that there was a lot of tendon and muscle on the beef slices, making them abit hard to chew and swallow.

imo, the ebi katsu sando seemed a little lean, but my friend seemed to enjoy it. i didn’t get to try it so i can’t comment on the taste of this dish!

✨ ratings: 7/10 ✨

For our other bowl, we had the Aburi Chirashi Don that had torched cubes sashimi topped with ikura. Likewise, the sashimi cubes were fresh and came in a generous portion. Saw a few reviews that mentioned about their rice, but thankfully, we had well cooked ones in ours. In comparison to the Truffle Chirashi Don ($15.90), flavours are more mellow here without additional seasoning, so you’d get the original sashimi flavours and that touch of smokiness. This also came served with a bowl of miso soup and salad.


Value for money bowls from Chirashizushi Shou - their dons all come served with a bowl of miso soup and salad. They have been here in Bukit Timah Plaza for a while now and we’ve finally popped by to try. Thumbs up to their generosity of fresh sashimi chunks that were of very decent quality. I especially enjoyed the number of baby scallops they included here (many places usually don’t include that many). Liked that the sauce mix wasn’t too salty and the truffle was just nice, and didn’t over power the sashimi flavours. Only gripe was that the prawn was a little over cooked, and even though there was tako stated on the menu for this, we didn’t find any.

Heard that they usually have a long queue, but we got there just riiiiight before their last order and got to skip that! Will be back to try more - their space is next to Myung Ga II, which has great homely Korean food.

I don’t typically go out of my way to write a review, but the baby lamb rack (half) that I ordered left us with such an impression that we had to. Cooked to a perfect medium, seasoned with just the right amount of salt, and crusted on the edges, it may just be the best you can get for the price - coming so, so close to the experience you’d get at barbecue places and family restaurants overseas.

The Iberico pork ribs impressed too, however, closer to the bone, there were some traces of ‘fridge flavour’, that fortunately dissipated towards the tip - which was a display of soft & tender meat and the juiciest of fats that, when savoured, melted and filled our mouths with incredible flavour.

The servers were really friendly, polite, and prompt as well. In many ways, the experience mirrored that of what you’d receive in an American diner - expect prompt service, regular check-ups on your well-being and happiness, and plenty of smiles.

We polished the meat off the bones for both dishes. If you’re looking for a place that serves up a faithful rendition of American barbecue fare, it would only be fair to say that First Grill lives up to the expectation and standard of one.

Auspicious Lohei Set - $29.80
Spirulina Noodle w Salmon & Fiskekaker
My first time visiting Pink Fish outlet at One Raffles Place, and it’s time to HAUT! Had their latest Lohei set, which is great for 3-4 pax sharing. First thing you will spot is the generous portion of Norwegian salmon sashimi cubes! That’s the dream of salmon sashimi lover like myself! They also offer Lohei for individual portion. I tried their spirulina noodle bowl, which comes with QQ noodles, Norwegian salmon & fiskekaker (fishcake) which Norwegian have as traditional comfort food! Awesome meal at Pink Fish as always
Pink Fish