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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Featuring Huckleberry Food & Fare, The Ganga Cafe, Tray Cafe, Front Room by The Kneady Baker, Kwong Wah Ice Kacang, FROZEN Ice-Cream, Whimsical - Gelateria & Caffe, The Ice Cream Bar, MadHatter Desserts, Dáo
Alison K
Alison K
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A must-have when you dine here! Probably the most perfect panna cotta ever – wobbly, so silky and very creamy. Amazing texture contrast when had with the coconut shavings. But what I liked the most is that it wasn’t too sweet. I was very stuffed after my meal but I would gladly have had another order of this.

Inside Scoop opens a new outlet, but this time it’s focused on guilt-free ice creams! Most flavours are made organic unrefined sugar, blue agave syrup and some are even dairy-free. Went straight for the hazelnut flavour as it’s always been my fav. Super creamy, very nutty and the best part, it wasn’t very sweet.

Both were recommended, and they were really yum. Really liked how the pie wasn’t too sweet and that you can a nice chunk of pecan with each bite! The rolls were generously coated as well. Hard to resist.

What a sweet deal for a great slice of cake! I love the bitterness from the tea that comes through with every bite. Rich yet light and so creamy.

The cakes here change everyday, and they also bake whole ones if you ever need a cake.

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I don’t have that big a sweet tooth but boy am I a fan of the cakes here. For one, they’re not too sweet, in fact, they have just the right amount of sweetness that doesn’t drown out the other flavours. I loved this chiffon-like cheesecake. Super airy, and not at all heavy-flavoured like you’d expect a cheesecake to be. I can only imagine how fantastic it’ll be with black coffee.

Fluffy swiss roll with nice and airy strawberry-flavoured cream that goes perfectly with coffee. The cake selection changes often but this was a definite pleaser. Just wish they’re more generous with the fruit as it only had one sad piece :(

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I really enjoyed the nostalgia of this cake – it reminds me of a marble cake I used to eat as a kid, except this version is made into a burnt cheesecake. Love that you still taste the cheesiness and the chocolate swirls.

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This just might be no.1 in my books for butter cake. Served warm, the cake is incredibly soft (like a pillow) and very very buttery – it’s the perfect cake to turn bad days into good ones.

I was never into red velvet cakes as I always found them too sweet, but this version at Tray is one I really like! Sugar and gluten-free, this red velvet is not sweet at all with the exception of some sugary notes from the dark chocolate frosting. I like the slightly grainy texture of the cake too, not too soft but still providing a nice bite.

This new dessert spot is super cute with its bright neon lights – it’s so easy to spot from the main road. Ice cream runs the shops here and there are many to choose from! I went with the Roasted Pistachio (+RM1 for premium flavours) and Limau Assam Sorbet – they don’t skimp on the sourness. I suggest ordering this if you really, really, really like sour things. Great service and yummy ice cream.

This softserve joint moved out of Uptown and into a much bigger lot (they share the space with a balloon bar) in Plaza Arkadia. Known to be their bestseller since day one, this vanilla one just didn’t cut it for me as much as the chocolate. Texture-wise it’s not as creamy, and it could use a lot more vanilla. There’s also Oolongcha and Matcha on the menu, so maybe give that a go instead.

Absolutely delish wafers – it’s a little savoury and reminds me so much of those Japanese salty rice crackers. Great ice cream too! But I was no fond of the Lavender as the flavour was too overpowering for me. Definitely preferred the Apricot for its sweet and tangy notes.

Alison K

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