Western Food

Western Food

Featuring Sideways, Homeground Grill & Bar, Menya Takeichi (Suntec City), Compound Coffee Co., Les Bouchons (Ann Siang), Olive Vine (Marina Square), Astons Specialities (City Square Mall), Little Bowl, KFC (Towner Road Express), Wolf Burgers (CT Hub 2)
Cory Meilany
Cory Meilany

Taaty modern mushroom burger, with a strong fragrance of truffle oil. Ordered this via Deliveroo for self pick up at CT Hub 2. Overall good burger, worth try.

Expected to be a bit spicy but it wasn’t. This new western japanese fusion stall located at 5 Straits View, B1 Marina One The Heart which below high end office tower.

The price is really affordable and it does taste good. You may spotted three young chef who owns the stall, they previously worked at Saveur.
Do support their humble food stall!

The ribeye steak is priced $43, plus extra $6 for blue cheese sauce. Visited this place because of good reviews but sadly it didn’t live up to the testimonials online.

First, my steak is medium rare. I wouldn’t expect to see a raw uncooked layer in the middle. And seems that the chef tenderise the meat. It lost its firmness texture. And the steak taste quite bland. Although it served with 4 different kind of side sauces. But I feel it didn’t compliment the steak well.

Second, the fries was so-so only. Although it comes free flow. Yes, you heard me right! Compliment with salad. But I didn’t even finish their first serving. Because it’s too much & not very fantastic. I especially ordered blue cheese sauce $6 just for this fries. But sadly it didn’t matched well.

Third, the complimentary bread is pretty hard to chew. Especially since they served it in room temperature. In some places, they make effort to toast the bread.

Good point about the place:
• ambience (suitable for date night out)
• service (attentive and friendly)

Overall I think they should improve the quality of the steak, fries, other food. It didn’t justify the price on the menu. But well done on the service.

Bill for 2 person without fancy drink: $100

Ordered Rib Eye Steak with Vigneron butter $43, extra $6 for blue cheese sauce. Visited this place after seeing good reviews. But it came under expectation.

First, the steak was medium rare but I could see there is raw meat layer in the middle. Seems the grill timing is not precise. The steak also overtenderised, it has lost its firm texture. The staff told me I can expect a blend of fat in the meat, but turned out didn’t. The taste of the steak is quite bland and their complimentary 4 side sauces didn’t compliment the steak well.

Secondly, the free flow fries wasn’t a good quality. I specially ordered blue cheese sauce for fries dipping, but it also didn’t match well. I would expect the fries is hot, crispy and flavourful but it’s not. Seems they fried in bulk way before the order came, it was a bit soggy when served to my table. I even not finished their first serving, because it was not worth the calories.

Thirdly, the bread served is cold & hard to chew. Since it has been adapted to room temperature. Some places they make efforts to toast the bread so it served warm on the customer table.

Least to say it’s a good place for a date night out and service is quite attentive and pleasant. I personally hope they can relook to their food quality, to justify their price.

Total bill for 2 persons without fancy drink $100+

Astons Specialties at City Square is my go to steak place. They have spacious sitting capacity and the service relatively fast. I always order New York Strip (250g), it’s bigger size than Prime Sirloin (180g) although it’s same kind of meat.

I loved to pair my steak with coleslaw and baked potato! Overall, it’s reasonably priced and act as a treat for long week of work.

Dropped by for a breakfast before my doctor appointment at the next door. Tried their porridge chicken cutlets, not so satisfying. Since I was sitting there passing 11am, decided to order lunch menu which has fried chicken ala carte.

For me, it wasn’t in my plan to indulge in oily fried food before visiting a doctor 😅 but the rare meat in my porridge encouraged me to do so.

Must admit, this is one of the best KFC fried chicken I tried so far. Given each branch has different standards of quality.

If you’re nearby and craving for fried chicken drop them a visit.

Truly hidden gem cafe in Jalan Besar. I love their warm & lightly toast Sourdough, served with olive oil as an appetiser. The vibes at night is quite romantic with oil lamp in each table, accompanied with groovy music. Best for date nights.

The guy ang moh (could be the owner) is really hands-on serving the customers. Service was attentive & excellent.

Ordered Death by Brisket & Lamb Peppers pizza.
The pizza is a must order, as the dough is special. The crust is crispy and inside is chewy like sourdough.

With Burpple 1-for-1 the price was really reasonable.

Love the ambience and interior since this cafe considerably new. Although official opening hour starts at 1pm, we arrived there 12:45 pm and 1/3 cafe has already filled with customers. Mostly young adults patrons.

The burpple 1-for-1 doesn’t allowed you to top up add on to main dish. Basically it’s only steak & side salad. Which you might still get hungry unless you order something else.

The beef steak considered tender, however the whiskey doesn’t came through in the taste.

I ordered Butterscotch ice coffee, quite nice but too much ice and came in short glass.

I might come again to try out other mains. Just to unwind over the weekend.

2 Grilled Ribeye + 1 Butterscotch coffee =$36.30 (with Burpple beyond)

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I’m not a fan of chicken ramen, however since they mentioned No.1, ok I’ll give it a try. One reason of my visit because Tendon Kohaku is full house and longg queue, so I’m a spontaneous customer to dropped by Menya Takeichi.

A sip of the collagen rich chicken broth is heartwarming. Make sure your ramen soup is hot so you can taste a full flavor of the broth.

The bambo shoots, onsen egg and tender chicken slices was taste good.

Rate: 7/10

Menya Takeichi
Suntec level 3 Japanese Food Street

Compared with Aston Specialty, Pepper Lunch offer a more affordable striploin steak. However the satisfaction of eating a real steak was not there.

They use frozen meat, microwave it for 15s and straight away grill it over the hot pan! This is express way of serving food in a food court when the queue is never ending. I would call this #expeesssteak.

The beef is sticky to the hot pan, and the vegetable tasted slightly raw. For those who want to have an express & affordable steak this is definitely your option.

Rate: 6.9/10

Pepper Lunch (City Square Mall)
Food Republic #04-31/32
180 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539

Uruguay Ribeye is Astons’ new seasonal menu, once I saw the poster at the door I decided to give it a try. The dish priced at $20.90 and comes with 200g ribeye steak and two side dishes.

I’d like my steak to be grilled medium rare and two side dishes of my choices were baked potato & coleslaw.

The steak comes with a yellow topping cream and the fat portion was very little. I personally prefer more fatty cut like sirloin.

Astons’ branch at City Square has a lot more sitting capacity than most branches. And you can get the sitting fast even though the queue is long.

Overall, Astons’ steak is reasonably priced and the quality not disappointing.
The side dishes were well-prepared and appetizing too.

Rate: 7.8/10

Astons Specialities
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road #04-14/15/16
11.30am - 10pm
6634 4755


This combination of salad is the best for me. For $7.90 you can choose 3 items + 1 base. My choice was brown rice (base), chunky tuna, smoked salmon and teriyaki beef. I topped up $4.50 for an iced mocha. In total my lunch bill was $12.40 and it was the best value for money. No GST and service charge.

However the service for ordering coffee quite slow as there was only 2 persons at the counter doing the cashier & serving coffee. I suggest they should hire extra hand for brewing the coffee, otherwise customers might need to wait 15 mins just to grab a coffee on the go.

The interiors quite cozy and modern, and it’s always packed during lunch time. Not suprised as this is the only nice cafe around Ubi/Kaki Bukit area. Quite a lot of ang moh patronize this cafe, to get a coffee, sandwich or salad.

Best option to grab lunchie here of you’re on diet mode, since they serving healthy and light food.

Rate: 7.9/10

Compound Coffee Co.
31 Kaki Bukit Road 3 #01-02C
Singapore 417818
8am - 5pm (Mon - Fri)
11am - 5pm (Sat)
Closed on Sunday
9126 7398


A lady who constantly in the lookout for a good coffee and always go on adventure to find tasty food

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