Featuring Xiao Ya Tou, Bao Makers (Outram Park), Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice (Maxwell Food Centre), Lau Wang Claypot Delights (Tampines 1), EVENTASTY Noodle Bar (100am Mall), Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon 金华鱼头米粉 (Maxwell Food Centre), Tong Xin Ju Special Shanghai Tim Sum (Maxwell Food Centre)
a duck
a duck

$12.90 before discount excluding GST and service charge.

Portion is ok, but feels very worth it with eatigo’s 40% discount. Noodles are chewy, soup is thick and very flavourful, and the beef slices break up quite well in your mouth. What I liked the most was actually the Lava Egg (I think there was only half); might order that as a extra side next time.

Will probably try the dry version instead next time, as not only is that served with mushroom sauce, it also comes together with a small bowl of tomato soup!

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$5.50 without GST

Delicious! The spiciness of the sambal was just nice for us, and did not overwhelm the dish. A bit on the oily side, but I liked this much more than their sesame chicken. Will order again, or any of its sambal cousins.

$5.80 without GST

Huge portions, more than enough for two even though we only ordered the small serving size. Taste was ok, chicken was soft and tender, would probably try the spicy version next time for more kick.

$3.50, with bean sprouts for $2
Got unlucky with a lot of bones but the meat was well cooked but tender. The rice itself was chewy but very greasy. There isn’t any soup at all.
For such a high price, the only thing worth it was the chilli and the vegetables. Vegetable serving is quite big for 1 person, but there’s no other cheaper option.

$5.50 for Nanban Chicken Bao, $6.80 for Chilli Crab Bao, no GST required
Indeed two baos (ordered without veg) are sufficient for my appetite. The chicken was very nicely cooked and crispy, and pairs well with the steamed pau. The chilli crab was not really that spicy and tasted more like sweet and spicy crab. Even though the pau here is fried, it doesn’t feel greasy but that could be because I’m using a fork and knife and not my hands.
Overall, I like both paus. It’s a good treat to have but once in a while, as the prices are a little too high for me.

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$15.30 after taxes
Love eating this, especially when the weather’s cold. It can be a little wet because of the egg white, but the flavours were well matched. Will buy again


$4 for small
Fried fish was disappointing; it was not crispy and the skin separates from the meat. Noodles was not quite enough for 1 person. Broth was good, so next time I’ll order just the soup alone.

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$16 before taxes
The meaty prawns are the highlight of this dish. There’s also five lala, and they are quite fresh. I find the noodles a little tad salty though

Value for money, and it tastes good too even without chilli

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a duck

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