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Featuring Honolulu Café (The Centrepoint), Golden Mile Food Centre, April's Bakery (Tampines), Fruce, Jia Yuen Eating House, The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen, SPRMRKT Daily (Robertson Quay), China House 唐人厝, AJ Delights (Alexandra Village Food Centre), Hoshino Coffee (Raffles Holland V)
Calida Aurelia Soh  👅
Calida Aurelia Soh 👅
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the curry has a good balance of sweet and spicy, which u can always customize as well!! also tried out the spinach curry w chicken cutlet & normal curry w beef cutlet but i still love the first one i had!

super affordable and they were literally melt-in-your-mouth. unfortunately their salmon platter was a letdown. point to note, never get salmon in japan HAHA tuna is the way to go

rly think the standards there r better; fries were hot and crisp w molten intense cheesy goodness 😋

the beef itself is served rare, safe to eat on its own, but there’s also a personal grill for u to cook it to ur desired doneness :-) it’s absolutely delightful, from the tender meat to the crispy breading. it comes w cabbage, potato salad, miso soup, pickles, rice w grated yam and ur choice of sides. i had the warubi mochi and it was amazing 🤤

every single piece was so well executed it’s unreal. fav piece was the oroto.... buttery melt in the mouth goodness...... swipe left for close up. wld have more pix but was too busy enjoying my food the rest of the time for more :”)

the names are all in chinese, with mostly savoury options except one sweet (which is this!!). the flatbread is made to order; chewy and doughy at the thicker parts, crisp and light at the thinner parts! it’s served piping hot and absolutely delightful, loved the generous spread of red bread filling in the middle too :-) rich and decadent but not too sweet!

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which was a plus, but taste wise i honestly get it was just alright. it was good, v fluffy indeed but nothing to rave about imo and I LOVE PANCAKES. didnt exactly have much taste to them which was slightly disappointing BUT the cream was light and the berries added a nice tart contrast that complemented with the sweet maple syrup for a full flavour profile!

went for the shake stack + applewood bacon bc why not :”) the shroom is srsly the best!! crisp and savoury on the outside and filled with oozy, cheesy, earthy goodness on the inside. the shack patty is decent; tender, juicy, pretty yummy but nothing much to shout about other than to amp up the burger to be more filling. i LOVE the potato buns which are soft and fluffy + the shack sauce that rounded all the elements tgt w it’s subtle creamy tanginess. oh well, if the hype ever dies down i’ll be back for moreeee

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liked the flavour contrast of the sweet pineapple ring and the crunchy fresh vegetables that melded well tgt. however, i do think i’ve been spoilt by the impossible meat that the soy patty tasted a lil different now oops. nonetheless still a great meal ft seaweed fries too!!

i loved how fluffy and chewy the pita wrap was, encasing succulent chicken chunks. i chose the garlic mayo for my sauce and it complemented the savoury chicken perfectly. coupled with the fresh crunchy lettuce and juicy tomato, this made for a satisfying snack 😋😋😋

to ramble about my eats from all the foodtrotting i embark on

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