if u like matcha, red bean and mochi, u wld defo love this as much as i did!! the bread itself is soft and fluffy w a distinct matcha bitterness. this complements the sweet red bean paste, and the mochi itself is v fresh! it’s chewy n stretchy.... making it a nice contrasting texture too. 10/10 wld buy again 🀩

this is honestly so flipping good. i love the crisp sourdough that has a nice chewy bite. it comes w a generous heap of fresh avocado that’s well seasoned. the candies bacon pieces n promagranate seeds add a nice varying burst of flavours n textures as well. +++ the egg yolk is perfectly runny omg.... there’s nothing to complain abt this n i literally get it all the time when i’m here at @habitat_sg

portion wise it was huge with generous fillings. taste wise was decent too but sadly, it was EXTREMELY DRY and hard. didn’t help that they didn’t heat it up enough too which was just sad. jk’s chicken and emmental sandwich (S$14 wtf) was horrendously dry and tasteless :( our verdict, nope won’t b returning anytime soon (or ever). sad bc their crodos were yumz

they never let me down with their delicious treats!! both sponges were soft and fluffy, well weaved with the individual distinct flavours. i liked how the coffee cream was balanced with a slight iconic bitterness, and a crunch from the coffee beans studded on top. the kaya one was fragrant too; with a distinct nutty flavour from coconut, layered with the sweet gula melaka filling within. both made for a perfect snack that i would purchase again!

the falafel itself was juicy and flavourful (albeit slightly oily but i mean it’s deep fried), the combi of broccoli was actually so well done. loved the freshness of the veg, and the crunch from the pumpkin seeds gave it a v nice texture. also, i rly do not like cranberries but when eaten tgt it gives a nice sweetness that complements the entire sandwich + it cuts thru the richness of the falelfel as they r v generous w the portion heh!! i also liked the tzatziki sauce that was light and rounded up the sandwich perfectly. one of those 10/10 moments that’s so satisfying. basically i loved everything abt it. jk had the turkey classic which he claims is one of the best sandwiches he ever had so..... yep there’s that. ps the bread is also so soft and fluffy on the outside w a nicely toasted crisp edge. what more can u expect :”)

the mozzy cheese was light and stringy as always. most of the flavour came from the buttery crisp toast that was still soft and fluffy on the inside. there was the usual milky filling on top of the cheese that added a tinge of sweetness as well. while jk and my bro preferred theirs w the original filling, i appreciated the addition of peanut butter bc i love all things peanut butter. nonetheless it does downplay the cheesiness and creaminess significantly so if that’s the element u love abt the original toast, stick to it. nonetheless it was still worth a try :”)

had to get this altho i just had lunch and no regrets β€” the pancake is so soft and fluffy whilst still retaining its crisp edge. it was still warm and i loved how it has its own flavour of sorts as opposed to some which tastes plain.... the peanut filling was the slight letdown as it was neither crunchy nor sweet (generous portion though) BUT the kueh itself, thick and chewy but not dense at all... defo one of the btr ones i’ve had πŸ˜‹

firstly the filling is so generous, it’s not overly sweet w chunks of apple and i can taste the cinnamon in it as well. it complements the sweet crumbly streusel on the top, as well as the crunchy, buttery tart base. it ticked off all my boxes for a good apple crumble and i will defo get it agn 🀀

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one of the best flaky, fluffy crossaints ~~ perfecto for a rainy afternoon w a cuppa hot drink. especially love the almond one bc of the additional crunch + the almond filling layered inbetween 🀀

this was SO good for sg’s standard hahahahahaha the cutlet was crisp on the outside yet juicy and tender on the inside. the yolk was oozy and the cheese melted perfectly into the soft, fluffy bread. my only gripe was that the bread wasn’t lightly toasted so it was the only cold ingredient but other than that it was still a delight

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loved the sweet (but not overly sweet) and crunchy topping of this bolo bun + it was super soft and fluffy!!!! however mistake on my part for getting the one w/o filling so i kinda got bored towards the end (wld probably be much btr w milk tea!!) wld defo try the red bean one next time 🀀


to ramble about my eats from all the foodtrotting i embark on

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