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Featuring Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant, [CLOSED] The Laneway Market, Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant, db Bistro & Oyster Bar, Nosh, Kabe no Ana (nex), Hjh Maimunah Restaurant (Joo Chiat), Gandhi Restaurant, The Manhattan Fish Market (Junction 8), Poulet (Kallang Wave Mall)
Thiam Peng Tan
Thiam Peng Tan

Although the quality of the meat was only passable, the entire thing was so umami.

Quite tender, quite fatty, quite oily. Everything's quite so it's not the best. The spice powder however really added a kick.

We're not fond of ma la, so selected (top) salted vegetable soup and mushroom soup. I know a lot of restaurants hao lian their mushroom soup, but bro, here it's superb. I almost drank it dry. The other soup was fine, but not spectacular. Unfortunately, I might not eat chuan chuan again, it's just gimmicky hotpot. I rather barbecue the skewers.

Unlike the famous version full of garnish, this type is more like a dry ramen. I actually enjoyed this more because the other version is jelak. The chashu however was really mediocre.

Default is kway teow but I changed to their impressive la mian. Since it's green curry and noodles, you can't tell it's vegetarian.

Much of the egg was raw, which I'm not sure whether it's on purpose. Overall, although it's not Michelin level, it's a massive bowl, including a huge katsu.

Aka tamago kake gohan. Egg white was like a cloud while egg yolk was raw. Plus sashimi, this was a very raw and sticky dish, something the girlfriend wasn't fond of. But I am.

Basically what the French call chicken chop haha. The only difference was they sorta half-heartedly stuffed some creamy truffle mushrooms into the chops. Mash was so-so, but overall nothing to complain.

Pork chops are difficult so I tend to order them in restaurants. Luckily here they passed. The grilled pork collar wasn't the juiciest or softest but was satisfying. The onion tempura was shiok like kakiage. Other than some vegetables, unpictured were roasted potato.

These are the famously small and cheap boat noodles. Only two mouthfuls. I think I liked this flavour the most.

These are the famously small and cheap boat noodles. Only two mouthfuls. This is original flavour. Soy sauce and a bit sour.

Tried more food than this account shows. Not known for naggy, deep reviews. Just the truth.

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