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Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants & Cafes

Featuring Paddington House of Pancakes, [CLOSED] The Laneway Market, Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant, db Bistro & Oyster Bar, Nosh, Kabe no Ana (nex), BBQ Box (Geylang), Hjh Maimunah Restaurant (Joo Chiat), The Manhattan Fish Market (Junction 8), The Rösti Farm (Waterway Point)
Thiam Peng Tan
Thiam Peng Tan
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First, it's Char, of which I've heard conflicting reviews. Second, it's an outpost within another brand. But, it passed with flying colours. Despite coming in cheap cutlery and turning cold, the two leads - pork and noodles - were excellent.

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Their la mian is always dependable, but overall this was a forgettable dish. For some reason only this dish comes with an egg lol.

My standards for ramen are manifestly higher now and this met them. Look at how thick the broth is - this is shoyu okay? The pork belly managed to achieve the traits of chashu. Not as good as the best chashu but impressive feat nonetheless.

Such a combo is bound to impress, although for me it came up slightly short. The honey BBQ pulled pork was okay, while the waffle was fragrant but not crispy. The whole was lesser than the sum of scrambled eggs, pork and waffle.

This left a bad taste in our mouths (figuratively) because it's basically normal fried rice plus a few hidden prawns. To its credit it's delicious and how a Chinese fried rice should be, but that got overshadowed.

Basically a stir fry of three ingredients grown on the ground, in this case potato, lotus root and French beans. One of those simple and reliable Chinese dishes.

As with most renditions of this dish, the meat was quite bony, but overall the flavour impressed me, given I don't usually like three cup chicken. I definitely wished there's more sauce.

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New (Japanese) item in this Thai-Italian cafe. Maybe that's the reason it's the first poor meal I've had here. Curry was too little, an immediate failure for Japanese curry. Its colour is more reminiscent of Indian curry. Most of all, the katsu had no right to be the centrepiece. It ticked the box for thickness but the bite exposed the cook's standard.

Looks bad but good in simplicity. Just drench pasta in nacho cheese and it's delicious. The crumble helped with texture and brought the pasta to another level.

The easiest pasta to satisfy, so it confounds me how they messed it up. It was completely bland, something factually impossible with mushrooms.

Their sliders have always been reliable. What wowed me this time was how close to beef this non-meat patty was. You won't be able to differentiate.

New Zealand ribeye, bratwurst sausages, chicken legs and wings, roasted baby potatoes and sauteed mushrooms. This was shiok. The steak needn't stand out - everything matched up.

Voracious foodie who often doesn't snap photos of his food, making him a bad Burppler.

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