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Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants & Cafes

Featuring [CLOSED] The Laneway Market, Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant, db Bistro & Oyster Bar, Jones the Grocer (Dempsey Hill), Nosh, Hjh Maimunah Restaurant (Joo Chiat), Gandhi Restaurant, The Manhattan Fish Market (Junction 8), Poulet (Kallang Wave Mall), Shan Cheng Ipoh Horfun (Compass One)
Thiam Peng Tan
Thiam Peng Tan

Awesome. Crispy, sumptuous and huge. I always say Korean pancakes don't go wrong. This took it to another level. Whoever made this takes life seriously.

Sorry it's uncooked yet. Cooked liao no time for photo haha. As gorgeous as the beef looks, this cut doesn't allow for rarer doneness. It's rubbery if you don't cook it through. Flavour was normal.

Sorry it's uncooked yet. Cooked liao no time for photo haha. It looks huge and fancy but once you cut it up it's just pork belly lor.

I forgot their hae bee hiam pasta is no longer good. Zzz. I'm not a fan of chicken breast but decided to give it a chance as it's the priciest. Maybe signature item? But no, regret. Still dry and thick.

More meat than rice, although my first impression was it's kinda small for a restaurant named "king", which is a branding conflict. It's pork cheek so it's guaranteed good. Substantially fatty too.

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This Keisuke offers four flavours attached to the four seasons. I didn't order anything signature and went for Spring, which uses basil and cheese. It's alright. The chashu here however uses a leaner cut.

Bacon-wrapped enoki, lamb, pork belly. I previously reviewed how consistent the meat here was. I think I've found the secret. Pork, lamb or beef, it always alternates between meat and fat on the skewer. What worries me is how they find so much fat.

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Now that I've tried their beef, I can definitively say, their red meats are all tender and fun, but lack the flavour required of red meats. In fact, you wouldn't be able to tell their beef and lamb apart.

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We settled for this as we probably couldn't finish a sour beef soup. Sadly this had minimal slices of beef. The broth was more sour than I preferred and wasn't ideal for drinking. For a PRC joint, the noodles were surprisingly poor, reaching us a little overcooked.

I had wanted to try this classic dish for a while. To give you a foundation for reference, think sweet & sour pork. The differences are, one, the pieces are bigger, two, there's a very starchy very thick coat on the meat and, three, the overwhelming flavour is plum not ketchup. For perspective though this was my virgin 锅包肉 so I don't know if it's always so. For my palate it was slightly too tangy, while the chewing can be laborious.

Incredibly rare I ordered tendon from a restaurant not known for it. Just a craving. Low expectations so it's alright. The ebi were meh while the sweet potato was too hard. Loved the enoki and battered egg.

Tried more food than this account shows. Not known for naggy, deep reviews. Just the truth.

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