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Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants & Cafes

Featuring Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant, [CLOSED] The Laneway Market, Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant, db Bistro & Oyster Bar, Pistachio Grill, Nosh, Kabe no Ana (nex), BBQ Box (Geylang), Hjh Maimunah Restaurant (Joo Chiat), The Manhattan Fish Market (Junction 8)
Thiam Peng Tan
Thiam Peng Tan

Tempura consisted of yam, eggplant, apple and banana. Straightforward.

Good: chicken was fatty and juicy. Bad: there's something off about the chicken. Curry is a boring choice but it turned out better than the truffle base.

Had a really enjoyable first visit, but this was a sharp decline. Although there were black truffle shavings, on a whole the udon had no truffle taste. Uni was obviously cheap, though to be fair this was around $20. Ikura was strong. One reason I rated Komadori highly was the service, and this time again they impressed me. As we had to wait a while for our food, they offered us complimentary drinks.

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My virgin experience at Legendary was average, so don't ask why I'm trying another lol. I chose thick egg noodles with beef brisket soup, topped with fried fishcakes, onsen egg and fish fillet. Noodles were like meepok except much softer. Soup was ordinary. Fishcakes were certainly unusual in Singapore, tougher but fuller. Fillet was the cheap, thin type in primary school zzz.

The ads sounded interesting. Scam. It's only as good as Ajisen, which is actually atrocious. The USP was supposed to be spicy ramen plus fluffy eggs. But it turned out like Maggi mee we cook at home with an egg beat in. The noodles too were not authentic and seemed cheap. And the chashu - paid a couple of bucks for two skinny slices of ham. That extra spoon of rice is to drop into the remaining soup.

A hidden find with really classy interiors. Menu is split between standard cafe fare and customisable bowls. I selected the fish, soba, tortilla, roasted sweet potato, half-boiled egg, pineapple, "Japanese" cucumber and lemon basil pesto. The items were hit and miss. The dory and sweet potato were simple yet perfect. But the soba was bland, the pineapple canned, the cucumber was not Japanese and the sauce was only a spoonful.

Just rice seasoned with their "fat shoyu". More underwhelming than expected. To be sure, this small bowl is $8, pricier than most rice meals.

With medium Kagoshima wagyu A4 tenderloin, uni, caviar, ikura, foie gras, truffle oil and onsen egg. We upgraded the beef because why come to a Japanese restaurant to eat Australian wagyu? It was however chalky, which didn't make for a great experience, and barely beefy. I'd still get this bowl for the variety, of which the foie gras and uni were orgasmic.

We finally snagged a table after previously trying to walk in. I asked the counter chef to recommend a cut that's beefy and marbled. These two slices cost $168. Obviously, it was very good, with enough fat, but it's quite sad parts of the beef couldn't be chewed through, which is unthinkable given the price.

Stands for wild-agri-next-innovation. Wild? That's deep-fried prawns and deep-fried crocodile. Sadly, I preferred the prawns. The reptile tasted like bad pork. I also found the powder they used a bit cheap, similar to pasar malam.

Another local fusion dish they have. Delicious with clams, shrimps and onion. Very generous at $16 nett.

One of their signatures. For some reason, this drinking hole is very Japanese, and so was this chicken rice. The most obvious twist was the soup. The poached chicken came sliced and was good. A delightful interpretation.

Tried more food than this account shows. Not known for naggy, deep reviews. Just the truth.

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