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Just Keep Eating
Just Keep Eating
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Quite a hearty meal if you aren’t too hungry or get this as a side to share among your friends. The sausages the right amount of bite and went well with the mash that was soft and the taste balanced the dish perfectly

Paired this with chai latte $6 which was mediocre

Quite an interesting combination. Though the hazelnut taste wasn’t that strong but we still enjoyed the tart! Love the crust of this 👌🏻

Also missed the high tea promo (until 6pm I think?) by a bit

Asked for the popular flavour besides matcha and no regrets!! The goma was really really rich and feels like I’m eating and unending tangyuan filling! Not too sure about the combination with matcha though

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The aroma of this dish was a lot stronger than the taste? Smells like churros haha but worth a shot! Not a big fan of the vanilla ice cream because I felt like it didn’t go with the Apple bits that well. But I enjoyed the fried apples

These fries are the bomb!! Every part of it really complements each other and I love the mushroom toppings

The dish was pretty good loved this fish and the pairing of the daikon and the sauce. They had interesting drinks selection but just skip the fries they are ordinary in spite of their fancy names

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Excellent and filling enough if you drop by between lunch and dinner (after 3pm)

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Oh how I’ve missed this! Had this at a school event and it was as good as I remembered. With the perfectly wobbly egg that bursts upon the sticky rice with crispy fish skin bits.

Possibly my new favourite sandwich here at PBD because the meat was so tender. Also appreciate the eco friendly efforts they have here make sure you remember to throw your stuff in the right bin!


I highly recommend this combination: earl grey and bailey brownie ice cream!! Worth the wait as they take some time to make the waffle but it is so crispy on the outside yet soft and pillowy on the inside


Used Burpple beyond to enjoy this 1 for 1 deal! Pretty worth it haha gotta make the best use of the 1 for 1 while I still can! We tried the pistachio flavour and the sea salt gula melaka flavour. Personally prefer pistachio over gula melaka ☺️

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My first time at this outlet and I quite like the space and layout of the area. I love the sides table where I can choose kaya, strawberry jam, chocolate or butter to go with my bread 🥐 (not in photo because I only discovered it later) but surprisingly love the kaya+ croissant combo

I stalk food places not people

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