Chinese Fortune Cookie Says 👌🏻 Featuring Chinese food places for the fam bam
Welp 😨 The visits to these places may have disappointed me/I will probably not return if given a choice
Desserts, Taiwanese Here’s The Tea🥤🍵 With new and innovative flavours and bubble tea stores opening nearly every month we need to know which are worth queue-ing for and which to skip. Stay tuned to this list to find out as I dish the tea 😎
Pricey Dicey 💸 For your Crazy Rich Asian friends or maybe if you just got your paycheck?
Salads, Sandwiches, Healthy Heal Thy Self Trying to be on a new diet? Or just want to eat clean and green (I hardly)
Western, Pasta, Pizza Western Bites Give up on finding a Caucasian other half and just satisfy your cravings with some Ang moh food