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Asian Allure

Featuring New Ubin Seafood (Hillview), Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice (Jalan Besar), Sungei Road Laksa, Fat Bird (Bugis), Foong Kee Coffee Shop, The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens, Ah Chiang's Porridge (Tiong Bahru), Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House, Tonkatsu by Ma Maison (Mandarin Gallery), Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru (Liang Court)
Regina Xie
Regina Xie

Again I say, don't judge a dish by its appearance. Listed as the top few in the Hot 100 list of central hawkers can only suggest how incredibly good this plate of messy curry rice is!

We went on a Sunday afternoon and so there wasn't much crowd. Let's see, stewed cabbage, luncheon meat, lor bak (braised pork belly) and 2 pieces of ngoh hiong. A whopping portion at merely $5.80.

The braised pork belly had a good fat-to-meat ratio and melts in the mouth. Could really taste the intermingling of the meat and the braising sauce flavour.

What's also worth ordering was the ngoh hiong, which was still crispy even with the curry gravy splashed on top. It stood out from the other ones that I have tried because of the heavily spiced marinate, likely to be from the five spice powder and what I thought could also be cinnamon powder. Not to mention that the meat was also mixed with lots of crunchy water chestnut.

And finally, the curry gravy! It's not too heavy on the coconut milk, not overly spicy but spicy enough to keep tummies warm. That was why even though it was pouring and we were sitting by the road side, I was still stuck to the chair while getting myself addicted to that warm plate of curry rice right in front of me.

My favourite dessert out of the three! A refreshing palate cleanser after all the savoury dishes. The fragrance and sweetness of the lychee spreads through your mouth first and ends off with a hint of ginger and ginger bits within the sorbet. A unique flavour indeed! The sorbet was also topped with roasted peanut crumble and lime jelly to introduce more flavours and textures to the dessert.

Asparagus Tempura , Cod Fish Popcorn , Charcoal Squid ... Everything is delightful. Someone literally went out to the adjacent garden and plunked some leaves and flowers and put it on our dishes . Okinawa Spinach I remember .

Chao Ta Thick Mee Sua with Jumbo Prawns . Full of Wok Hei Flavour

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Goma Tofu - exquisite silkiness with the subtle taste of white sesame , they can prepare it deep fried , grilled or cold
Turban Shell - sautéed with shimeji mushrooms
Raw Hokkaido Corn - milky and sweet , delicious as nature intended

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Set amidst the Ginger Garden , this is an infusion of cumin and cinnamon water , with self grated fresh ginger tumbshoot & honey

Choose your poison from the 12 flavours, ours was the numbing Mala, wasn’t spicy as expected and it leaves just a slight numb sensation around the mouth. Add on the Golden Combination (crab stick, lotus roots, enoki mushrooms and potato - $9.90) to soak up all the zhuppy goodness.

Constantly craving for hot soupy dishes cause my office is a freezer ❄️

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This is the Hokkaido Jingiskan (Genghis Khan) Lamb BBQ set from @the_hitsuji_club 😍 consisting of premium lamb fillet, lamb loin, lamb chop and fresh vegetables. The Aussie lamb served is mild tasting (little gamey smell) with the super tender fillet cut tasting almost like beef!
BUT my favourite cut is their grilled lamb chop, which has part of its fats removed during grilling to be cooked separately. This is done so that the fats can be cooked for longer to become crispier while the rest of the lamb chop are not overcooked to maintain the tenderness and juiciness. Sooo good!
Where to find this?
The Hitsuji Club
65 Circular Road, S049419

Mon to Sat: 11.45am to 2pm, 6pm to 11pm
Featured: Premium Jingiskan with Lamb Chop Set (2 sets, feeds 4), S$65++/set
This was taken during a tasting.

If you’re like me & prefer hot soupy stuff to warm your tummies, you’ll be utterly spoilt for choice with the wide array of choices on their menu! 👏🏻 Here’s what I tried:
🔹️Pho Bo Tai ($18++): your essential bowl of beef pho! 💕 Featuring silky smooth fresh noodles in a hearty beef broth simmered for hours with beef bones & fresh herbs, topped with thinly sliced US chuck roll & braised beef brisket, this bowl was certainly a delight! 😋😋😋 Liked that the beef slices were not too tough nor chewy, & most importantly, did not carry any gamey taste at all!
🔹️Bun Cha ($21++): Vietnamese’s rendition of cold rice noodles. Especially loved the marinated pork belly - full of alluring smokiness, these fatty & succulent slices were almost mind-blowing! ❤❤❤ Wished there was more! Also really liked the flavours of the chargrilled minced Berkshire pork, which tasted like Japanese yakitori! 💯 Dip or drench the rice noodles in the sweet dipping sauce & enjoy the meats together with fresh herbs, cucumber, mixed greens & pickled green papaya.
🔹️Canh Ca Thi La ($16++): looking for a soup to start off your meal or cleanse your palate? This rendition made with starfruits, tomato, homemade fish paste & dill (a green herb) is a light & refreshing one that will go with any dish. 👍🏻
These dishes kept me feeling warm & fuzzy the entire night! 😊

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