Hawker Food

Hawker Food

Featuring Roast Paradise (Old Airport Road), Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee (Old Airport Road), To-Ricos Kway Chap (Old Airport Road), Impian Wahyu, Cheok Kee Boneless Braised Duck (Geylang Bahru Market), Skinny Chef (Changi Road), New World Mutton Soup (Bedok Interchange Hawker), Old Chai Chee Minced Meat Noodle (Amoy Street Food Centre), The B Salad Kitchen (Amoy Street Food Centre), Hwa Heng Beef Noodles
Cory Meilany
Cory Meilany

Whenever I need a kind of soupy comfort food, this stall is on top of my mind. Located at level 1 Amoy Food Center, a bowl of noodle is priced at $4-$6. The soup is flavourful with generous amount of minced meat. The chopped chili padi with fish sauce adding a spicy salty flavour to your noodle.

Find this stall at Amoy Food Center level 1, which they have almost everything I need. Most important to me is Japanese sesame sauce dressing, followed by raisins, fusilli pasta, sweet potato, corns, edamame. I chose sliced duck meat as my protein.

For $5.40 you get a salad base + 5 toppings + 1 protein & dressing. Isn’t it a good deal?

For chee cheong fan lovers, you shouldn’t miss this local dish if you passed by Kallang area. Located in the near walking distance from Kallang MRT. This stall opens for breakfast mainly.

The chee cheong fan not so chewy, similar like rice kway teow. I love their sweet sauce, lard & chili (all flavour blend well nicely).

Perfect for a light breakfast.

I should admit the beef noodles either soup or gravy is quite flavourful. But it’s not fantastic till worth your time 1 hour just for queing. Recently I was fooled by the queue system I thought not many people queue, but apparently a group of people have taken numbers so they go somewhere else. Try if their queue is short, but I doubt never happened.

The chicken cutlet is good for sharing actually, quite nice as an evil junk food since it’s topped with nacho cheese. The creamy sous vide egg is the consolation you’re still eating healthy protein. Their baked mac & cheese is petite and good. I hope they improve their coleslaw’ taste.

Verdict: a good neighbourhood western stall
Food: 7.5/10


Ordered mixed tendon & ribs mutton soup. The bowl came with 2 pcs tendon & 1-2 mutton ribs. However they did a good job in cooking the herbal soup, it doesn’t have goat smells as you may find in other mutton soup stalls. It has a light sweet herbal taste and you can feel the flavour essence from the mutton. A comfortable dish for rainy weather.

I was curious to try out this famous lor mee although I’m not a fan of lor mee. Came to visit Old Airport at Saturday morning 10.30am, queue for 1 hour until I get to enjoy my bowl.

To be honest, the most stand out from this dish is the gravy. They did a good job in making the gravy tasty. So everything it covers become good.
The meat topping was shredded fish meat & thin tiny pork belly.

In my opinions nothing specials other than their gravy. The pork belly was too tiny, you can’t even feel you bite a pork belly. The staff recommend me to order yellow noodle mixed with thin bee hoon. Which I did, but seems yellow noodle alone will do just good. 3 options for the carbo: yellow noodle/bee hoon/kway tiao.

The verdict: although the gravy was tasty I don’t think it worth the queue for 1 hour.

It’s a joy to leave in matured estate Geylang Bahru as I’m surrounded by some good local hawker food. One of the favourite stall in Geylang Bahru Hawker Center is Cheok Kee Braised Duck Rice. Where else you can get a good braised duck rice for a $3? The meat is tender accompanied with tasty sauce. Yum!

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Decided to try after seeing long queue and read good reviews about the stall. Curious to know how good it is until people so kiasu to queue 😂

It’s a very fatty char siew meat slices, the meat to fat ratio is heavier on the fat side. Personally I’m quite ok with it. The roasted pork also quite crunchy, accompanied with the sauce.

Overall, it’s good but not spectacular roasted meat rice.

Hidden gem in Jalan Besar coffeeshop. It’s authentic Indonesian ayam penyet, served with a side yellow tasty soup and fiery sambal. The spiciness is in-your face kind. 👊🔥 Be prepared to order drink before eat the sambal. Shiokk.

Downside, the waiting time could be quite long although not many people there. The lady owner is Indonesian, she’s the sambal queen maker. Kudos for her sambal 👍

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Personally I’ve higher expectation on the dish
since it’s included in the Michelin guide. In my opinion the flavour of the gravy is very subtle. No ‘kick’ factor when you taste the soup. Although the ‘kway’ is smooth and silky.

I ordered a customised portion with pig trotter and tau kwa (white tofu). Although the pig skin trotter is tender which due to long hour cooking, the meat not as tender as I expected. It’s same as home cooking.

Unfortunately, their chili isn’t add a kick flavour here. It’s just flat taste for dipping purpose (not spicy at all).

Overall, it’s a good try for those who are curious, but lower down your expectation. Side note, all menu is in Mandarin.

If you want basic portion, just tell them set kway chap for 1-2 person.

Add on:
pig trotters $5
big intestines $4
pig’s stomach $4
pork belly $4
pig skin $1-2
tau kwa $0.80
braised eggs $0.60

I paased by blok 7 Eunos Crescent, so decided to eat Famous Eunos bak chor mee. Seems like they’ve changed owner. Last time was old couple, now the store is running by few adults with a modern signage. Noticed the difference in the noodle texture, but the soup taste is roughly the same. Although I prefer previous version which was ran by old couple, must say it’s still hit 80% of the original taste. Minced meat portion in the soup is quite generous. The only downside is the ambience not so pleasant, the coffee shop surrounded by old uncles who didn’t wear mask.

A lady who constantly in the lookout for a good coffee and always go on adventure to find tasty food

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