Fine Dining 🍴

Fine Dining 🍴

Fancy interpretation of otherwise boring/simple ingredients
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Parsley Root | Ikura | Parmesan

Savoury teaser for the other surprises ahead

Gimmicky presentation of sauerkraut extract mixed with olive oil. Taste wise, it does feel like drinking sauerkraut. Just slightly tangy with the vinegar-ish nature of fermented sauerkraut. Definitely not for non-fans of sauerkraut or fermented veggies!

Spanish Mackerel | 'Beef-heart' tomato | Burrata

Raw, and extremely fresh mackerel that kinda melts in the mouth. Goes exceptionally well with the heart-shaped tomato that's cooked to a level of softness beyond words. Not sure what's the cooking technique used here but I guess it involved some expensive, fancy equipment? (Makes me feel better about the price for lunch, haha!)

Kunihiro Oyster | Beef Tongue | Girolle Mushroom | Yuzu Kosho

Beneath the beef tongue is the extremely PLUMP Kunihiro Oyster - freshly flown from Japan, Hiroshima prefecture. Accordingly, these oysters produced by Kunihiro "undergo stringent inspection, washing and ultra-violet disinfection process. Using state-of-the-art facilities and advanced inspection systems for its oysters, including tests for shell fish toxin, viruses and bacteria. Consumers are always guaranteed the freshest oysters from Kunihiro."

While I appreciate the Oyster, the same cannot be said for Beef Tongue. Taste wise, it smells similar to Foie Gras, one of the few 'expensive' food item that I cannot appreciate. I conclude that I really dislike offals. I think it's extremely gamey! It would have been better if I the beef tongue had been replaced with... parma ham or any other 'luxe' meat slice tho!

Soft baked cabbage | Anchoïade | Lardo | Lime

The colour and presentation of the non-descript cabbage reminds me of an enchanted forest.
Here's some food sorcery! At first look, it's hard to tell it's the good ol' cabbage that you find in supermarkets. Of course, the produce from Lerouy are fresh from the country of origin, and not your local supermarket. The texture of the cabbage reminds me of cabbage that had been braised for hours, and hours. Reminiscent of the texture of cabbages in CNY pen cais, but still softer. Yes, so incredibly soft.
Non-fans of veggies will rejoice in the fact that there's nothing close to 'vegetable' taste, kudos to the generous amount of Anchoïade dressed over the cabbage. Anchoïade is a fancy term - referring to purees made with anchovies, garlic, olive oil, and vinegar. The overall taste was somehow similar to that of basil, but definitely richer.

Iberico Pork Pluma | Pimenton | Eggplant

We were asked to choose our preferred knife. When asked about the next dish, the waitress held us in suspense with her reply 'It's a secret". Presented with a selection of at least 10 different knives, we inspected every single one and realised the only difference lies in the grip - longer or shorter in length and thicker or thinner in width. We were filled with strong anticipation and was definitely wowed by the dish when it was served. That was, until reality sank in and we realised that that strip of pork was thinner than our knife blade. LOL, pardon for sounding really unsophisticated. Jokes side, the Iberico was so incredibly melt-in-the-mouth tender - seems like it was sous-vide! Thereafter, baked to achieve that slightly crusty/charred ends. It's complemented well with the Eggplant and Pimento puree. yumms!

Only for the birthday celebrant! Instead of the typical cakes, the dessert Chef specially arranged for a unique experience for the birthday king/Queen. A chocolate piñata painted in monochrome galaxy was presented. The birthday celebrant is required to hit the piñata hard to crack it. Yes, a mess will be created as the piñata breaks open to reveal raspberry chocolate discs, berry soft chews and a “Happy Birthday, xx” message rolled up in a small strip of paper tied with a string.

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White chocolate | Yoghurt | Passionfruit | Basil | Yoghurt lime basil ice cream

This impressed! Beneath the cube of white chocolate sits a chocolate ball which encases passionfruit pulp. There’s also a small piece of basil cake which the choco ball sat on. Served with a side of amazing basil ice cream that lifted the wow-factor of this dessert. For an executive lunch set, the dessert portion is rather huge and filling. But then again, there’s always space for desserts right?

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Kiwami Wagyu, Marcos score 8+ | Acquerello Rice | Black summer truffle

The presentation of this dish wowed! While the truffles cane in seeming generous pieces, it’s an additional top up of $28 to the executive lunch set! Taste wise, splendid melt-in-the-mouth beef well complemented with the truffle pieces. The rice were richly flavoured and soaked in the creamy sauce and is a good alternative bite to the chunky beef.

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Halibut | White Summer Beans | Fioretto | Sameza | Saffron | Vanilla | Black garlic

Creamy deboned halibut served with rice, summer beans and black garlic. The rice is a little too dry for my liking. A good dish on its own but nothing really stood out here. The black garlic could have been stronger in flavour!

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My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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