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Fine Dining 🍴

Fine Dining 🍴

Fancy interpretation of otherwise boring/simple ingredients
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Only for the birthday celebrant! Instead of the typical cakes, the dessert Chef specially arranged for a unique experience for the birthday king/Queen. A chocolate piñata painted in monochrome galaxy was presented. The birthday celebrant is required to hit the piñata hard to crack it. Yes, a mess will be created as the piñata breaks open to reveal raspberry chocolate discs, berry soft chews and a “Happy Birthday, xx” message rolled up in a small strip of paper tied with a string.

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White chocolate | Yoghurt | Passionfruit | Basil | Yoghurt lime basil ice cream

This impressed! Beneath the cube of white chocolate sits a chocolate ball which encases passionfruit pulp. There’s also a small piece of basil cake which the choco ball sat on. Served with a side of amazing basil ice cream that lifted the wow-factor of this dessert. For an executive lunch set, the dessert portion is rather huge and filling. But then again, there’s always space for desserts right?

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Kiwami Wagyu, Marcos score 8+ | Acquerello Rice | Black summer truffle

The presentation of this dish wowed! While the truffles cane in seeming generous pieces, it’s an additional top up of $28 to the executive lunch set! Taste wise, splendid melt-in-the-mouth beef well complemented with the truffle pieces. The rice were richly flavoured and soaked in the creamy sauce and is a good alternative bite to the chunky beef.

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Halibut | White Summer Beans | Fioretto | Sameza | Saffron | Vanilla | Black garlic

Creamy deboned halibut served with rice, summer beans and black garlic. The rice is a little too dry for my liking. A good dish on its own but nothing really stood out here. The black garlic could have been stronger in flavour!

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Stracciatella | White eggplant | Basil | Parmesan | Datterini tomato | Arbequina Treurer Olive Oil

The presentation of this dish came along with a bottle of olive oil and organic white eggplant on the table (not captured in this photo). When the dish was served, the waitress poured the olive oil on top of the burrata ball. It’s quite an interesting view watching the little oil bubbles form and float around - a plus on the aesthetics but not anywhere near theatrical. Beneath the burrata ball, I had expected discs of eggplants to be revealed. But no, it’s mashed up egg plant - something along the texture of potato mash. Break this up and have it alongside the clear tomato soup to balance out the cheese. The combination of texture and flavours is very well executed here. This was also served with home made herb bun. A small lil’ bun filled with herbs, baked to crisp and dusted with salt. You could hear the crisp when you bite into it! The bun was meant to complement the dish but I’d say it could be a dish on its own too.

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Alaskan King Crab | Red bell pepper | Lime vinegar | White corn

Comes at an additional +18 to the set lunch price, it’s rather pricy. A rather Creative dish, with translucent vinegar balls that are sago-like. The mix of flavours is rather refreshing and certainly appeal to the tastebuds, tho not the pocket.

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Trombetta Zucchini | Japanese Cucumber | Dill yoghurt | Hazelnut | Za’atar | Mint

Nicely charred Zucchini which is crunchy to the taste. The Japanese cucumbers were slightly seasoned - pretty soft and slightly sourish. Dill yoghurt simply tasted like plain yoghurt. Overall, a rather creative dish with complementing ingredients but I wouldn’t say there’s anything particularly awesome. This as an appetiser was certainly underwhelming for the price of executive set lunch at $58/pax

Babi Guling | Saté | Mie Udang

Translated: Crispy roast pork, meat skewer (fish), Prawn noodles

The Crispy pork was out-of-the-world! Incredibly tender and delicious. Separate post on the this - check out the profile.

The meat skewer was a seasonal special - nothing specially outstanding but I’m biased (I’ve always preferred the Singapore style satay). If you like gallangal and plenty of Asian spices mixed in your meat, that’s sth you should try! Meat is softer and mushier compared to the typical Satays in Singapore.

The broth for the prawn noodle was outstanding - according to the boyfriend who’s a huge huge huge fan of seafoody noodles. It’s served with handmade noodles - al dente!

braised pork cheeks, charcoaled pork jowl, celeriac.

Do not be fooled by the description! It’s not ‘braised’ and mushy. It’s marinated for 36 hours (according to the waiter) and thereafter ‘charcoaled’ a.k.a roasted. It’s incredibly cackling - with vvv well portion layers of fat vs meat. Approx 30% fatty layer? It’s melt-in-the-mouth kinda fat which makes you feel like you’re slurping collagen (if that makes you feel better - psychologically). The accompanying sweet sauce and celeriac goes really well with - the former offering a sweet twang while the latter accentuates the creamy touch

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Braised oxtail, confit quail yolk, chive aioli.

Immediately understood why this is the signature dish! Every lil’ pearly grain was infused w the oxtail sauce. There were meaty bits embedded within (it’s not just carbs!) The bright sunny yolk is a perfect complement to the dish- nicely blended, creamy and rich

Swordfish, horseradish, chive oil - mixed in perfect balance to accentuate the silky smooth and sweetness of the 🐟 I love how this is a nice east west fusion - fish sashimi w wasabi!! A nice twang and zest, very refreshing mix!

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Starter to all the yummy dishes so come - the Chef did it right with presenting the starter in the most beautiful manner possible. The presentation made it seem like the prawns were swimming in some sort of clean and green pond adorned w beautiful lotus flowers (edible btw) Taste wise, the ebi was a right balance between silky smooth sashimi with a tad of succulent punch. Truly impressed!

With my chubby cheeks, I chew like a hamster 🐹 Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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