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12 Best Places for French in Singapore
Burpple Guides, French, Fine Dining, Date Night 12 Best Places for French in Singapore The French love their food and certainly know how to indulge. Lucky for us, we've got our fair share of quality restaurants and cafés in Singapore dishing up superb French fare ranging from a homey creperie to the most lavish fine dining venues.
15 Places to Impress Your Date
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Best French Restaurants
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Best Italian Restaurants In Singapore
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Top 10 Places for Fine Dining

Top 10 places for Fine Dining

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Fine Dining

I always enjoy having a nice salad included in a course meal as it's a good palate cleanser. This one was colorful and tasty, with the dressing adding both tanginess and saltiness to the dish at the same time. Really love the crispy lotus chips as well - 👵🏻 #burpple #throwback

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ACAMASEATS & GTK TIPS💮: Kueh Pulut Tekan is a popular Nyonya dessert, also translates to “pressed glutinous rice”. It is always served with kaya (Coconut Jam) The firmer the Kueh, the better the texture, blue pea flower was used for the blue hue. 🔖
The Kurosato Kaya is one of the Best in town. Chef Ming uses Kurosato 黒砂糖, an undefined Okinawan Black Sugar instead of normal sugar. It’s sweet on its own but perfect when paired with the Pulut Tekan. A Peranakan Dessert that Even my Chor Chor will be proud of. 🏵

Far from your typical Sunday Brunch, today's pop-up at One Michelin Starred "Cheek By Jowl" was a celebration of the humble hopper, a staple of Sri Lankan cuisine.
Made fresh on the spot with the team from "Lankan Filling Station" in Sydney, both the egg and plain hoppers tasted so good mixed and matched with the impressive spread of Gentle Fish Curry, Red Prawn Curry and a Black Pork one, a mild dhal and three kinds of sambols of varying levels of spiciness.
We were also served a refreshing Gotu Kula salad and my personal favourite - the pickled jackfruit.
However, even before these arrived, things got rolling with a plate of freshly-fried crab cutlets. I really enjoyed how they were crisped on the outside and generous with the moist crab meat within.
Our sweet ending was spiced jaggery (it's a type of sugar) ice-cream accessorised with crunchy cashews and black sesame.


ACAMASEATS & GTK💮: The complexity that Chef Ming gets out of his Local Braised Duck is inarguably delicious. The Stock, which is Braised for 3 days had a depth of flavour & intensity. It really showcased the agility & precision of his skills. The Duck itself is also incredibly tender & flavourful. 🤤
The Handmade Noodles is made al dente with a subtle hints of the underlying egg aroma. Savour the Stock first then add the accompanying YuzuKosho which I have to say honestly, is the most delicious Duck soup eating experience I’ve had & I do love Duck. 🔖 .
If this was served in a Hawker Center or Street Side Food, it’d win a Michelin Star Hands Down. 🏵
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So disappointed with the 5 course set ($80++) that I found to be mediocre and expensive; Started with a haphazardly plated appetiser of raw salmon, radish and salad; this was followed by ravioli stuffed with parma ham that tasted like luncheon meat with overly rich and pungent goat cheese; next was the worst course - tasteless lump of crab meat coated with nondescript tasting sauce with simply sautéed broccoli and tomatoes as sides; up next was beef cheek on a dollop of cream potatoes and sweet wine sauce; last course was lemon cream tart topped with berries - tart shell tasted like low quality pre-made stuff...I could have just gone to Tanjong Pagar hawker centre for better and cheaper food.. highly NOT RECOMMENDED

🍂🍂🍂 #autumn #chestnut I'll see u again... soon.

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Because a good chef always flows with the seasons in every aspect, it's fun to see what desserts appear at the end of an Omakase meal.
This here dish of Kyoho grapes and matcha mochi graced us with its presence at Sushi Sabu-Roku late last week.
The peeled seedless grapes were very sweet and almost burst with juice - I just wished there were more! Providing a sombre note was the chewy, slightly bitter mochi. In other words, a well struck balance of a dessert. How very thoughtful.

Dining here is always enjoyable as it is not only a feast for the stomach but a visual delight as well.

A favorite hangout with the girlfriends as we "ooohhh and ahhhhh" at every piece of art served.

Needless to say, desserts here are girls best friend.

Everything was made from scratch & each elements compliment well with one another. Especially the Milk Bread which is airy, light & buttery (so amazing) use it to mop up the thick & luscious Chili Crab Sauce made of Crab Broth & Tomato reduction, they go so god damn well together. 🤤
The Wild Grouper was textbook pan seated perfectly with the skins being crispy & moist juicy flesh. Accompanying the dish is a side of Cold Mad Crab Mayo. Be adventurous & pair each component in anyway you like, it’d be amazing no matter what. PS; there wasn’t even a single drop of Sauce left on the plate. 🔖

In an earlier post, I expressed my love for firefly squid but acknowledged that its taste may be too fishy for some. In this rendition, served with blanched greens and a sweet white miso sauce, the taste of the squid was complimented and balanced out nicely. Since 👴🏻 doesn't take squid, he had a fish version of the dish instead which was equally as yummy 😋- 👵🏻 #burpple #throwback