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Salmon, Tuna, Japanese Red Snapper, Japanese Freshwater Eel and Softshell Crab Roll

Location: Nobu Singapore, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, 190 Orchard Blvd, Level 3, Singapore 248646

Feature :
💕Steamed Prawn Dumpling, Crab Roe, Sweet Corn, Carrot, Chinese Parsley
My fav, a lot of texture in this dumpling, combination between prawn, crab roe, corn and carrot.
💰$9 for 3 pcs
💕Deep-fried Beancurd Skin Roll, Prawn, Chicken, Water Chestnut, Mushroom,Bamboo Shoot, Carrot, Oyster Sauce.
💰$9 for 3 pcs
💕Pan-fried Shredded Yam, Pumpkin.
💰$9 for 3 pcs
💕Steamed Barbecue Pork Bun, Onion, Preserved Vegetable
💰$9 for 3 pcs

📍Summer Pavilion.
Ritz-Carlton. 7 Raffles ave

Affordable and reasonable quality, the seafood was fresh though not to say the freshest. The rice is quite drenched in vinegar and sauce. Taste wise is not bad. Worth it with chope 50% voucher. Had a counter seat, quite enjoyable sitting at the counter looking at the chefs in action.

Affordable and reasonable quality, spicy aburi tuna tasted quite ok. Worth it with chope 50% voucher. Had a counter seat, quite enjoyable sitting at the counter looking the chefs in action.

is Poached rice with Canadian Lobster meat
Comforting dish with different texture of the rice, rich and flavourful soup and fresh lobster meat.
📍Summer Pavilion.
Ritz-Carlton. 7 Raffles ave

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Had expectations for the cannoli siciliani ($18) as I always wanted to try what does the original taste like but eh… the dough was really cakey and hard 🙁

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Wasn’t impressed with the pastas for the price point of $35 for crab meat squid ink linguine and $32 for linguine with clams 🤔 at half price, it’s more like original price of what it should be priced at normally 😅

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Burrata Caprese ($28) is a must get💯 with half off it’s the most value for money 💰 with the quality slices of Parma ham and cherry tomatoes 🍅🥰

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Very high quality Japanese food in this new restaurant. We'll renovated.

With Summer Pavilion’s Barbecued Peking Duck ($40/ half portion), I was reminded of how much I enjoy the glistening skin. The crisp skin is really the best thing about the duck and their rendition didn’t feel greasy or fatty at all. Our order of half portion produced about a dozen pieces of skin in paper-thin crepes so it was pretty darn shiok to have 6 pieces all by myself. The meat was fairly moist and enjoyable too.

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Their signature Poached Rice with Canadian Lobster Meat ($28 Per Person) is not to be missed. The intensity of the luscious lobster broth was spot on, like a clear prawn soup on crack - incredibly umami. Though the rice was clumpy, it was brilliant when mixed with the clean-tasting soup and fragrant rice crisps. And let’s not forget the lobster meat, super duper plump and sweet - it was so hard to share.

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The Steamed Vegetarian Crystal Dumpling with Black Truffle, Vegetarian Ham, Mushroom, Pumpkin, and Water Chestnut ($4/ pcs) was a dainty number. Refreshing and light, the vegetables came together amazingly well with the hint of black truffle. The earthy flavour going hand in hand with the sweetness and the crunch from the chopped water chestnut was the icing on the cake. And the skin of the dumpling was gloriously thin so it allowed all the ingredients at play to shine.

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