Best Eats <$10

Best Eats <$10

Featuring 109 Teochew Yong Tau Foo, Kenboru, WOK HEY (Bugis Junction)
Anna Chung
Anna Chung

It’s easy to pass this shop without noticing it, but your nose will definitely not miss the smell of torched mentaiko wafting from this small little kitchen.

On its wall brightly proclaim “an underground torching project” and rightly so, as you see each bowl being torched like clockwork in an assembly-line fashion. Although the queues look awfully long during lunchtimes, don’t be deterred by it. It’s worth the wait. Plus, you can entertain your time by watching the ladies torch each dish as you wait 🔥

I got the Honey Glazed Tofu bowl ($4.90 for SMU students/staff, and $5.90 for the public) with Cha Soba tossed in wafu dressing. All bowls come topped with sous-vide egg, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pickles - but you get to choose your protein and base. For the whole of this week, they are throwing in free mentaiko sauce for each bowl as well!

Overall, I’m pretty impressed. The tofu is glazed just right with the right amount of sweetness, which remaining soft (not overcooked like the ones you might find at The Daily Cut). The Cha Soba is silky and not too al dente, and well paired with the dressing. And the mentaiko sauce rocked the dish.

P.S. The portions are slightly small, so bigger eaters might want to upsize their protein/base.


WOK HEY has many great things going for it: you get to customise the ingredients you want to add to your dish, watch the chefs toss your dish in their woks, and savour a delectable stir-fry dish that is worth waiting for.

The Egg Fried Rice ($5) with extra spinach (+$1) hits the spot with just enough ‘wok hei’ without the cloyingly oily taste that you might usually get with other dishes with ‘wok hei’. The egg fried rice is almost on par to Din Tai Fung’s egg fried rice in my opinion. Plus, you get to upgrade to premium brown jasmine rice for free if you want to :)


One of my favourite yong tau foo places because of their fresh ingredients and broth!

Got my yong tau foo with dry kuay teow - just look at that broth!

Ingredients are $0.69-0.80 a piece, so this dish comes up to $5.

P.S. There’s usually a long line here so try to get there before the crowd comes swarming ;)


Why yes, I would like to have my cake and eat it too ;)

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