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Cafehopping & Koffee ☕️

Cafehopping & Koffee ☕️

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), The Dark Gallery (Takashimaya), The Dark Gallery (Millenia Walk), The Cold Pantry, Lady M (Orchard Central), The Workbench Bistro, Jewel Cafe + Bar, Ciel Pâtisserie (Hougang), Common Chefs, dal.komm COFFEE (The Centrepoint)
Izumi 泉
Izumi 泉

light crispy waffle ~ gula melaka gelat0 was unique, sticky type? haha but still nice th0ugh 🤤
extra gula melaka sauce f0r é extra sweetness but n0t a l0t s0 still n0t extremely sweet 😁

Passi0n Fruit Mille Crêpes was refreshing yet n0t 0verly sweet within é layers (great balance 0f sweet & s0urness). I w0uld l0ve t0 have a an0ther slice if n0t f0r é price tag ($9.50/slice ++) 😆
Earl Grey Ner0li was n0t s0mething i w0uld wanna try again. Perhaps used t0 plain earl grey tea & this had crisp n0tes 0fItalian Bergam0t and p0wdery Orange Flowers ($7/p0t ++)

nice ☕ nice latte art
sm00th & creamy, n0t acidic 😊
save & get 1 f0r 1 with burpple bey0nd

c0ffee ar0ma n0t str0ng here but this cake was 👍 s0me ch0c0late earl grey cake
latte was avg th0ugh 🙊
anyways nice ambience ♡
💰 RM 9.50 f0r latte, cake 🤷

Awes0me all day breakfast with thick cut bac0n which wasn't as salty as expected whereas é sausage was m0re salty and spiciness missing? but still a g00d meal 0verall!
💰$24 but there's 1f0r1 Ori0le Breakfast/Pasta with burpple bey0nd!

est waiting time ~20mins
é salm0n wasn't salty, r0sti had some crisp and definitely g0es well with the s0ur cream 😋

l0vely yums cheesecake with a creamy center s0 nice 🤤 é burnt area he's fave 😜 Daebak! ($7.50-price in June, think n0w increased in price)
i like é ☕ t00 😍 ($5)

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fragrant, sm00th & str0ng ☕
their American0 was als0 really ga0 & shi0k (n0t in pic)
the c0ffee beans fragrance when y0u step int0 é cafe makes me feel like i'm in heaven that i drink c0ffee instead BBT 😅

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g00d cuppa c0ffee, r0bust n0t s0ur
pretty latte art t00
~$4/5 i f0rg0t

Live t0 eat 😋

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