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Sweet Stuff

Sweet Stuff

Satisfying my sweet tooth
Eustacia Tan
Eustacia Tan

Despite the fact that I asked for the smallest scoop, I found this to be quite a lot and didn’t manage to finish the come (which was very sweet). The ice cream is pretty good, but I don’t think it’s worth it for the price - I’m glad I tried it but I don’t really feel like eating it again.

This was a blend of banana, chocolate, and peanut butter! It actually tasted pretty healthy because of the distinct banana taste, although I have no idea if it actually is. The torched marshmallows on top were a nice touch

This was delicious! Not too sweet and I really liked the berries in this. Would definitely buy again if I pass by the store.

(Plus it accepts mileslife)

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Was super excited for this, but it proved to be disappointing. There wasn’t much matcha taste in the ice cream and it was too hard. The only part I enjoyed was the toasted marshmallows.

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Loved the toasted marshmallows here. The chocolate froyo was also very decadent and rich (I’m actually wondering if it should be plain froyo, to balance all the sweetness of the skillet s’mores).

If the chocolate chips at the bottom of the skillet were melted and there were more biscuits, the dish would be perfect.

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The lychee rose tasted mostly like lychee, while the sea salt was surprisingly pleasant. Toppings are an additional $.080 per topping.

This was really pretty, but I couldn’t finish the whole cup (neither could my friend) - the portion was bigger than expected.

This was very sweet but also very, very rich. Cornflake encrusted bread with creamy peanut butter and jam. I shared this with a friend but we couldn’t finish our halves of the sandwich. You’d need a very sweet tooth for this.

The red velvet waffles were crispy on the outside and chewy inside, with bits of cream cheese in the waffle. The ice cream tasted like genmaicha (which is basically roasted rice tea) and complemented the waffles well. LOVED THIS.

The portion of pudding was generous for the price. The sweetness was just right and the almond flakes on top added a nice crunch to it.

I’ve always loved cookie dough ice cream, so once I heard about Dohkie, I knew I’d be trying it eventually. The chocolate chip tastes like actual cookie dough, while the brownie tasted very chocolate-y - personally, I preferred the chocolate chip version. You definitely need to have this with ice cream, because the ice cream isn’t as sweet or jelat as the cookie dough. If there wasn’t any ice cream, I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish the cookie dough.

10/10 for presentation (it legit looks like a pear) but 5/10 for taste. The chocolate shell and the mousse wasn’t too bad, but the canned fruit inside tasted very weird (plastic-y???). We ended up not finishing this, sadly.

Got this when I was craving for something sweet - and it hit the spot. There’s a good amount of granola, bananas, grapes, berries, and even passionfruit! If you need a healthy, sweet treat, this is what you need

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Give me all the tea (and sweets and Japanese food)

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