Good places to meet up for the vibes and dine
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Mentaiko Ocean is my top fave (reminds me of a certain classified chicken) and Trufflicious Hawaiian is also good, both on thin pizza base. Plus points for cute packaging. All these for $80 and enough for a big gathering! Support local and this kpt store :)

Housed in fullerton hotel, afternoon dimsum and tea offered some exquisite picks from abalone skew mai, unagi on crispy rice, honey iberico siew mai, lobster porridge, black bean beef horfun, and one of the fanciest goes to poached pear and beef dumpling. Some of my favourites goes to: coffee pork ribs & bak ku teh xiao long bao!

A creative menu, and thankful for an afternoon of fun and laughter here

A spread of my top two fave: *Truffle Carbonara Pasta*, *Smoked Chicken Mayo pizza*, Reuben sandwiches, and Fruits Quinoa.

Truffle scent is on the lighter side, nailed when combined with the cream and generous and big bacon chunks.

Smoked chicken mayo is for all mayo lovers! Creamy taste that reminds me of Classified Chicken from dominoes. Fave amongst us too.

How I imagined a picnic to be - dining in the breezy evening with the setting sun and paired with delectable pasta, pizzas, desserts and friends. Featured here is the Smoked Duck Aglio Olio, Beef Cheek Bolognese Parpadelle, Margherita pizza and Truffle carbonara pizza!

The picnic buzzkets by Bee's Knees came with 4 plush cushions and the essentials for a picnic. Ps. Fairy lights are our own addition

Toriyard offers a spread of Yakitori skewers, and we got some of their signatures:

Tsukune - chicken meatball bathed with onsen egg
Pork belly with asparagus
Momo - crispy and tender chicken thigh
Sasami - chicken fillet lathered with mentaiko

Great for sharing (each goes for about $4-$5 a stick)

This place takes you away, being in the heart of bishan park and surrounded by greenery and chirping birds. We came here on CNY day 2 and the dishes here impressed us:

Deep fried shiitake in wasabi cream and cheese was a highlight. Crisply coated outside and very juicy and meaty inside, layered with crackling cheese. ($10 for 4 of these goodness)

Feat. Unagi rolls married with tamago and tobiko and a generous plate of tempura moriawase.

Lovely place

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Lovely crispy pockets filled with pulled beef goodness, juicy and full of flavours. Some call this a cousin of our currypuff. & It makes me miss having this for the first time in Orlando. ($14)

What a fun place with loud booming spanish music, and each dish impressed with it's flavours & sauces. highlight was when people started dancing Bachata

At the forefront is their Cubano sandwich stack that has layers of hams, slight punch of mustard and lots of cheese. ($16)

My personal fave goes to the national Cuban delight of Ropa Vieja bites on crispy plantain chips. Ropa vieja has a long history, where it's more of a leftover dish with pulled beef, potatoes/beans. Now it's revived with avocadoes and some salsa. Chef kiss 😘 ($15)

Absolutely love this place with it's rich flavours and swift serving time. Must haves for us are always:
- Bakwan Kepitang Soup (pork and crabmeatball soup)
- Babi Pongteh (melt in your mouth braised pork)
- Beef Rendang
- Terong Goreng Chili (Crisp juicy Brinjals)

About $45, and psa, it's on fave too!

Lebanese cuisine always takes flavours up a notch, and kazbar remains one of my favourite places to unwind - with the must haves of Tabouleh, Hummus, Babaganoush (egg plant mash with tahini), crispy Falafel and their mixed grill platter. The most memorable got to be their lamb ribs and lamb kebab. Grilled to perfection 💫

At bar bar q, they easily mastered the smokey taste of garlic fried rice and for $12.90, it's an easy yes. Polished this clean 👌

Brings me back to Xi'an and inner mongolia where the meat are heavily peppered with spices. This place is outdoors outside tower 4, and has an izakaya vibe where drinks, conversations just flow

All skewers are delicious and borderline spicy 🔥

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