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Good places to meet up for the vibes and dine
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Absolutely love this place with it's rich flavours and swift serving time. Must haves for us are always:
- Bakwan Kepitang Soup (pork and crabmeatball soup)
- Babi Pongteh (melt in your mouth braised pork)
- Beef Rendang
- Terong Goreng Chili (Crisp juicy Brinjals)

About $45, and psa, it's on fave too!

Lebanese cuisine always takes flavours up a notch, and kazbar remains one of my favourite places to unwind - with the must haves of Tabouleh, Hummus, Babaganoush (egg plant mash with tahini), crispy Falafel and their mixed grill platter. The most memorable got to be their lamb ribs and lamb kebab. Grilled to perfection 💫

At bar bar q, they easily mastered the smokey taste of garlic fried rice and for $12.90, it's an easy yes. Polished this clean 👌

Brings me back to Xi'an and inner mongolia where the meat are heavily peppered with spices. This place is outdoors outside tower 4, and has an izakaya vibe where drinks, conversations just flow

All skewers are delicious and borderline spicy 🔥

Match it with some their Obazda cheese (camembert base with various spices) that served a punch and it's a good starter to oktoberfest

Hearty, meaty gatherings with 🍻 and joyous vibes of oktoberfest. Love the spread Paulaner offered with pork knuckle, sausages, schnitzel and more (including my first time trying bread dumplings and sauerkraut.)

The cold cut platter also served many diff kinds of cheeses alongside various ham cuts. Had their special festbier - light, sweet and refreshing!

to these chicken satay, can't help it esp with the strong, tantalising smell of the grill as we chill on the day beds. Chunky chicken pieces showered with rich garlic bits and served with a pure peanut sauce. Perfect company to the relaxing afternoon ⛱️☀️ ($19.80)

These soft shell tacos capture a flavour bomb, including spicy pulled pork, baja fish, and one with just cheese and veggie (you can choose the flavours). El Mero Mero means the best, and we cleared this in no time

#TB Always a hearty lunch gathering with Extra Virgin Pizza, and gotta love this Shellfish Love with béchamel base, topped with chunky prawns, clams and squids and ending with some lemon zest. Too delicious

and on a bed of wine butter sauce and crisp crusts, I recall it tastes like creamy carbonara too. we're more of a fan of their pizzas here (ofc, with it being a Pizza Co). Worth the carbs load.

Honestly this place is perfect for gatherings, and it's tough indeed with crowds dwindling in these few months.

Mad for garlic earned many ticks for my friends and I as we celebrated Christmas - their signature garlic snowing pizza, their risottos and eyebrows were also raised as we try their Tomyum garlic pizza. (The garlic snow pizza and risottos are the must try)

Would say it's a lil unusual but good to spice things up a lil sometimes


with our favourite chinese food and with a view of our beautiful bay.

Had the baby abalone meesua ($30), pre-ordered claypot chicken rice ($32), and garoupa with garlic and vermicelli ($38, not in pic)

The baby abalone is chewy though the meesua is as usual. Enjoyed eating the claypot chicken rice with its mild ginger taste, tender chicken, and consistently crispy rice bits (!!). Do note that there's only 4 portions of the claypot rice, which has to be reserved in advanced. I am lucky that its still available even though I only called in 3 hours in advance.

The garoupa also captured my favourite taste of garlic in soy sauce.

For $136 including some dimsum and tea, it makes for a good meal amongst 4 people!

I write to remember good food, and to share the most humble of eats Join BurppleBeyond with CHER464

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