Dessert Tummy

Dessert Tummy

I have a separate tummy for dessert.
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Pancakes were served jiggling their way to our table. How precarious. They were undeniably instaworthy - piles of fluffy-looking pancakes topped with fresh cream and grilled apple.

We didn’t expect ourselves to love it, after all, it is the stereotype that good-looking foods taste pretty average. But perhaps it was due to this low expectation that we found ourselves loving the pancakes.

Thoroughly eggy, fluffy and light. Personally I enjoy eggy pancakes so it was a delight. But I can see some disliking the extremely strong eggy flavour that comes through. The pancakes were super light, moist and fluffy, which made eating a breeze. Also thankful that these pancakes weren’t too sweet. Very well-balanced I would say.

Toppings were nothing to shout about. Definitely recommended if you love Japanese style pancakes!

(4 pieces for $12.20; 8 pieces for $16.20)

These delicate babies were full of flavors yet not coyingly sweet. We especially enjoyed the plain Swiss roll. The cream was incredibly smooth, soft and creamy. It was a right balance of sweetness and eggy taste. Could really taste that the cream was handmade and not just some store bought cream.

Earl grey Swiss roll was also delicious. The earl grey flavor permeated through the cream. It wasn’t just some artificial flavoring. I could really taste the authenticity of the earl grey, where it was brewed and infused into the cream.

Forgot to mention, the cake was soft and spongy and airy. Very very delicious and more importantly not overly sweet. A perfect afternoon treat!

Another plus point: the cafe is adorned with beautiful decorations and minimalist design. Very insta-worthy!


My favourites have got to be the flower-shaped pandan cake and kueh kosui. Disclaimer, I’m no kueh fanatic but these kuehs got me coming back for more.

First, the kuehs here are a right amount of sweetness.

Second, the flower-shaped pandan cake was soft and fragrant. It was topped with gula melaka and coconut (hence the brown and white aesthetic rim above the cake!) which complements the pandan cake nicely. Oh boy these were so delicious fresh out of the oven!

Third, kueh kosui- never tried them until I chanced upon this pastry shop. They were really SOFT and FIRM at the same time, and really fragrant!!!!

Appreciate that traditions are still being kept blazing alive, and hope they remain to be. Highly recommend to all kueh and non-kueh lovers.

What a refreshing and affordable post-meal treat. Immensely enjoyed the huge red beans, really fresh, sweet and had a nice bite to them. The green bits tasted handmade (at least to me given its relatively paler green to other chendol places) and were not cloyingly sweet. Overall a decent bowl of chendol in SG, but nothing compares to the one I have in MY.

Delightful piece of cake!!!!!! It was really good and much better than famous cake shops that we know of.

The cake was soft and airy. The chocolate was the right balance of sweetness and bitterness. The cream was just the right amount to introduce a slight touch of creaminess to the cake. My only gripe was that I wish there were some chocolatey bits in the cream to add an extra crunch to it. But overall love this piece of cake!

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Diabetes. Everything was sweet. Remembered that the icecream didn’t taste like anything, it was such a cold side to the hot waffle.

The waffle was drizzled with maple syrup, which was way too sweet for me to enjoy the waffles. The batter of the waffles wasn’t as fragrant as I’d like it to be.

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Must admit, KFC isnt a place which I expect to have good egg tarts. But boy that was a wrong assumption.

The crust was flaky and buttery, yet not overly oily or jelak. Egg custard was soft, and coupled well with the chocolate. Best eaten when hot! KFC should make this a permanent item!

FLUFFY. The pancakes are so so so fluffy - it’s like biting into clouds. They were flavourful with hints of butter, but not too sweet. Pleasantly delightful brunch 😊

THE CONE IS THE BOMB. Even before stepping into the store, the smell of the cone wafted into our noses. The icecream was decent - could taste the pistachio but would be nicer if it was stronger.

Best waffles in my opinion. Right amount of sweetness, fluffiness, crispness. The batter is soooo good - unlike any other waffles that I have tried!! The salted caramel ice cream isn’t as amazing as the waffles, but it goes well with the waffles, alongside the drizzle of honey. THE WAFFLES ARE SO GOOD.


AMAZING waffles - batter is tasty and hearty, yet not overwhelming sweet. One piece of waffle definitely had me craving for more! The ice cream weren’t a let down either. I’ve been here for quite a number of times, and earl grey lavender has been my all time favorite! The taste is so good ALWAYS (vv consistent, trust me) - hints of earl grey infused with lavender! Tried the pistachio flavour for the first time, had to say the burst of pistachio was pretty surprising and doesn’t taste artificial. However I would definitely still go for the earl grey lavender the next time I’m here! ☺️


Fi T

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