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Experience and enjoying food from Traditional & Modern Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Local Delights
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh
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The cheapest Michelle Star Eateries in the world even though the price has risen from $2 to $2.80 for their Soya Sauce Chicken Rice.

I ordered Soya Sauce Chicken Rice with Roast Meat ($4.30). The chili is more sourish than spicy. The Soya Sauce and the Roast Meat is pretty average which doesn't have anything to shout about.

I wouldn't recommend coming all the way here to try but only if passed by.


It has been more than a year since I last tried and I'm glad the taste is just as how I used to love it.

The generous amount of curry and not overly expensive ($2.90 for rice, pork cutlet and cabbage)

I doubt I will ever get sick of it.

Had their Century Egg with Pork Porridge for only $2.50. It is hard to find such a affordable Porridge nowadays.

Although it is cheap, it doesn't mean it is bad. It is very delicious but the con is that the flavouring is not distributed evenly so I only managed to taste much of the flavour at the bottom.

They also had 5 different types of Porridge which is $2.50, 2 which is $3, 1 which is $3.50 and last one for $4.

Ordered their Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice ($4.30) takeaway (+ $0.20).

The Chicken Cutlet has the right ratio of batter and chicken. The curry is great too and only downside is that I want to have more of the sauce. They gave lots of rice which is enough to fill a big eater like me.

However, one of the thing they need to improve on is the cabbage. The cabbage is kind of hard which I would expect it to be softer. If they are able to cook it longer, it would be great.

For only a price of $18.80+ during a Friday dinner, the quality of the food is really good. The meat is store in a freezer and put in a small container instead of one big batch really shows how the restaurant really put in the effort to keep the quality of the meat well.

In additional, they have free flow drinks which is rarely unheard of from a Chinese steamboat buffet.

After trying the beef soup in my last visit, I decided to try their Braised Beef Noodle Soup (RM24.40).

I would say this is one of the most dish must order in Din Tai Fung other than Pork Chop Egg Fried Rice & Xiao Long Bao.

Their soup you can taste is cooked for hours with spices and beef. Their beef is of a thick cut but still melts in your mouth.

Don't let the Pork Chop Egg Fried Rice & Xiao Long Bao overshadow their Braised Beef Noodle.

Ordered a total worth of $25 for 3 pax. The spiciness is mild as we ordered 小辣. There is a little broth in it and it is nice to slurp on it.

By the time we finished our meal, there is a snaking long queue being formed. Luckily, we came right after rain stopped hence there wasn't a queue when we arrived.


Ordered their small Katong Laksa for $5.50 and realised they run out of cockles. I not sure of the cockles affect the taste of the Laksa but I didn't really find it special and don't know why it is famous for their Laksa.

Maybe I would give a better review next time if cockles is included to make it an authentic Laksa.

Ordered their Guo Tie ($6.50) and Beijing Dumpling ($6.50) and it was delicious. The skin of the dumplings had the right texture of not being too floury and able to secure the juice and the meat firmly.

Only when I was collecting the food, I realized they also sell red bean pancake for $5.50 which it rarely sold in hawker centre. Will ordered that next time if I pass by again.

Ordered a total worth of $41 for 3 pax (after OCBC PayAnyone of $0.50). There was a long queue when we arrived but luckily, the shopkeeper prep the meal fast.

The Mala Xiang Guo is one of the best I have tried with the right spiciness. Would try again if have the chance.

Ordered a total worth of $35.40 of ingredients which is usually for 3 - 4 pax but my friend is a big eater lol. We ordered 720g worth of pork belly as my friend is like a carnivore.

Quite a decent meal after leaving work. We ordered 中辣 but wasn't that spicy. Would try their 大辣 next time.

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Ming's Kitchen has many outlets across Singapore and my friends passed by the outlet in Woodlands and wanted to give it a try. We ordered Cereal Prawn(M) $24, Pork Chop(M) $15, Claypot Tofu(M) $15, Prawn Paste Chicken(M) $15, Kang Kong(S) $8, Luncheon Meat Sausage Omelette(M) $12, 7 x White Rice ($5.60).

All the dishes served were served within 10 minutes which I was skeptical as it was prepared a bit too far and afraid that it is not fresh. Maybe because we went about 1pm+ which is after the lunch hour.

However, I would say the food in not bad and good for family dinner and friends cohesion.

We spent a total of $94.60 for 6 pax which is quite reasonable. They have many outlets in Singapore which can give it a try.

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