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Experience and enjoying food from Traditional & Modern Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Local Delights
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

It has been quite a few time I have been coming here to eat but was able to find details of their stall online hence decided to make one.

Throughout my time ordering, 3 ingredients with white rice cost only $3. Don't underestimate the ingredients they have as they offer wider variety of ingredients compared to the normal vegetarian stall seen. Also, their operation hour is longer than other vegetarian stall from 0500-1900.

With such affordable price and wide variety of ingredients, even non-vegetarian eater like me will love it.

Ever since leaving secondary school, I have not tried their stall anymore as I live in Choa Chu Kang and they closed after lunch time.

Only today when I was nearby, I decided to try after nearly 9 years. I had to takeaway instead of eating there due to the circuit breaker restriction. Good thing is they offered to separate the noodle and soup so that the noodle wouldn't be soggy.

Taste wise, it is like what I had in the past but as I had it at home instead of the coffeeshop itself. It is not as pipping hot which I had in the past.

It was $3 in the past but now $4 due to inflation. Do note that the cheapest price of each dish does not include egg as shown in the signboard. Hence, my noodle (without egg) would be $3.50 + $0.20 for container.

Ordered their Honey Glazed Thick Char Siew Wanton Noodle ($3.80).

The Char Siew served is thicker than what usually other stall served and the Wanton is big.

The taste is normal to me but meat portion was generous.

After seeing queues around this stall, I finally decided to be part of the queue and try it.

Bought the Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle ($4) + 2 X Shrimp Wanton ($1) and now I understand why the queue. The chicken is tender and the noodle is a great compliment with it. The addition Shrimp Wanton I ordered has a whole shrimp in their Wanton. They really don't skived on the ingredients.

Although it is a bit pricey for a hawker, it is good to try on your cheat day.

Had the Red Bean Pancake ($6) and was kind of disappointed with it. I had tried their Guo Tie & Xiao Long Bao before it was not bad and was hoping the Red Bean Pancake to follow the success of them.

Unfortunately, it was a disappointment. It is very floury and lack in red bean paste. I was hoping that there is some sticky and chewiness but there wasn't. It feels like red bean bread been made hot.

My friend brought me here for dinner.

For $8, it is consist of the noodle & the soup with all the ingredients.

The noodle is not bad but the soup is nothing much to shout about. The prawn is big and fresh but the broth is just normal.

Overall, I wouldn't come specially for this but when I'm around the vicinity.


Ordered Xiao Long Bao which consist of 10 pieces for $7.50.

There was enough broth in the dumpling which is not bad.

For someone living in the west, it is rare for me to go to the east to try food. However, my friend introduced me to this Jianghu Hotpot which he said the quality is damn nice. I decided to give it s try.

They have 2 type of buffet; Royal & Elite buffet. Just go for the Elite buffet as it offered better ingredients and the Royal buffet ingredients is very minimal with no meat slices at all.

For the Elite buffet, they offered premium meat such as rabbit meat, black pork, waygu beef & pomfret. You would not get all these ingredients elsewhere in a normal hotpot buffet at a acceptable price. They even offered those China bottled drink free flow.

Do give it a try and you wouldn't regret it. Do use eatigo & chope deal to get the Elite buffet at $37.80 (+$5 direct to merchant if on weekend & Mon-Fri from 4.30pm onwards. If on public holiday, chope voucher cannot be used while eatigo can).

I wanted to try the satay bee hoon but it was closed. I saw this duck rice which has quite a queue hence decided to give it a try.

I ordered their duck rice set and this portion only cost $3. I tried their herbal soup first and the essence of herb has infused with the soup perfectly. They give attention to detail even on the soup. The rice is those sticky type which is what I prefer. Other than duck meat, they have peanut, half an egg & beancurd all for just $3 which is delicious.

No wonder they were awarded the Bib Gourmand in the 2018 edition of the Singapore Michelin Guide.

Have been reading and watching review from Eatbook, Night Owl Cinematics, Sethlui talking about a cheap and affordable meal in CBD and finally got to try it.

As want most of them mentioned, the Wanton Noodle was already sold out when I reached at 12pm. I decided to try their Minced Meat Noodle.

Their Minced Meat Noodle is different from other Minced Meat Noodle I have tried before. The sauce is sweet and the Noodle is springy. The noodle itself is also unique probably they cooked till Al Dente. I would say if there isn't Wanton Noodle, you should then go for this.

As I was not full yet, I thought of ordering Mee Rebus as it is another favourite ordered by consumer. However, they mentioned it is not available on Friday. I then decided to get Prawn Noodle.

The Prawn Noodle really has nothing to shout about and the prawn given is actually 2 x half cut prawn = 1 prawn. However, being $2, there isn't much to talk about. Do note that Prawn Noodle dry is not the dark Soya Sauce type but literally dry with a bit of prawn broth in it.

Overall, it is an affordable meal if you are working in CBD area or just trying to save on meals.

When I was young, I remembered how delicious and affordable the zi char is compared to the rest and decided to relived the memories by having dinner with my family there.

We ordered Black Pepper Crab ($56), Assam Fish Head ($26), Salad Prawn ($20), Salted Egg squid ($14), Thai Pig Trotters ($22) & 2 x White Rice ($2).

The Black Pepper Crab is fragrant and the best black pepper crab I have ever tried. However, the crab was just average size which can be pricey. The Assam Fish Head has the right spices which is great.

I have eaten braised pig trotters but never fried. Hence, when the opportunity arises, we ordered it and the crispness is amazing.

For the salad prawn, it was quite a disappointment compared to my childhood. In the past, the prawn is just lightly coated and fried with lots of fruits around it. However, there is only 8 prawns and limited amount of fruits. I know that the due to inflation they had to cut cost the keep price low but big disappointment compared to what I had for my childhood. Also, the prawn is fully coated and deep fried which I don't think is good for salad prawn dish. I would suggest to lightly fry or just steam it so that can better taste the freshness of the prawn which also nicely drenched with the mayonnaise.

The salted egg squid was lackluster as I don't taste the salted egg at all. It taste more like Calamari.

Overall, I still think it is great and worth it try to eat with family.

This stinky tofu have been around since my parents time and they raved how good it is. I have tried pasar malam stinky tofu but they were not authentic.

After a karaoke session with my friends, I coincidentally saw Mini Star while heading back. What's more, they are still opened at 11.40pm. Hence, after all these years of my parents saying how good it is, I decided to give it a try.

When the tofu, it is not as smelly as I expected. The fermentation bring extra crispy to tofu. I would say it is a decent dish.

It would say it is good for trying and not for everyday eat as it cost $4 for just beancurd.

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