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Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Ordered their Roasted Thai Chicken Rice ($4) and I like the garlic on top of the chicken which brings out chicken in the flavour. The rice is also very frangrance.

Order their fish variation ($5) this time and it is not bad. Fish is fried to order and it was hot and crispy.

Had this traditional Lor Mee ($4.50) after a long while. I like that they have their own handmade meatball in it. The gravy wise kind of watery.

Overall, not bad for a neighborhood food if you live around the area.

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Had the ah tan wings set which consist of 2 wings, rice & egg.

The chicken wings and crispy and I like how the rice is not just normal white rice but is those chicken rice rice.

Do take not the approximatity of the buzzer cannot reach very far (at the other end of the coffee shop. I waited a while thinking why the food is so long before checking on the stall

Had this unique Braised Meat Shank ($4.50). I like how the meat is soft and easily pulled from shank and the rice is flavour. Really like it and explain the queue for it

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Ordered from Chinatown Zhong Zhong Fine Spice and ordered about 6 dishes with bee hoon costing a total $13+.

I find it quite affordable and not as oily lots of Ngoh Hiang stalls that I know. It would be good if they have longer operating hour and variety during dinner time.

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Ordered the Noodles version ($5) this type round and is good too.

I am looking forward to try their fried rice version

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Ordered the Bedok Chwee Kueh which people has been talking about the changes in size. Now they served it in 2 big minimum ($2.40).

The white dough is quite delicious and the cai poh is not that oily.

Ordered the $4.50 pig porridge as it looks small when I see the $3.50 one in the stall is small.

When the porridge came, I was surprised how huge the bowl is and there is lots of pork inside it. I like how they have cai poh in it to give the savoury taste.

Really old school porridge and worth the value with the amount of ingredients

Had this Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice ($10) for 2 pax. We called in advanced to book the claypot rice else the waiting time would be 1 hr 15 mins.

The sauce is put aside for you to customised the saltedness to your preference.

I would say food is not bad but nothing really special either. If I have to wait 1 hr 15 mins for it. I wouldn't go for it.

Had this fish soup ($5) and there is lots of ingredients in it. However, soup is not as rich as I expected

Went during dinner time on the day it open 23/02/23 and was excited about it. The more I expect, the more my disappointment. The mushroom sauce was kind of bland. Also, instead of 2 sauces you can choose from as advertised, you can only choose 1.

The milk tea was not mixed with sugar syrup so you can customise how sweet you want so is good and have 8 topping in total.

However the sides was limited and turnaround time was slow and limited not like those posted in social media replenish fast. Sides taste normal.

Overall, I wouldn't pay for the price unless they improve the item offered or turnaround time

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