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Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Having hearing students raving about its Stir Fried Yong Tau Foo, decided to give it a try. For 7 pieces of ingredients at 50 cent each, noodle 50 cent and stir fry 50 cent, $4.50 for it is affordable and filling.

Halfway while eating, I realised that they forgot to fry the potato which I put. I didn't pursue it since it is just 1 ingredient.

This is my first time going to the restaurant hence decided to have leap of faith and bring my friends along. I ordered the Wanton Noodle ($7). For the Wanton, they put the whole deshelled prawn in and it is fresh.

My friends wanted to try the Thick Toast with Peanut Butter Condensed Milk ($5.50) and the bread was sweet and crunchy which is not commonly found.

Lastly, I order their Chee Being Fun ($5.90). The rice riils was smooth but the sauce is different from we usually eat. I don't really like sauce.

This is my 3rd visit here and this time brought 2 of my other friends. As usual, the food doesn't disappoint me and the food served is faster compared to my 2nd visit probably due to the timing of 2pm when we dine in and it has been a month from Circuit Breaker so lesser crowd.

Other should usually offered is Normal Soup while PGFN had Laksa soup for their Wok Noodle hence decided to have it for $6.30.

Noodle is springy and ingredients was quite a lot. Hence, no complain about it.

Do note that if you have it take away, they will charge additional $0.50 as their use containers for both and they don't have plastic bag as one of the packaging option.

After having my $8 worth of prawn noodle, my friend challenged to have the $16 one as he mentioned is a lot and he will pay half of it. I accepted the challenge.

When I told the stall owner that I want to have the $16 one having here. He was shocked that I was still able to eat. I also learned that they use wild caught tiger prawn hence the size and freshness of the prawn.

It is the 2nd day of Phase 2 and time to satisfy my craving for hotpot buffet. To start the finally opening of able to dine in, I decide to spend a bit and my friend and I decided on Jianghu Hotpot which has good quality meat and the 康师傅 available free flow. Due to the given implementation of no self-service buffet, everything was ordered via menu and delivered to our table.

This is my second time here and not able to see the food and pick yourself is really a different experience. However, I'm really glad they are opened. However, as it is no long self-service, staff is much busier and lots of thing that I order didn't came and had to ask them for it and order again from the menu. I was a bit disappointed but the quality of food isn't affected so I'm glad for that. Spend a total of $42.80 ($37.80 from Chope Voucher and additional $5 for weekend whole day charges) which seems expensive for a hotpot buffet but it is totally worth it.

After seeing it on Facebook about this dish ($6.40) and it is near my workplace and decided to give it a try. This dish is in between the soupy and dry side and it include squid, prawn, sliced fish & pork lard & a runny egg yolk. However, I feel that it is a bit salty.

Also, the price of item in the menu is $6 but does not include GST yet. Usually I expect the price in a coffeeshop is nett price without the hidden charges when doing payment.

The dish is unique but not amazing which I don't think I will patronise this shop just for this dish.

It has been quite a few time I have been coming here to eat but was able to find details of their stall online hence decided to make one.

Throughout my time ordering, 3 ingredients with white rice cost only $3. Don't underestimate the ingredients they have as they offer wider variety of ingredients compared to the normal vegetarian stall seen. Also, their operation hour is longer than other vegetarian stall from 0500-1900.

With such affordable price and wide variety of ingredients, even non-vegetarian eater like me will love it.

Ever since leaving secondary school, I have not tried their stall anymore as I live in Choa Chu Kang and they closed after lunch time.

Only today when I was nearby, I decided to try after nearly 9 years. I had to takeaway instead of eating there due to the circuit breaker restriction. Good thing is they offered to separate the noodle and soup so that the noodle wouldn't be soggy.

Taste wise, it is like what I had in the past but as I had it at home instead of the coffeeshop itself. It is not as pipping hot which I had in the past.

It was $3 in the past but now $4 due to inflation. Do note that the cheapest price of each dish does not include egg as shown in the signboard. Hence, my noodle (without egg) would be $3.50 + $0.20 for container.

Ordered their Honey Glazed Thick Char Siew Wanton Noodle ($3.80).

The Char Siew served is thicker than what usually other stall served and the Wanton is big.

The taste is normal to me but meat portion was generous.

After seeing queues around this stall, I finally decided to be part of the queue and try it.

Bought the Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle ($4) + 2 X Shrimp Wanton ($1) and now I understand why the queue. The chicken is tender and the noodle is a great compliment with it. The addition Shrimp Wanton I ordered has a whole shrimp in their Wanton. They really don't skived on the ingredients.

Although it is a bit pricey for a hawker, it is good to try on your cheat day.

Had the Red Bean Pancake ($6) and was kind of disappointed with it. I had tried their Guo Tie & Xiao Long Bao before it was not bad and was hoping the Red Bean Pancake to follow the success of them.

Unfortunately, it was a disappointment. It is very floury and lack in red bean paste. I was hoping that there is some sticky and chewiness but there wasn't. It feels like red bean bread been made hot.

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