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A Soft Spot for Italian

A Soft Spot for Italian

Featuring Pasta Brava, Aura, fȳr, Burlamacco Ristorante, Madrinaa Italiano, La Nonna (Holland Village), La Pizzeria at The Bridge & Beacon Bar, Publico Ristorante, House of MU, District 10 Bar & Restaurant (UE Square)
Sarah Lim
Sarah Lim

Awesome stuff there. Super generous portion of ravioli in a delicious semi liquid mushroom cream sauce. Baked in a nice chewy dough which you dig through to uncover the treasures beneath.


I am declaring this my favourite ice cream in Singapore. Was initially disappointed to see ice cream for dessert but wow this isn't ice cream; it's creamy truffle served in a melt-in-the-mouth state. Days have passed but memories of its taste still linger...

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Only option for starters was these delicious duo of scallops. So fat, juicy and sweet. An absolute delight to sink your teeth into and have those sweet juices ooze out.

The other option for mains. Tender as a well cooked beef cheek should be, with no good or bad surprises. Served on a bed of grainy polenta (was secretly wishing this was truffle-flavoured).

Finally got a taste of their signature item - the lauded truffle pasta. Piedmont thin egg-noodles with fresh winter black truffles. What you trade-off for al dente pasta is the larger surface area to mop up all that luscious truffle sauce, which was a good idea for this dish because the sauce was fairly thin and liquid rather than viscous.

Creamy semi-custard semi-liquid concoction of what I think contains egg, truffle and cream. So so delicious we were scraping the last bits off the shell, almost devouring the shell itself.

Super loved these scallops in a cone. How cute that they came in a pile of grains that lowses us tried to nibble on (lol). The attention to detail they put even into the amuse bouche is truly commendable.

First time trying the skate fish, which was firm and non-oily. By this time we were pretty full and mindblown by the previous dishes that this stopped making any more impressions on us.

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Would you pay the same price for an egg if you could have a meat dish instead? I would for Buona Terra's perfectly oozy sous vide egg blanketed in truffle. Foodgasm on a plate is what I'd call this.


One of the most memorable dishes that evening. Given my lack of experience with Scampi, I must say... I think buona terra has given me a false impression that scampis are the tastiest juiciest and sweetest of the crustaceans. Loved the scampi sauce that was like essence of brine and sea.

Very refined steak that came so perfectly seared they were uniformly brown on the outside and pink and tender on the inside.

Not the most glamorous dish for an otherwise very glamorous dinner. Can't tell which finger that was as the others seem to be missing. Though I prefer the starters and pastas to the meats, no regrets having this because it was really special.

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