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Sarah Lim
Sarah Lim

Essentially salmon sashimi wrapped in a prata and seaweed. Then topped with ikura and then some mentaiko mayo. Tastes just as what is described.

Why mythical? The unicorn supposedly dissolves into the chawanmushi giving it a squid ink flavour and black tinge when you push it into the egg custard. Somewhat gimmicky but still fun to watch. Taste wise was pretty average.

Could not resist a dish called uni cream ramen, which I had pictured to be served with a thick uni broth. But again the sauce was barely perceived. Definitely felt more like a pasta with cream sauce. Redeeming point was the generous amount of seafood.

Uncle kiisu is back, and with a rather unusual name and an equally intriguing menu to boot. Too bad most of the items sounded and looked better than they tasted. The sauce in this uni cheese fries tasted more like cream and the uni flavour was hardly discernable. But fries were superbly fried to crisp without being oily. Overall a great beer snack.

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Rather pricey bento boxes, but something you probably can't find elsewhere. For the meats you have a few options and I went for the firecracker chicken. This was super crispy and tongue-numbing (mala). Loved the cashews in it. The kale was great as I've never tried it stir fried this way. Comes with a soup and a drink of choice.

We happened to be lucky to be there during their week-long anniversary celebration, which entitled us to $2 dishes for every bottle of wine purchased. Super generous portions, crispy fries, delicious mentaiko made us very happy tipsy people.

A savoury risotto that's an interesting spin to the usual muted flavours of Italian risotto dishes. The purist in me was a little embarrassed to love this, but yes it was amazing and a must order. Texture was spot-on as well.

Starting to realise what makes the food here so appealing - its the sauces. I mean how else does one make charred cauliflower taste good? Garlic miso and leek is my new favourite sauce.

I forgot what this was. And i cannot for the life of me decipher what went into making this creamy concoction that came in the shade of hulk. The sauces here steal the show and are great for mopping up with pita bread.

Looks more like jackfruit on skewers to me but these were actually pieces of squid grilled to perfection. Bouncy, tender, QQ... whatever you call it. With a delightfully charred flavour. Really good stuff.

Many dips but the beetroot and fried egg puree were my favourites. It's amazing how they always get their flavours spot on no matter how odd the dish sounds.