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whollyhonestreviews whollyhonestreviews
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For the price, the quantity is quite a lot and very filling due to the glutinous stuffing. Seedless.

#YamXiaoLongBao was pretty special, it's like eating orh nee wrapped with xiao long bao skin!

#whrDinTaiFung #whrTaiSeng

Side dishes are really good for refreshing the palate in between bites, else the tongue will grow tired of the same taste, which i did for the bibimbap.. #SeafoodPancake was crispy with chunky seafood that added texture but it lacked flavour. Kimchi pancake was flavourful enough even the sour taste of kimchi but had no texture to it. Would be good to come out with a kimchi seafood pancake to marry the merits of both pancakes.

Spicy korean fried chicken was too sweet.

So sad to be bidding farewell to @heygillian with this meal.. almost a complete turnover now 😭

Damn thirsty shortly aft the meal. Hor Fun was super spicy! Bee Hoon looks even spicier but actually it's less spicy than the hor fun and the soup is slightly sweet. Claypot Yong Tau Foo really oily but nice. There is a lot of fish paste stuffings!

For drinks they have homemade barley and canned drinks ($1.50). Was disappointed that their homemade barley ran out as early as before 7pm.

Would recommend making a reservation if going in a large group as the queue can get quite long. They do not accept reservations for smaller grps tho. Their number is also very difficult to get through. Probably best time to call wld be when they are operating for lunch hr where they are less busy.

#whrKokSen #whrMichelinBib #whrTanjongPagar #whrOutramPark #whrTzeChar

However, I find the proportion of yellow noodles to beehoon a bit off. The alkaline taste of the yellow noodles is too strong. I don't like the alkaline taste and prefer a higher proportion of thick beehoon.
The #FriedHokkienMee at compass one kopitiam is better imo

I did enjoy a show of watching the cooking process here tho. Seeing two big ladles of oil, a few big ladles of soup broth and abt 1.5 ladles of light soya sauce being added to one big wok of yellow noodles and beehoon. The amt of oil required for this dish was a little bit scary.. #whrTiongBahruMkt #whrHokkienMee #whrHongHeng

Roast meat 😊 better than char siew 😐 imo as the char siew was a bit too fatty. Is that dou miao on the top plate? Yes, this was the first time I was deceived by JB's dou miao πŸ˜”. The seats inside are square tables of 4 or round tables of 8. Sometimes they will ask smaller grps of ppl to share the table of 8.

#whrJB #whrJBYaWang


The mini cake in the Southern Fried Chicken Burger is weirdly crumbly, so is the fries. Cheese in the fries tastes olfactory glands keep telling me it's old mouldy rags.. The chicken in the Southern Fried Chicken Burger was however juicy enough. The poke bowl is quite tasteless.. Umami Omega is still better is their standards are the same. Although portion wise it seems to have shrinked.πŸ™ Having tt one poke bowl is now not sufficient.

Choc Mousse cake has a strong cinammon taste in the crust. The cute choc beans were a fun addition. Can't really go v wrong with choc cakes 😊

Alter ego has several games for ppl to play. We played the jenga😊 Heard there are variations where each block has a qn and if u pick that you have to ans tt. Sounds really fun!

What happened to the food at alter ego i used to rave abt? πŸ˜” Time for some review pls!

Smoked duck sandwich set (with truffle mushroom soup and hot peppermint tea) $15 😐 + fries 😐

The bread of smoked duck sandwich was tasty😊 but i didnt quite like how thick the smoked duck skin was. Perhaps @oldhabitssg could consider introducing other types of sandwiches with the same bread? 😊 The soup has a rather strong truffle taste frm the truffle oil drizzled on top. Their deco seems to change a little bit each time. I wonder how they got some of the deco stuff. See a familiar face there?

I like the tentacles which were slightly crispy. The charcoal flavour is infused in the squid but parts of it may be slightly burnt (explains the cut off tips). Portion for the dons are on the small side for most. Chicken nanban was sufficiently filling although it would be wise to share else it is quite jelat.

😐 Better if you go in a big group and order 1/2 a roast duck. Auntie wasnt willing to sell duck leg rice (even tho they have several legs left) which was $5.30 instead of the $3 duck rice. Instead she sold us 2 plates of duck rice at $4 saying the meat is cut off from the duck leg, and yet we still see a portion of duck leg left over after they have cut.
I guess they get higher revenue this way, but it leaves the customers unhappy 😐

Big and juicy portobello mushroom atop garlicky spicy pesto spaghetti 😊 only $15.

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