Places To Eat In Klang

Places To Eat In Klang

Always updating a worthy place to eat in Klang. More of a must eat food.
Kravenger Foodie
Kravenger Foodie

For caffeine addict there’s this spot in a hole literally in old Klang town that’s open by few passionate coffee lovers in the old shoplot so it does bring a lot of old memories for people that was raised up in Klang. They have a vast offer of coffee to choose from and the famous coffee they’re popular apart from the seasonal beans that they source is the “Hibiscus Coffee” that cost RM12 for a cup with the ice cube have a real petal of hibiscus and it’s pink. Such a bonus for your IG right.

Klang fast food even faster than MCD takeouts. Usually you’ll see 1-2 ppl making the roti canai but this have 5 station to make it happen. You’ll be think what! 5! That’s not possible la. But it’s true. 5 roti canai station and they serve you really quick if you order roti kosong which is my usual to go order. With original taste you can flavour the dough taste and the curry that compliments with it.

Price is not expensive. It’s crispy not crunchy yet it’s fluffy so soft. Love it to every bits..

Mee Hoon Kuih is also known in Pan Mee by many locals around but this is hokkien way of saying it and it’s also different type that you usually get from the shop which is noodle like strip. This type is similar to China northern style noodle which is cut but this is more labour intensive that it requires a skillful people to pull to same consistency or else you’ll be having too thick and too thin pieces of flour.

For small size it only cost you RM4.50 without adding any eggs or whatsoever but I would recommend you to pick Medium or Large or even XLarge if you’re really hungry.

The wait can be excruciating if you’re famish but hey good food deserve to be wait right? They make each bowl individually in each pot and to pull the noodle into such delicate texture trust me you don’t want to finish it up too soon. The soup is very clear and flavourful you’ll surely bottom it up too.

Avoid lunch hour. Go before 12pm and after 3pm or else expect to wait for 1h onwards

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It’s a delicate chiffon cake with jelly instead of cream in every layer. It’s well balance and trust me it’s not even sweet. Perfect sweet treat if you’re looking for a healthy dessert for munching.

Price is RM 9/ 250g as 1kg is RM45. I would suggest buying the 500g size it’s the perfect size to be shared with and doesn’t feel too small.

Flavour available: Pandan(famous), Corn (2nd best), Yam, Pandan+Corn, Pandan+Yam, Durian (seasonal)

Just type in Waze and it will redirect you to the shop directly. Make sure to go during the off peak hour between 2-4pm as when there’s a queue you’ll need to wait slightly for your turn to be serve.


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