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Raymond’s Makan Diary

Raymond’s Makan Diary

Everything nice that can put into your mouth & digested in your tummy. Life is good with good food.
Raymond YH
Raymond YH
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My fav BCM stalls in Kovan Market & Food Center!

Springy noodles tossed in mouth watering vinegar & lard with a hint of chili sauce then topped with braised mushrooms & fish cakes making this bowl of BCM taste heavenly awesome.

Oh ya, the BCM also comes with a generous portion of balls (fishballs, meatballs & vege-meatballs) in soup !

The BCM here really worth every pennies 👌🏻

Queue for around 20min during the lunchtime... Was it worth the queue? I’ll give you 3 yesss!

The braised duck slices are tender and juicy. The combination of the flavourful rice and sauce with a hint of herbs are superb.

The sets priced from S$3.00 to S$5.00 and all comes with a generous portion of duck slices, stewed peanuts, braised egg and tofu.

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Besides from the famous Ipoh Hor Fun, Weng Kee also serves BCM !

The BCM is passable but seriously no “wow” factor & the was pretty decent but the vinegar doesn’t taste strong.

My recommendation... order the Ipoh Hor Fun lah 😅

Tender, juicy & awesome, these are the things popped out from my mind after the first bite.
P/S: The combination with Merlot red wine enhanced the taste of the lamb chop.

Well, perfect portion of good food makes you always crave for it. The portion was just nice and triggered my tempt to come back again for it.

A bit pricey but who cares, it’s Friday night!!!

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Choco lava cookies with a scoop of decently sweetened is how a proper desserts should be!

Affordable price and good place for weekend afternoon hangout with friends.

+$0.50 for Premium Ice Cream Flavours
+$1.00 for Specialty Ice Cream Flavours

Look nice doesn’t mean taste nice.
A good shop for deserts but as for mains... perhaps nay.

Super hot weather in Singapore?
To chill & cool yourself it just started with S$1.50.

The combination of thick & sweet Gula Melaka; squiggly & solid Pandan Jelly; lightly sweetened Red Bean; rich & fragrant Coconut Milk; fine & smoothly shaved Ice are really awesome !

In short, this probably is the best Chendol in Singapore (to me).

Queued around 45min to get my food despite the queue was about 9 or 10 people. The service was really really really slow.

The first sentence popped out from my mind after the first bite was nothing than “taste okay but seriously overrated”. #GimmeBackMy45min

To be fair, it’s still a delicious nasi lemak, crispy chicken wing (but not really warm) & nice otah... perhaps less expectations come less disappointments.

Below are the menu from the stall:

Set A ($2.90):
Ikan bilis & egg.

Set B/ C/ D ($3.90):
Fish/ chicken wing/ otah with ikan bilis & egg.

Set E ($4.90):
Chicken wing & otah with ikan bilis & egg.

Set F ($5.40):
Chicken wing, otaku & begedil with ikan bilis & egg.

Set G ($5.90):
Fish, Chicken wing, otah & begedil with ikan bilis & egg.

Nicely roasted duck drumstick with the well cooked noodle are the best combination for a simple “grab & go” lunch.

Priced at S$6.00 is fair enough for this nicely served lunch.

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If you are Salmon steak lover then this is a must.

Nicely cooked salmon steak with appetising Miso-Dijon sauce definitely will bring your stomach and you a happy day.

Priced at S$15.90 for good food, good dining ambience and excellent service is totally worth it!

Delicious, tender & juicy ! These are the words came to my mind on the first bite.

Priced at S$14 and it worth every single penny with it’s taste & of course the generous portion. You definitely will love it if you’re a fan of duck.

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I was totally amazed by the roasted duck. You could actually taste the crispness of the duck skin from the outside but surprisingly duck meat is so so so tender and juicy!

Reasonable price starting from S$3.00 for this sinful yet heavenly roasted delight.

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