Burpple Beyond

Burpple Beyond

These are all the places that you can use your Burpple Beyond pass for one-for-one deal.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Taking the outdoor escalator up to level 2 of Funan you will find this place on the right side. Selling affordable rice box from $9.90.

You get to choose 1 protein, 3 carbs, 1 sauce, 1 seasoning and 1 drink.

You can get one for one deal here with Burpple Beyond, limited to the sets on the menu.

You know it is good when you cane for the second time. I really enjoy the texture of their noodle, even for the dry version. The prawn paste comes in separate bowl together with small portion of tomato soup.

If you looking for some spicy side dish, go for their tofu with century egg to add on the taste.


Thanks to Burpple Beyond for having 50% off last month, I got the chance to visit this noodle shop.

I really like their tomato soup so much as it was so delicious that I finish the whole bowl of it.

You can choose the type of noodle which I got the normal type. The prawn paste was huge portion. Get the set meal to complete your meal with a side dish and drink.

If you missed the 50% discount promotion last month, no worry as you still can enjoy one for one deal here.


If you are looking for a much affordable food inside the National Gallery Singapore, Courtyard Cafe & Lounge at the Supreme Court building is where you should heading to.

Didn’t expect to see such a huge portion of chicken leg but yes, it was delicious. The curry was tasty and creamy. $10.80

And of course as a Burpple Beyond user you get to enjoy the one for one deal here.


After so many years they opened, I finally made my trip here. Not sure whether is this because of heavy rain, I came on Saturday lunch time and still have plenty of seats.

Their porky meal was good but not something I would shout out for. The egg was kind of overwhelming the pork meats and it doesn’t stand out at all. The portion wasn’t big enough considering the price tag also.

But if you are on Burpple Beyond, you can get the set meal for only $24++ with a drink.

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Recently Capitol Piazza has been opening lots of eatery including this Japanese restaurant.

The restaurant decorated in red theme because of their spicy concept. Ordered their chicken katsu that comes with the spicy curry. I really like the chicken with crispy skin and tender meat. The curry wasn’t really spicy as I thought (but probably just me who like spicy food). $16.80++

You also can enjoy this curry rice with 1 for 1 deal using your Burpple Beyond.


The taste was very unique and different than the usual taste I have in other places. It really taste like it was prepared with petai but was told that actually not, just some type of beans. But it was definitely a interesting taste. $9.80++


With limited servings daily, get the chance if they still available for you. A smooth, white, collagen-rich fish soup that archived though their hours of preparing with no milk added.

The fish slices was soft and delicious, soup base was much a sweeter side which you will want to get more slips of it. Enough portion for 2 people. $11.80++

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You won’t easily spot this restaurant outside as it hidden inside Kam Leng Hotel, a very nostalgic building.

Serving tze char in a modern style but yet with nostalgia decoration and cuisine.

For the meat I would recommend their pork cheek with was a plate of smoky, succulent premium pork cheek grilled to charred perfection, served with their special sauce. I really enjoy how juicy every slices of it. $14.80++

Enjoy Burpple Beyond here to get one for one meal & drink.


I always like coming here for food whenever I’m watching performance here. Beside not much people and quieter, this place also remind me of all the traditional foods in a very exciting way.

Just like their grilled chicken chop, big portion and juicy. You will enjoy every bites of it. $12.90+ (ala carte)

Get their one for one main dish with Burpple Beyond.


Finally get the chance to try on their steak. Their tenderloin comes perfectly for me which I went for medium for $39.90, with a choice of either truffle fries or mashed potato.

You also can get one for one deal here with Burpple Beyond.

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Udon coated with rich uni sauce, blending well with the uni, mentaiko and ikura. While the taste itself was rich and excellent, but the portion was just way to small for me. I still felt hungry even I have finish the bowl. Only a small portion of ingredients given. $15

Get one for one deal here using your Burpple Beyond, which include a drink.

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I hunt for foods.

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