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Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan

The Pumpkin Risotto & Mushroom ($16) is creamy, smooth and comforting. Love the texture of the risotto!

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The Pan-Seared Salmon ($24) is not overcooked, the skin is crisp and fragrant, and it goes well our choice of red wine jus and sweet grilled asparagus.

My favourite main has to be the Crispy Pork Knuckle ($22 for half). The oven-roasted pork knuckle has a good fat-to-meat ratio, the meat is moist and tender and the skin has a nice crackle. Having said that, the best part is actually the zesty and spicy Thai Nam Jim sauce and Asian sauerkraut infused with sesame oil - they complement the pork knuckle perfectly. Love the Asian twist to this classic German dish!

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I had dinner at Beast & Butterflies recently and the Thursday special, Mussels Casserole ($34 for 1kg), is great for sharing! We opted for the mussels to be cooked in Madeira cream sauce and they are plump and flavourful. It comes with a bread basket and free flow fries, which soak up the delicious sauce effortlessly. The fries are freshly fried, super crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside - I’ve got to say that the fries are as good as the mussels👍🏻

This is Hathaway’s heirloom recipe and I’ve been looking forward to trying this. The curry is spicy, flavourful and intense, which makes it an excellent dipping sauce for the crispy bread sticks. The locally farmed Barramundi is fresh and moist, and while it is infused with the fragrance of the rich curry, it does not overpower the delicate fish. The crispy okra fingers add a nice crisp to the dish.

The “fries” are actually smashed baby potatoes with roasted garlic chips and rosemary. The potatoes are fluffy and aromatic, and they go well with the Za’ atar Labneh (middle eastern yoghurt-cheese dip) and zesty chilli-lime cilantro that are served on the side.

The Burrata cheese is light and creamy. Along with chargrilled baby gem lettuce, plums, heirloom tomatoes and basil emulsion, this adds a refreshing touch to the dinner.

The Wagyu beef and chicken skewers are flavourful and tender, and they are accompanied by crispy rice puffs and a legit peanut sauce. This is zhnged up satay done right.

Love the variety of bread with different textures, namely challah (braided bread), sourdough naan and carta di musica (crackers), which are served with Le Beurre Bordier butter, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

The Grain-Fed Angus Beef ($30) is served with a buttery bearnaise sauce, thick-cut fries and mesclun salad. The medium-rare steak is tasty but I find it quite tough. The fries are also not as crispy as I like them to be. I guess this is more of a miss than hit for me~

Tarte Flambée ($26) is a thin crust pizza topped with reblochon cheese, smoked duck breast, grapes and roasted shallots. The savoury and sweet notes of the smoked duck and grapes complement each other. The crust is crispy along the edges and soft in the middle. Although I wish the crust is firmer, the taste is on point and this is quite delicious.

The star of the night is definitely the Ravioles de Royans ($28 for large), which features French dumpling pasta filled with Tête de Moine cheese in cream sauce. I’m generally not a big fan of cream-based pasta but I like that the cream sauce is light, flavourful and not jelak. The pasta has a good bite and each pocket is filled with a savoury cheese filling that goes well with the sauce. The large portion is good for sharing and this is unexpectedly my favourite dish of the night:)

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