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Featuring The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Common Man Coffee Roasters, Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Tolido's Espresso Nook, Group Therapy (Duxton), Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village), Rookery (Hong Leong Building), Saveur (Purvis Street), iSTEAKS Diner (The Star Vista), PS.Cafe (Ann Siang Hill)
Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan
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I have been to Sanity Coffee a couple of times but this is the first time I tried their food menu:) I got myself a Margarita Piakssant ($5), which is a toasted flattened croissant (hence “piak”😂) with basil, tomato, cheese and marinara sauce. The piakssant is in between a croissant and a sandwich, and it is very melty and delicious - I finished it in no time. It is also available in two other flavours - Hawaiian and Sea Salt Nutella:) Gotta try them all!

Weekend calls for brunch🌈! The Cheeseburger ($26) from Rookery features a succulent medium-seared house blend beef patty, glazed bacon chop, mushroom, BBQ sauce, slaw and curly fries. Got this with Burpple Beyond’s one-for-one promo:) Burger craving satisfied!

Throwback to the glorious Signature Scramble with Glazed Bacon Chop ($20) from Rookery🤤 The croissant is soft and flaky and it goes very well with the creamy scrambled eggs and glazed bacon chop. The bacon chop is a good balance of sweet and salty and it reminds me of a very thick bak kwa! Pretty impressed with the attentive service as well👍🏻 Got this with Burpple Beyond’s one-for-one deal - what a steal!

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I wasn’t expecting insta-worthy food when I ordered the Corn Fritters ($19) from Five Oars Coffee Roasters😂 The fried sweet corn and halloumi cheese patties go really well with the poached egg, guacamole, cauliflower hummus and tomato salsa - what a delicious burst of flavours! I like the crunch and texture of the corn fritters, and the fact that they are not greasy. It comes with a piece of chicken breast that is very tender as well:) A worthy contender if you are looking for something different from the run-of-the-mill cafe brunch food👍🏻

Finally popped by The Populus Coffee & Food Co again and this time, I decided to try their Pesto & Mushroom Pasta ($19). The al dente linguine is coated in a rich and nutty housemade kale and walnut pesto sauce. The sauce is a little dry (given that it is quite thick) but still fragrant and tasty nonetheless, especially with a dash of lime to cut through the richness. Instead of just one type of mushroom, it comes with a whopping variety of
confit trumpet, shitake, honshimeiji & osyter mushroom, which adds much variety and texture to the dish. We also ordered Sweet Potato Fries ($7.50) to share and they are soft, sweet and addictive. Overall,the food is great and the portions are hearty👍🏻 Till the next visit!

It’s my first visit to iSTEAKS Diner and I got myself a NZ Ribeye steak ($20 for 200g) along with 2 sides of my choice - cinnamon pumpkin and garlic butter eggplant. The medium steak is tender, juicy and nicely charred. The black pepper sauce (mushroom sauce available too) is savoury and does not overpower the flavours of the meat👍🏻 The eggplant is very soft and delicious as well! For a wallet-friendly chain, the quality of the steak has exceeded my expectations and I must say that I’m pretty impressed:)

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Ever since I watched the “3 Star Affordable Meal in Town” episode on Food King, I have been looking forward to trying Pasta Supremo as fresh handmade pasta are less commonly found in Singapore. The Vege Wege Pasta ($16) was unexpectedly delicious and packed with umami for a vegetarian pasta! The combination of fresh curly pasta, Asian pesto, burnt corn, mushroom, nori breadcrumbs and grated cheese worked well together and the flavours were strong and interesting - it was somewhat herby and smokey! I like that the fresh curly pasta was al dente, had a nice bite and many grooves coated in the sauce. The nori breadcrumbs added a nice crunch to the dish. The portion was pretty decent for the price too. My only complain is that they do not allow you to drink plain water from your own bottle as that is considered outside drink (erm I’m not even asking for tap water)😑 That aside, I’m glad that Vege Wege Pasta did not disappoint!

Had a chance to visit Bee Cheng Hiang’s revamped flagship store during a recent Eatup session with Burpple:) This is the only outlet in Singapore that offers charcoal-grilled bak kwa (complete with a hands-on barbecue experience👨🏻‍🍳!) and a new dine-in bistro, Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery.
The Gourmet Enoki Roll ($9.50) features crunchy enoki mushrooms wrapped with gourmet bak kwa (pork belly) and pan seared in a sweet and savoury sauce. Pop the whole thing at one go to savour the moment when the mushroom juices explode in your mouth😬!
The Truffle Mushroom Salad ($16) is an indulgent medley of sliced beef bak kwa (slightly gamey imo but you can opt for non-beef options), button, oyster, king oyster and shimeijie mushroom topped with fried enoki and sous vide egg. The truffle goes very well with the creamy mushroom salad👍🏻
The star of the night will have to be the super cute DIY Sliders ($14). Had fun assembling a mini burger comprising of toasted buns, coined-shaped bak kwa, caramelised onions, quail egg sunny side up, cherry tomatoes and house-made sambal mayonnaise🌈
Overall, the bak kwa-themed fusion dishes are pretty refreshing and I must say that bak kwa is more versatile than I imagine it to be:) Not be missed if you are a fan of bak kwa and are looking for a legit reason to satisfy your craving outside the CNY season😬!

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Finally visited The Populus Coffee & Food Co after wish-listing it for the longest time ever and boy was I impressed with the food😍 I had the Buckwheat Pancake ($21), which comprised of a thick and fluffy buckwheat pancake served on a hot skillet with berry fruit compote, passionfruit curd, cornflake crumbs, butter, maple syrup and edible flowers. It was sooooo pretty (read: instaworthy) and more importantly, the taste was on point! The pancake had just the right amount of sweetness, was not greasy and the citrusy toppings went well with the fluffy pancake. Although it was a little pricey, it was quite value-for-money as the thick pancake was super filling - it was almost as if I ate a cake for lunch😂 To top it off, the service was great - they actually allowed my friends and I to dine on the 2nd storey (usually closed for weekday lunch) when the 1st storey was full, appreciated the flexibility👍🏻 This is definitely one place that I will love to return to:)!

This is my 3rd visit to Two Men Bagel House and this time I tried the Bo-Ssam Bagel ($14), featuring roasted pork collar, house kimchi, pickles and aioli sandwiched between toasted plain bagels that are oh so soft and delicious. The korean-style pork collar is tender and well-seasoned, and every bite is a delightful burst of flavours:) Surprisingly, even with such strong flavours, it is not greasy or jelat right till the end of the meal - another win for my favourite bagel joint! P.S. Pardon the poor lighting as I was sitting next to a huge neon light😅


I have very low resistance for laksa pasta😬 I have been wanting to try the highly raved 462 Prawn Laksa Pasta ($17) from Tolido’s Expresso Nook and I finally made my way down to the bustling cafe today:) The place was pretty packed on a Saturday afternoon (had to wait in line for 20-30min) but the laksa pasta was worth the wait😍 The laksa gravy is rich, flavourful and infused with the fragrance of coconut milk, and it goes really well with the al dente pasta and succulent prawns. I polished my plate clean! Given its quality and quantity (portion is pretty big), the price is quite reasonable👍🏻 Officially one of my favourite laksa pasta in Singapore:)!

Took a break from work on Monday and found myself back at Tanjong Pagar area for a bagel treat at Two Men Bagel House! Bad news: All the bagel options except Rye has sold out by the time I reached at 2pm. Good news: Despite the lack of options, the Rye bagel turned out great! The bagel is perfectly soft, bouncy and chewy. I like that it has a great bite without being tough. I ordered the Lox Bagel ($12) which consists of a generous serving of smoked salmon, cream cheese, beet, pickled red onions, capers and dill - the ingredients complemented one another really well and it was delicious! Easily my favourite bagel place in Singapore😍


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