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Featuring The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Common Man Coffee Roasters, Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Tolido's Espresso Nook, Group Therapy (Duxton), Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village), Rookery (Hong Leong Building), Saveur (Purvis Street), iSTEAKS Diner (The Star Vista), Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery
Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan

Popped by Morettino a few times as there is a one-for-one promo on Burpple Beyond😎 I wasn’t expecting much but the pastas and pizzas were good! The Fettuccine Beef Bolognese ($24) is delicious - the pasta has a nice texture and goes very well with the slow cooked minced beef in tomato sauce, very comforting! I’m not a fan of cream-based pasta, so I’m pleasantly surprised that the Carbonara ($18) is one of the lightest and least jelak ones I have ever tasted:) The lightness allowed the strong flavours of the pecorino cheese and smoked bacon to come through the dish. I also tried the Truffle Carbonara ($24), which has the same lightness of the carbonara but infused with the fragrance of truffle. Lastly, the Pizza Parma Ham ($28) features an unstoppable combination of thin crust, thinly sliced Prosciutto ham, mozzarella cheese and tomato - it’s very savoury and tasty. Pleased to find a decent and affordable Italian restaurant near my workplace:)!

It’s not often that I come across a lobster roll that is good and affordable. Lobsters and Ice Cream is such a place, especially with Burpple Beyond’s one-for-one deal:) We ordered Seafood Roll ($23), which is half crab and half lobster. There are many flavours to choose from and we settled for Maine-Style (butter, lemon, mayo) and SG Chilli Crab Sauce. The toasted buns are the softest golden pillows ever and the crab and the lobster filling is quite substantial and chunky. I like that the maine sauce is not overpowered by the mayo and remain light and tasty. The chilli crab sauce is not too sweet as well. Special mention to the fries ($5) which we ordered on the side to share - not only is it refillable, it actually comes with 3 different sauces and the cream of mushroom sauce is good! I wasn’t expecting such quality for a lobster roll this affordable and I’m very pleased with what they delivered:)!

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It’s my first visit to Loloku and I tried one of their signature bowls, The Wikiwiki 2.0 ($14). The first thing that struck me was the generous portion of salmon poke🤩 The fresh salmon cubes covered the whole bowl and go really well with the smashed avocado, tobiko, kimchi, jalepeno, sesame, red rice and tahini (sesame) dressing. A really refreshing treat on a hot day! P.S. There is a one-for-one promo on Burpple Beyond😎

Decided to try the 3-Course Set ($60) at Porta as there is an one-for-one deal on Burpple Beyond:) The set comprised of your choice of appetiser, mains and dessert, and every dish was surprisingly good! For appetiser, we had Spanish Octopus, Spicy Salmon Tartare and Prawn and Avocado. The spicy salmon tartare was refreshing and tasty. For mains, we had Prawn and Chorizo Linguine, Iberian Pork Secreto and Rib Eye Steak. The steak was super soft and juicy, love it! The tender Iberian pork shoulder is drizzled in a sweet and tangy sauce and served with creamy mash and cherry tomatoes. We ended dinner with a moderately sweet treat of Spiced Apple Tarte Tatin and a deconstructed Tiramisu. This is my first time to Porta and I’m pretty impressed with their food and service😍!

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The Pork Cheek Pasta ($23) from Rookery is good! The al-dente pappardelle (a broad and flat pasta) reminds me of mee hoon kway:P The pork cheek is simmered in a delicious tomato red wine sauce and topped with herbed breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese and parsley. I love how the flavours and textures complement one another. You know the food is good when you find yourself eating slowly just to make it last😬 P.S. There is one-for-one promo on Burpple Beyond:)

I didn’t know what to expect at RVLT as it is my first time dining at a wine bar but the food turned out to be nothing short of amazing😍!

The Beef Tartare ($28) is fresh, well-marinated and refreshing. The beef cubes remind me of bara chirashi and I like that the raw beef is sweet and not gamey at all. The dish is served with smoked egg yolk and crunchy croutons, which give it a robust flavour and texture.

Patty Melt ($26) is a premium sandwich version of a cheeseburger that is served with medium Westholme Wagyu, melted cheese and pillowy buttered toast. The flavourful Wagyu patty is thick, soft and melts in your mouth instantly.

Although the food is pretty pricey given the small portion, the quality makes up it. Feeling pampered this weekend☺️!

I am a Yellowcarnivore because I generally love my meat and lack an affinity with most vegetables (opps). Having said that, I have been curious to try The Impossible Burger for the longest time ever because of the amazing reviews online. I finally tried The Impossible Burger ($23) at The Stamford Brasserie and I can only say that the reviews are true: how can a plant-based patty tastes so much like a legit medium-seared beef patty😱! The patty is juicy and flavourful - a little on the salty side but not that I mind given my salty tooth. I guess the unsalted chips at the side balanced it out:P The delicious patty goes well with melted cheese, pickles, tomato and Brioche Pepper bun - didn’t expect it to be this good:)!

Quinoa usually ranks pretty low on my choice of carbs🙈, but the Roasted Cauliflower and Quinoa ($17) from Rookery is surprisingly flavourful and refreshing! The quinoa is drizzled in a fragrant sesame sauce (one of my favourite sauces!), and there is a hint of lemon juice that gives it a citrusy kick. The roasted cauliflower and Halloumi cheese are flavourful and delicious. Along with cherry tomatoes, pomegranate and baby radish, lunch feels goods and tastes good!

I’m not a big fan of poke as some of the poke bowls I had in the past were too ‘salady’ for my liking, but the selection of ingredients at Poke Doke turned out to be pretty good and varied:)! I ordered the medium bowl ($14.90) which consists of 2 scoops of poke with 4 add-ons. I chose soba (+$1.50), original salmon and shitake tofu, beancurd skin, chuka wakame (Japanese seaweed), cherry tomato and roasted pumpkin.

The salmon was fresh and tasty. The shitake tofu was a little salty, so I will probably try another poke like tuna to go with the salmon next time. The add-ons complemented the poke well, especially the sweet beancurd skin (like the one used in inari sushi) and chuka wakame which added a nice Asian flavour to the Hawaiian poke. Overall, Poke Doke is generous in portion and the ingredients are fresh, tasty and refreshing - wouldn’t mind coming back again when I need a poke fix.

The C&C&C&C + Sea Urchin Pasta ($15.90 + $6 for sea urchin) from The Masses features cold al dente angel hair pasta with crabmeat, clams, chorizo, caviar and Hokkaido sea urchin in a lobster sauce that is packed with the flavours of the ocean and bursting with umami - such a decadent treat at an amazing price point! The Truffles Fries ($13.90) is very good as well - the crispy straight cut fries go really well with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and truffle mayo. I like how they did not scrimp on the truffleness of this dish at all. Would love to return again to try the other items on the menu!

I have been to Sanity Coffee a couple of times but this is the first time I tried their food menu:) I got myself a Margarita Piakssant ($5), which is a toasted flattened croissant (hence “piak”😂) with basil, tomato, cheese and marinara sauce. The piakssant is in between a croissant and a sandwich, and it is very melty and delicious - I finished it in no time. It is also available in two other flavours - Hawaiian and Sea Salt Nutella:) Gotta try them all!

Weekend calls for brunch🌈! The Cheeseburger ($26) from Rookery features a succulent medium-seared house blend beef patty, glazed bacon chop, mushroom, BBQ sauce, slaw and curly fries. Got this with Burpple Beyond’s one-for-one promo:) Burger craving satisfied!

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