Thai Food😛

Thai Food😛

Lovin me some tom yum🥵
Joslyn 🩵
Joslyn 🩵

Went to Warm Up Cafe and ordered a Basil Pork Rice, Pad Thai, Garlic Pork Rice, Boat Noodles (Small), Clear Tomyum Soup, Green Milk Teas, and Thai Milk Tea ($66.90 after gst and svc charge)!😇 Overall ratings 7/10! Mains was decent, but Green Milk Tea was a bit too sweet, and the Boat Noodles soup base was a bit too strong🥲 Might head back again to try other mains next time tho😁

Went to Chok Dee Thai Food two weeks ago and ordered their Basil Pork Rice with Omlette Egg Medium ($10+$2), Tomyum Chicken Soup ($12), Pork Fried Rice ($7) and a Thai Milk Tea ($2.80)!😇

Overall ratings 10/10! Underrated thai food in Kovan and it was sooo good😍 Basil Pork Rice Medium can feed like 2 people haha so do order the small, but it was so good and the soup was great too😁 Would definitely head back again!

Went to Sanook last week and ordered their Green Curry, Red Tomyum Chicken Soup, Honey Chicken, Onion Omlette, Prawn Omlette, Sambal Kangkong, Mango Salad, Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, White Rice and a few drinks!😇 Total bill came out to be $102 for 8 pax.

Overall ratings 9/10😍 Cant stress how Sanook is so affordable and yet the food is good!! Really loved the omlette and pad thai, but others were good too! Would definitely be back👍🏻

Went to Go-Ang Pratunam recently and ordered a serving of Roasted Chicken Rice ($4.50), ABC Soup ($6.50), and Sambal Kang Kong ($6)!😇

Overall ratings 8/10! Felt that the food was good but not as good as when I first tried it 2 years back (not sure if its just me)😅 Highly recommend the sambal kangkong though its really good!

Went to Tomyum Mama recently and ordered their Claypot Pork Tomyum Mama ($10.90), Fried Chicken Wings ($6.90), and a Thai Milk Tea!😇

Overall ratings 10/10! Really no complaints, ate a few times and food is good and affordable! Would definitely head back again💯

Went to ThaiExpress for lunch yesterday and ordered two Thai Basil Chicken with Rice and added a Sunny Side Egg ($13.30 each), a Red Tom Yum Chicken Soup (changed from Seafood $12?), and a Thai Iced Milk Tea ($3.50)!😇

Would say that the food is quite spicy, even for someone who like spicy food🥵 But it was good quality thai food so overall ratings 10/10!! Would definitely be back😍💯

Went to Moo Moo Mookata last weekend and ordered their set for 2 with a few add ons! Total about $15-$20/pax depending on how much you order but food and chilli sauces was okay😇

Overall ratings 7/10! I prefer Siam Square/Golden Mile but this is pretty decent too😄

Went to Tomyum Mama and ordered 2 Claypot Mama Noodles ($13.90 each), 2 Green Milk Teas ($1.90 each) and Deep Fried Chicken Split Wings ($5.90)😇 I think that the dishes were all decent and affordable so overall ratings would be an 8/10! Would want to try other items on the menu when i revisit too☺️👍🏻

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Went to Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice recently and lovedddd their chicken rice😍 Got 2 plates of roasted chicken rice, mapo tofu and sambal kangkong😋 Paid about $38 for this but really worth it because the chicken was so soft and tender!! Other items were also decent and it was filling👍🏻💯 Overall ratings 9/10 would definitely visit again!!🥰

Went to Nakhon recently and ordered the pineapple fried rice, fried pork belly, tomyum soup thick and sambal kangkong😋 Total was about $36 for two pax and would say that the food is pretty good! Only thing for me was that the portions were a little small😅 (might want to order a little more if youre really hungry HAHA) but overall ratings were 8/10 with decent service, ambience and pretty good food😇👍🏻

Been to a lot of outlets for Siam Square Mookata but I really love the one opened at Yishun Wisteria mall🤣 Food tastes good, price is decent and its rlly good for groups!! Not sure why that specifi. outlet has better marinated meat taste but maybe its just me🤭 Would definitely go again so ratings are a 9/10 from me!!😍

Went to Pratunam Bugis a few months ago and I love this place alot😍

Ordered the Signature Basil Minced Pork Rice ($7.90), Fragrant Pork Belly ($6.90), Deep Fried Thai Chicken Wings ($6.90), and two Pork Skewers ($3.60)!

The food was really delicious and close to real thai food standards. Also, its affordable and quick to serve😇 This became one of my fav thai food places and ill give it an overall rating of 9/10! Will definitely come back🥰

Using Burpple as my food diary🤣

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