Sweet Tooth!

Sweet Tooth!

Featuring Sunday Folks, Takashimaya Food Hall, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Dopa Dopa Creamery, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., Isetan Supermarket (Shaw House), Tiger Sugar (Capitol Singapore), An Açaí Affair (Upper Thomson), Acai Beach Club, Riz Labo Kitchen (Japan Food Town)
Pearlyn Chua
Pearlyn Chua

Second trip here to cool ourselves down after having 109 ytf which is just round the bend!

Spotted a new flavour (i presume so since i didnt see them when i was there the first time): Matcha with toasted rice!

There's 4 of us and we're using the double scoop 1-for-1 on beyond. The staff offered to help us divide the flavours into 1 cup each! Say yay to great service!

So we've got: Pistachio (which is the holy grail here), Avocado, Ferrero and Matcha with toasted rice!

All flavours were AWESOME and came out really well. They're not too sweet too. However, the pistachio one melted wayyyy too fast that day. Hope they can refine the recipe alittle!


A thin caramelised crust
Layer of smooth macchiato-like cream
Fresh Milk

This tastes pretty different from that of Tigersugar's. The fresh milk tasted more milky and doesn't have that sugercane syrup taste (aka without that chendol flavour). Pearls are chewy in texture and the drink was gone before we even realised! Appreciating this alot more and I'll be back to try their fruit teas!


The folks over at Thrive are really flexible - they allow mix of flavours for Beyond users! So, I've got a Triple A &Nutty Party! Both featured in the picture are in large size.

The creations took quite some time to be made. Meanwhile, just find a spot on the second floor! Just plop at a corner with the soft cushions. Strike a convo with your friend and just let the afternoon slide away. It's a simple space that's good for catching up on weekend afternoons (oh you know, just so to avoid the crazy heat outside). They sell some healthy snacks by Boxgreen too! It's like a mini mart cum desserts place.

The acai bowls (or rather, cups) are generously layered with lotsa granula, nuts and fruits! Heard that you can even request for less granola. They'll give you more acai in replacement 🤩🤩 The acai here isn't too sweet, and i would say the large one can be a meal replacement! Hola over for this large cup at $7 (aft one for one using Burpple Beyond)~


The sister of creamier, the one that's always featuring a group of people waiting outside the shop for seats! The crowd has never seemed to die at all.

First time trying their soft serve in a cone, instead of pairing it with their famed waffles. The cone is blackish and seems to be charcoal flavoured. My partner in crime found it to be slightly bitter and we ended up finishing all the ice cream, leaving behind an empty cone shell 😂😂 #PRIORITIES

The ice cream itself was pretty good! The nutty fragrance hits you on first lick. Slightly on the sweeter side, but what's dessert without that sugar punch right! Also another steal on Beyond, the signature ice cream with 2 toppings (as pictured) for $4.5 - no gst, no svc charge! Holla over if you're in the hood~

This pinkish puff with a crumbly top is called THE ETERNAL GARDEN. It's actually rose flavoured! The scent is light while the cream isn't too sweet nor heavy. The smooth cream, coupled with the crumbly puff, gives a contrasting texture. Goes well with the non-milk teas!

This is located at a mini japanese fair right outside Isetan Scotts. I was there on 2 Feb 2019 for info!

This strawberry ice is not sliced strawberries on shaved ice. It's frozen strawberries, sliced, all laid in the cup and has condensed mill drizzled in between the layers! Topped with a dollop of whipped cream ☁️ It's sooooo refreshing! At $8, i would say that this is definitely worth your buck!

Go try it if it's still there (;

They're back in SG, a pop up at Takashimaya's food hall till 3 Feb 2019!

This is the RICHEST MATCHA I've ever had. It explodes with the tea scent, and leaves a trail of bitterness. Perfect for matcha lovers! To top it off, I ordered a matcha swiss roll too! The cream is sooo smooth and just as GAO!

This really makes my eyes pop while savouring every spoonful of it. But, don't be greedy, pls share this with a friend or two! Else, I doubt you can finish it all on your own!

Price: $7 for the soft serve, $5 for the swiss roll topping (:

☝️ That's all the ingredients in a cup of Tiger Sugar! You cant customise the sugar nor ice level.

Usually, i drink bbt with 0% sugar &surprisingly, this one's not too sweet to the point that i cant accept. What hits me first was the scent of the brown sugar, followed by milk, milk &more milk. FYI this drink does not contain tea. Having both boba (big pearls) and pearls (mini pearls) together in the cup gives every slurp an interesting chew!

The queue is now just about 15min (from queuing to getting the drink in my hands) during lunch time on weekdays. Do go try it if you haven't! But at the price of $5.30, it'll prolly just be a check off my bucket list. KOI FAN FOREVER! (okay, mayb MUYOO too heh)

1 for 1 on Burpple Beyond!

Great to fill me up post-exercise. The size of this bowl is pretty much substantial as a meal replacement. It's loaded with lotsa fruits &nuts (think walnuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, banana, strawberries kiwis etc) Most importantly, it is much less sweet as compared to Project Acai. But ofcos, it gives less of a sugar rush too. I'm guessing that they don't add apple juice to the acai blend and hence the reduction in sweetness.

They dont have a huge selection, just about 8 flavours. You'll see the boss sending some nuts into the oven. They bake those pistachios &hazelnuts in-house!

MUST TRY: THEIR PISTACHIO ICE CREAM. Really bursting in fragrance of those lil' green nuts. Not too sweet. The texture is not as sticky as the usual artisan gelato. This is smoother (which also means it melts alil faster).

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Step into the cosy shop and be greeted by the aroma of thyme! That's bcos they make the thyme cones in the shop!

All-time favourite would be the Chrysanthemum with cocoa nibs. It features a light scent of the flowers, not too sweet and has the crunch from the cocoa nibs.


Pleasant BBT Experience:

Sampling a small shot of cheese four seasons tea when i asked "what's four seasons tea?".


Witnessing the scooping of thick &creamy cheese from a mixing bowl (seems that they make it fresh at the shop!)


Leaving the shop $4.80 poorer, but with a cuppa aromatic, cheesy tea and satisfied grin. Visit on Mondays &Fridays for 20% off!

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