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Karolyn Chua
Karolyn Chua

Becoz it says 24hours... Apparently we wanted to get the Waffles with Speciality Brew Tea but sadly after 10pm they do not serve the pressed tea anymore, however you can still order the waffles with ala carte bubble tea... So if u wanna try the speciality tea please go before 10pm to avoid disappointment :(

The waffles and ice cream is not bad actually for a bubble tea cafe... Is above my expectations ;)

Different from the regular egg tart... Tastes like the lao ban tau huey... This custard is smooth and silky... Anytime for this 😂😋

I really liked black glutinous dessert with coconut milk... The kind that you can get at hawker for $1.50 per bowl... Something different here at honey moon dessert...

They make the black glutinous rice into sticky balls and added yam cubes in it for a combination of taste and texture... I like it... But the mango was too sour and I didn't like the vanilla Cream that has too much flake ice in it... Prefer shaved ice if for dessert... Unfortunately I didn't finish it... But I do like the concept of it...

This is [email protected]$6.50/bowl not inclusive of gst yet... Not a place for good service... But a place of touch and go should be expected of from customers...

Regular priced at $9/each... Due to the recent economy downturn I guess... Even Godiva has a 1 for 1 promo... Just ended the 01.03.2020 promo... But heard is gonna have the 1 for 1 coming again soon... Check their IG for the latest update ;)

The pandan flavour has added on an additional touch to the burnt cheesecake... Compared to the one at Tokyo restaurant is almost pretty close to it... But still maybe the original tastes better still...


Isphan Cake here... $68 lychee and rose flavour... Bought it for our CNY celebration... Definitely a good one to get for occasions...

Gotten 3 at one go... All are super pretty ones, cost wise is above $10 each... Good service, nice place, taste wise we prefer the cutie cloud... New on their menu...

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The saddest sticky date pudding in the world... Not nice :( $12(gst not inclusive yet) walnuts has the greasy taste... Ice cream tasted like magnolia vanilla ice cream and the sticky date pudding is like microwaved for 1.5mins n is served... Op for PS Cafe sticky pudding...

Newly opened recently at vivo city... A decent cafe with with a bakery whereby you can choose whatever bread you wanna dine in or takeaway... They provide gloves as well if you are dining in... Plus also a selection of bubble tea...
The ones we had are Fresh Milk with Pearl ($4.50), Cheese Strawberry ($8.90) respectively...

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Some places sticky date pudding after eating you would naturally feel greasy and don't wanna continue anymore thus sharing is a better option but not for the one at PS cafe... I can just gobble up the whole of it on my own ;) if you love sticky date pudding too... This would be the choice for you... Can't remember the actual price think is about $16... No worries is nothing that pricey and unaffordable...


Each set of waffles is 2pcs together with one scoop of ice cream at $9.30 and additional scoop at $3.30 each... We had the Oreo mint, Chestnut Rum and Earl Grey Lavender with the top favourite still the Earl Grey Lavender ;)


The best match on earth I would say... Taste of the durian was pungent and the panda flavour of it compliments it... Indescribably good... Is selling at its Xmas Counter @$70 each...

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