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Not a fan of Asian/ Chinese-y food but dim sum wins me over any day!!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Another ⭐️ dim sum! Or rather, dessert! Icy cold with really thickkkk, creamy durian fillings, it was love at first bite.

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Not the most flowy, not the one with the thinnest skin, but definitely flowy within and decent enough to satisfy liu sha pau cravings!

ADDICTIVE! According to the cart aunty, this is only available on the weekends. Of course, must order if you’re there on a weekend! At $9.20, it’s definitely not the cheapest but definitely a must try. I love the crisp of the fish, with the fragrance of the floss. It’s just too yummy and addictive. Honestly, nothing goes wrong with fried soft shell crab and floss!

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I love the crusty bits on the top of the bun. However, it does not stick well with the bun! One tiny bite is all it takes for the rest of the remaining crust to fall off- it seems like the crust was an “added” later post-baking process of the bun itself. This bolo bun has got real pineapple bits within- sliced, sweetened pineapple which I’d prefer to not have. There’s some kinda sweet custard within the bun too but definitely sth I will trade for a slab of thick creamy butter. Definitely not the usual kinda bolo bun - crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with a huge slab of butter. This, was pretty doughy. I’m disappointed ☹️ I’m not getting the creamy fats but nevertheless glad to try a diff rendition of bolo bun!

Deep fried to crisp, nothing flashy in terms of the presentation but definitely “fleshy” in terms of taste. Perfect to go with mayo! Highly addictive too!

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Served in big fat cubes, the turnip cakes were decent but nothing much to shout about. There were bits and shreds of turnips which you could taste here and there but still, the ratio of turnip: flour pales in comparison to Tim Ho Wan’s. do manage your expectations!

Incredibly salty, fatty and hence disappointing. Definitely not to be savoured on its own without some rice to soak up the sodium 🧂 It wasn’t exactly charred or fragrant or anything close to redeem the overall taste of this dish. Generally disappointing given the parent brand - Lei Garden is Michelin rated

Do not be fooled!
1) It’s underwhelmingly ordinary-sized and not “giant” in any way like its name may suggest. To be honest, the size is that of any typical egg tart
2) Do not doubt the taste of the egg tart because of the disappointing size (btw it’s not small, just not “giant”). The disappointing size definitely doesn’t come with disappointing taste (thankfully!)

The eggy tart comes with yuzu bits at the bottom of the tart - well layered under the wobbly egg custard which adds some surprise element of tanginess to the egg tart. It’s pretty refreshing cos of the citrusy element and definitely “light” in taste to end off a meal.

Interesting east-west fusion spring roll where the veggies comes in the form of pesto instead of turnips and carrot shreds. The fillings came with duck meat - something new and refreshing for spring rolls which are usually vegetarian and boring to the tastebuds. It’s a win on the dim sum menu!

Really fat taro puffs generously filled with a nice layer of taro enclosing preserved veggies and duck meat 🦆The additional ingredients within the taro puff added new textures to the puff, unlike the typical taro puffs which are served plain and comes across as overly carbish or surfeiting after having one to yourself.

A must-try but I think it’s pretty overrated! The duck skin - while crispy, was incredibly fatty and perhaps that’s why it wasn’t as crispy as I had expected it to be. While the yolk was in a decent state of runny goodness, the white tasted pretty hard (idk why tho! Since it’s supposedly not hard-boiled to ensure the yolk remains runny...) In terms of smokiness, it’s really really smoky and herbally, reminiscent of herbal eggs here and definitely not for those who doesn’t like the herbs! 🌿

Grape jelly balls - extremely refreshing and whets up the appetite as a starter. Served chilled and really cleansing to the palate!

Pig baskets - char siew sou with really buttery and fragrant crust. The charsiew fillings could be a lot more generous. However, I’m not complaining since the crust (ie pig’s body) are v.well executed!

Lobster puff! - yes, the lobster head is real! Envelopes in the puff pastry is a huge chunk of lobster meat. It states a minimum order of two but I was alone and the restaurant allowed a single order. A good twist to the usual lobster 🦞 dish.

Magic crystal ball dessert - the dish was presented with much fanfare, complete with changing colours of the light and loads of “smoke” from the dry ice. The dessert’s actually a bowl of jellyish soup. Again, cleansing and refreshing too.

I chew like a hamster 🐹 with my chubby cheeks. Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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