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Health Foods

Health Foods

Featuring Souperstar (Tanjong Pagar Centre), Superfudo (Holland Village), Kipos Gourmet (Tanjong Pagar Centre), A Poke Theory (Velocity)
Lee Pei Yi
Lee Pei Yi

Got the sous vide beef steak with loads of veggies (broccoli, pumpkin, roasted edamame, corn, baby spinach) on a bed of brown rice. Sadly, this was disappointing. The beef itself was too tough and was not seasoned at all. The veggies were also too bland. Overall, erm super healthy? But small portions - for $15, I’d rather go somewhere else where healthy doesn’t compromise on the taste and quantity.

2x soups (super shroomy, Boston clam chowder), 2x wraps (Thai sweet chicken and sesame chicken), 2x genmaicha = $10.30 😱

Burpple beyond does it again! $5 per set in the CBD area? HELL YEA. This was good for a light yet warm and comforting dinner. Their soups are a bit on the creamier milkier side yet they manage to make sure it’s not too thick and cloying. The modern fusion popiahs were very interesting and as you can see, they were definitely not stingy with the filling of shredded chicken and greens.

A pity the French onion soup was sold out for the day 😢 but I’ll definitely be back to try that out another time!

Not my first time having poke bowls with A Poke Theory and after trying many different brands, I think theirs might be one of the best!

Thanks to the GrabFood promos, I enjoyed 2 large bowls with extra bbq chicken, avocado, salmon fish skin and extra sashimi for just $10 per bowl. I’ve tried almost all their flavours and my favourite has got to be the avocado miso. For purists who want to eat sashimi the normal way, go for the shoyu salmon. Of all their extra toppings, the most memorable were the candied almonds (REALLY GOOD!!! Adds a super addictive, sweet crunch) and the bbq chicken (baffles me how they keep the chicken still so succulent and not dry at all).

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$10 DIY bowl on a base (soba) with 5 toppings (baby spinach, broccoli, corn, cherry tomatoes, cucumber), 1 side (guacamole), 1 grain (chopped roasted almond) and 1 sauce (truffle shoyu). $3 add on for chef’s special of the day, Cajun chicken!

I had this as my post workout meal and I was very impressed with the generous amounts of chicken and wide variety of greens and sides I could choose from. But my favourite has got to be the truffle shoyu!!! And the staff also bothered to toss all my veggies evenly in this delicious flavourful sauce, making it overall a wonderful meal.


Always on the lookout for good nomz

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