Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia

List of foods in Penang
Alexender Ong
Alexender Ong

MYR 8.00
This is the best Hokkien Mee I can find so far. The taste of the soup is delicious and thick. Beware you will need to wait for long queue (~20 min to 40min) for this good Hokkien Mee. Patience is the answer to everything.

MYR 9.90
3.5 ⭐
The mee goreng is cooked with oily texture in way that give a smooth taste. Do love the taste of oily texture which is well done. However the Fried Chicken is tasteless and doesn't give any flavor.

As for other dish and beverage:
Coconut milkshake: fail
Fish : taste good 👍
Durian pudding: Average

Price: MYR 10.80
Score: 4.5⭐
This shop is quite hidden that you need to walk into the alley at the right of the corner.
As for the taste. To summaries it.
It's a sinful, cheesy, sloppy burger with an awesome taste for such price.

Price: ~MYR154 for 5 pax
Score: 3⭐
Overall the foods just pass only. Pizza, pasta and mushroom soup tasted better but the salad is horrible that you can tell from first looks it's rotten a bit.
Not impressed with the Lamb Chop and Mix meat dish. It's just pass but I give it extra 0.5 ⭐ because it's cheap.

Price: MYR 60 for 4 people
Score: 4⭐
Overall foods are good just don't pick Hokkien Char. It's cheap so extra 0.5 ⭐.

Price: ~MYR 6.50
Score: 4⭐
Overall taste is above average and you can add on ingredients with extra price.

Price: MYR4.80
Score: 4⭐
Cheap and taste is above average good.

Price: MYR 9
Score: 4.5⭐
The texture of the Koay Throw is perfectly fried and the taste is fragrance without chilli paste. This could have been 5 ⭐ due to the food portion is very little.

Price: MYR 6
Score: 4 ⭐
This Koay Teow Th'ng has been there for ages or even before I was born. The soup taste is fragrance and the fish ball is bouncy. I'm not really a fan of Koay Teow Th'ng but I do recommend this shop. It run out of ingredients quite fast so you have to be slightly early.

Price: MYR 13.50
Score: 5 ⭐
I can really see why people queue up for this Nasi Kandar for 30min on average. This is one of the best Nasi Kandar I have ever tried in Malaysia. The curry and the texture is too perfect.

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