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Bountiful Buffets

Bountiful Buffets

Buffets are the go to happy hunting ground for many a glutton looking to maximize their bang for their buck, but alas, there are far too many appalling buffet places that waste both the cash and calories of these gluttons. This list aims to separate the gold from the dross, so tuck in, and get ready for a bounty of blissful buffets.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

I have been reliably informed that one of the best dishes at Beach Road Kitchen’s Indonesian Specialties, their breathtaking Babi Guling, was a very unfortunate opening night only one night stand.

A whole redolent roasted pig that’s perfumed with all kinds of sapid spices sounds good enough, but it don’t stop there. The hefty hog is pulled into a portion of your preference before being tossed together with a luscious curry sauce and fried shallots just before it lands on your plate. And that is the final, ultimate evolution of the babi guling, and on God it is absolutely delicious.

However, maybe, juuusst maybe, if enough people head down to Beach Road Kitchen and ask about the succulent Babi Guling before it all ends on the 27 of July, @jwmarriottsg may just cave into sky high consumer demand and roast up another whole hog. Maybe. Perhaps. But you definitely didn’t hear this idea from me.

While the buffet is rather dear at $80++ for weekday dinner and $90++ for weekend (Friday inclusive) dinner, it’s worth every dollar put down. Trust me fam, treat yo’self. You’ve earned it.

A sincere shoutout goes to @jwmarriottsg for the generous hospitality, and to @burpple for organizing the whole shebang!


I have been immeasurably excited for The Carvery’s Great Meat Feast since it first started years ago, but it was only this year that I managed to find a willing wingman to attack this buffet with me.

At $78++ a person for Monday-Thursday dinner, we savored cuts from a Tajima Wagyu chuck roll, Tajima Wagyu tri-tip, a bone-in rib of Beef City Black (yes, the WHOLE rib), an Ana Paula Black Angus ribeye, and a bit of rotisserie chicken. Of course, the rest of the normal buffet is also available to you, and I would definitely recommend the wonderful western section with its respectable lineup of delectable delights, the stellar seafood selection which was fantastically fresh, and the divine dessert display. Oh, special mention must go out to the splendid Yorkshire puddings at the meat carvery. They were airy, light and modestly buttery, a true joy to devour.

But let’s get to the meat of the matter, shall we? My favorite bovine of the night was arguably the Ana Paula Black Angus ribeye. Grilled on a salt block to a perfect rare with a stunning brown crust on the outside, it had the perfect fat to meat ratio, and the beef was like butter. It was so tender, so juicy and so smooth every bite was an immeasurable delight.

Coming in at a close second would be the Beef City Black tomahawk rib with its butteriness and tremendous tenderness. Cooking the whole rib on the bone paid off handsomely, as all the flavor trapped within the massive rib bone was unleashed into the succulent beef wrapped around the bone. It was sparingly seasoned, as with all the other cuts of beef. The Carvery has a self service seasoning & condiments station so you can customize and season your meat to your hearts content.

The wagyu tri-tip was narrowly edged out to third with its juiciness and succulence despite it being a lean cut of beef, while the wagyu chuck roll was definitely the letdown of the quartet. It had been cooked to rare in some parts, but the inner parts were still a touch raw, and there was a fair bit of undercooked fat running throughout. I got a piece that was full of gristle, and as a result, the chuck roll was the only cut that didn’t get a second visit from me.

The quality is of the meats is undisputedly top shelf stuff, and on weekends for an extra $10 per head, The Carvery puts out a cut of Yukimuro Snow Aged Wagyu Beef. While the weekday buffet is already excellent, I’d advise waiting till the weekends and splashing out that extra $10 to savor even more meaty goodness.


Lime’s western selection is undoubtedly top quality, with piquant prime rib roast, oyster Rockefeller, and pulled pork knuckle sandwiches between fried mantou. Those are the only three selections available for the western spread, however.


While I have heard of Lime at the Parkroyal at Pickering, my main interest was with the form of the building itself, being an architect and all. But the boys and I decided to give Lime’s buffet a go one night, and while it wasn’t the worst, it certainly wasn’t the greatest either.

So, what’s the bad news? Well, the buffet selection is laughably limited. There are several stations: salad, bread, soup, seafood, western, oriental, and dessert. Sounds like every buffet in Singapore ever, but the thing I’m Pick-ering (ahem) on is the lack of choices within the stations.

The seafood station is reasonably well stocked, with the usual suspects of assorted sashimi, shellfish and crabs residing in that station. I was disappointed that there weren’t any oysters, but the Alaskan king crab legs did somewhat alleviate said disappointment.

The salad and bread stations were relatively unremarkable with all the usuals, and the oriental station was slightly underwhelming. While there was carrot cake fried to order on offer, there wasn’t much else there in all honesty. The soup station was an underrated star however, as there were serving up an utterly unctuous herbal chicken soup on the night I paid a visit alongside several other stellar soups.

The biggest disappointment was definitely the western station with its very limited selection. The carving station only had a beef chuck roast, and the other selections were either Oyster Rockefeller, or crispy pulled pork knuckles stuffed into a small mantou bun.

Now, what’s the good news, you might ask? While the selection was disappointingly limited, the quality of all the food on offer was undoubtedly excellent. The seafood, as well as the salmon, tuna and scallop sashimi were exceptionally fresh, the oriental food was undeniably delicious and authentic, and the three components from the western station were quite titillating.

The real MVP was definitely the dessert station. That was the one station with a healthy variety, and everything from the durian pengat to the chocolate mousse cake was excitingly enjoyable and exceptionally executed.

If you don’t mind a little less variety in exchange for quality in your buffet spread, Lime is definitely the place you want to be Pick-ering. If you’re more keen on variety, park your royals somewhere else.


Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves here for a diddly darn minute, shall we? Without Burpple Beyond, the overwhelming majority of Burpple users would never even take a second look at quite a few of the places on #burpplebeyond due to the sheer cost.

Tenkaichi Yakiniku Restaurant is one such establishment, as a 90 minute meat maelstrom will set you back by a minimum of $70.88++. However, with Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 premium buffet set ($114.90 before taxes), there’s quite a bit of savings to be had.

My dad and I quite enjoyed the slices of wagyu beef ribeye cap on the left of the plate, which was lean(er) and majestically meaty, and the marvelously marbled wagyu short rib, which was rather fatty but oh so sinfully sensational. The kurobuta karubi (black pork belly) was also rather redolent, and is a nice primer for the heavyweight that is the wagyu beef. All that meat was gone in short order, as it should be.

Skip the subpar sushi rolls and cooked items, and save your precious stomach capacity for all that marvelous meat.


Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol.

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