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Standard has went down a fair bit as for the pricing. This cost us 30 odd. Felt that it is a bit pricy for the standard

Certainly don’t get the hype w this item here bc it reminded me of $2 cheesy hot dogs I always bought at GV cinemas. Batter was thin, no cheese other than inside the cheese sausage itself.

If you are a fan of surprises and adventures, then you must try their appetizer platter. The mozzarella tastes extremely fresh, the bread is toasted to a satisfying crisp, and the sauce has a distinct zest that is very mouthwatering. The whole thing is a delight to the senses.

Saw this being ordered at most tables so decided to give it a shot

On first look, the surface looked abit burnt to me but luckily there wasn’t any burnt taste. The sides of the hotcake were crispy while the middle remained moist.
Tastewise, the maple syrup and the jam gave the sweet and sour contrast with the occasional bites of the nuts. Oh and the ice cream was way too little and melted very quickly on top the warm hotcake.

Not too bad but it’s def a sharing portion.

Second time eating this truffle capellini and I still enjoyed it.

Strong truffle taste

This was pretty good.
Pork was on the salty side but complemented well with the veggies
Sourdough was not those hard kind. Poached egg was beautiful w the gooey centre.

After Burpple, it was around $7 for each bowl and i found that the quality was pretty decent for the price paid. The rice was good and they were generous witb the portion of the meat. I personally liked the mash potatoes tho. All of the sides and mains were nicely seasoned too! Would come back again if i’m in the area.

Heard so much about this place and I'm happy to say that it really didn't disappoint! Every dish we ordered was a delight, my personal favourites are the tuna (super refreshing!) and kushiyaki (reminded me of the ones I had in Japan) The service was really good too despite the crowd. Will definitely return and bring more friends here (:

Back here second time cuz first experience was pleasant. The 250g seemed value for money with 1-1. Could choose truffle fries or mashed potato. The steak was more rare than medium rare. Had to do a bit of chewing. Maybe better if they put a sizzling plate. Waited third in Q on a Friday night. Was quite a fast turnover as they opened upstairs. Toilet is not well maintained. May not go back for sometime as standard has dropped by a little. The stretch of shophouses have a wider variety to choose from.

Drawn to this creamy and crusty mac and cheese, the most sinful and also most rewarding side kick to our steak. It's coated with 3 cheeses and perfect for cheese lovers. ($16)

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The Flat Iron Angus Steak (grass fed 200 days) is so indulgent. The meat from the shoulder oozes with rich flavours from it's deliciously savoury crust, with bits of salt sprinkled and its tender body juicy, fleshy and has all the goodness from the steak. Pairing this with the my favourite fragrant roasted garlic, juicy beef tomatoes, horse radish sauce that gives a kick, and borderlaise sauce which is on the saltier end (red wine, butter, bone marrow, demi glace) -$108

We also had the blue melted basque cheesecake, and it promises a memorable kick of cheese, which us cheese lovers happily devoured ($16)

was really looking forward to this place but all the food was so so only. chicken was huge but the waffles were quite dry and tough so it ended up being quite hard to finish. not sure what kind of syrup it is but i thought the taste was kinda strange and didnt go very well with the other two items. tacos weren’t great. really enjoyed the cajun fries tho! probably will not be back again