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pork chop was tender and well marinated. fried rice had a subtle wok hey to it. portion big enough for 2!!

Great ambience - cosy and relatively quiet- and excellent service by the staff. Ordered the Foie Gras Miso Linguine ($23 excluding GST and service charge) and they also served a welcome drink at the start. Love the texture and creaminess of the Linguine. Will definitely come back to try the other dishes!

Served with a side of Mesclun Salad and Thai Style Dipping Sauce.

There's a reason why the brazil churrasco at ave 6 has been around for 27 years -- it's amazing charred meats and atmosphere!

The moment I stepped into the churascuro, I was enveloped by a jovial atmosphere and surrounded by large chunks of speared meat. Gulping down my salivation, I flipped my "want meat" token to green immediately.

Finally, a passador approached our table and cut us a thin sliver of meat. "More, please!" I pleaded, and the passador acquiesced. In fact, he later proceeded to dump humongous slices of smoked duck, lamb, beef, roast chicken, and even chicken hearts on my plate! 😂 We ate till bursting but it was smiles all around throughout dinner.

They have a wide range of heavily charred meats here but go for the rump, and the shortrib -- you definitely won't be disappointed. Bonus points go to the fried kailan, which delivered a light respite in between the meat, and the scrumptious Brazilian beans.


Decided to try out this popular Central American street food. Consist of masa a flour made from blue corn with shredded chicken filling. Once you open the pack and pierce the cover piping hot steam rose from inside. The filling was pretty standard chicken and couldn’t taste any bell pepper. The real star of the dish was the corn masa- soft with a delicate nutty flavor. You have to eat it pretty quickly else it gets dry. Condiments (chimmichuri and cream) served on the side were pretty good but really small quantity.


Tuna, salmon, hamachi, snow crab, spicy negitoro, ikura, tamago and house-made pickles over steamed rice, seasoned with special blend of furikake and tare. Sashimi was very fresh and portion was just right.

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In celebration of the World Pasta Day, simply walk into the @oriolecoffee from 25 to 29 Oct 2021 to place order for any pasta for takeaway and you can get another one for free!
This offer is applicable to all pasta dishes in Oriole's menu including limited-time items like the Chilli Crab Linguine. The pasta with the lower price will not be charged
Location: Oriole Coffee + Bar, 96 Somerset Road, #01-01, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, Singapore 238163 (Next to [email protected])
#oriolecoffee #oriolecoffeesg #burpple #burpplesg #burpproved #burppletastemaker #orchardroad #panpacificservicedsuitesorchard #1for1pasta #1for1

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Ordered both lamb shanks this time for lunch and it was better! The meat was more tender and smoking hot this time, think they were too busy during our previous visit (dinner) and so the meat was left sitting on the counter for a while.

Tried the truffle fries too but it was nothing special. Coffee was the typical machine sort, enough for a quick caffeine fix.

Lamb shank: $26 - super worth it with burpple beyond when each is only $13++

OMG, I tried this why I am taking the photos and this taste so real! First, from the look of it, isn’t it a fried chicken? How can it be ice cream?
The crunchy ‘FRIED CHICKEN’ features a delightful core of the brand’s signature vanilla ice cream, coated with chocolate shell covered in golden feuilletine and crispy cornflakes to resemble fried chicken skins; finished with an entirely edible bone made with chocolate biscuit.
Two options are available:
▪️Fried Chicken Ice Cream Pint (2pcs) at $11.80
▪️Box of ‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream (8pcs) at $42.80
To complete the experience with a selection of eleven Swensen’s sauces and toppings are also available for add-on purchase at $1.07 each.
The ‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Creams are available at Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets islandwide, as well as for delivery via Grabfood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda.