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Crispy fried exterior with fairly plump oysters in each cake. Apparently, this seasonal dish is fried and cooked only upon ordering. The oyster cakes were served with a sauce that had a hint of sweetness.

The oyster cakes, while good on their own, were elevated after dipping into the sauce. Definitely recommend others to try !

Ordered this as a novelty; never tasted a dish pairing yam and duck before.

Overall, while the yam had a crisp outer skin, the duck was a little on the dry side. However, the dish was still flavourful and decent.

genuinely don’t understand why will people go back to HDL after trying BITP.
literally, everything abt the steamboat was so on point. collagen soup was da bomb, xiang la soup tasted so much better than typical ma la soup. meat slices were fresh and the soft bone pork ball was SO GOOD!
but to be fair, lamian cannot beat HDL’s handpulled noodles, but trust me, it’s still rly rly rly good. just that, you know, handmade stuffs alw triumph.

tip: if you like adding alcohol to your soup, feel free to ask the waitress for a serving of huadiao wine. recommended to only pour wine into collagen broth after the meal in cause you find the taste too strong.

Dined here on a rainy Thursday night and the place was quiet and cosy. The Menu link on the Burrple redemption page is broken so I just thought to mention that there are 3 main dish options for the set menu — Sous Vide Chicken Breast, Porky Bowl and Seafood Aglio Olio, with 2 beverage options, being Ginger Lemonade and Iced Lemon Tea.

Boy: Chicken Breast (UP: $18.90). Found the chicken tender and the mash potato a pleasant homemade touch. Said the mash was very creamy, with peanuts that give it some added nuances. Overall 8/10.

Girl: Porky Bowl (UP: 17.90). It was a nice don-like rice bowl, laden with a thick egg omelette and bacon. Sweet sauce infused with the rice gives it a Japanese flavor. Whilst serving is large, I would say it's mostly an Eggy bowl. Bacon serving was rather small and it was mostly egg + rice. Would rate 7/10.

Verdict: nice ambience and decent food, but both Boy and Girl agree that the overall 7.5/10 rating is valid because of the Burrple deal. Would otherwise be lower if we were paying full price. Still worth a try if you are around the vicinity! Also note; cost for set was $28.25 after taxes.

The usual hangout for good rustic Italian fare. This establishment is really popular with in the neighbourhood.
The Orecchiette Pasta ($19) was perfectly al dante and had strong notes of saffron and pork. I liked that it was topped with what I believe to be crispy pork which added a much needed crunchy element to the dish.

Ultimate croissant - Huge portion of creamy scrambled eggs!
Pulled pork avocado Benedicts - Fucking good! smoky pulled pork combined w the creaminess of the avocado, Hollandaise sauce and runny egg
Honey paprika wings - crispy, sweet, yummy

used the burpple 1 for 1, ordered scorched beef rice and truffle beef yakiniku rice! both were rlly good! they were generous with the beef and sauce and serving size. rlly yummy! upgraded both to sets , total was about $28!

One of the more ex items on the menu. The bread sticks were dry this time but the light pasta made up for it w the amount of seafood. Perfectly cooked(esp the ultra tender salmon), it definitely justifies the price. Rather big portion too

Actually pretty good. Everytime I come thinking it's just some chain, every time I leave satisfied. Should start to learn my lesson and accept their quality haha

Slightly crispy, and a rather light crust, loaded with succulent roasted ckn. Worth trying! The juicy tomatoes were nice too

Tender and q flavourful, it's a well executed classic. Honestly it performed a lot better than expected, this is a actually worth coming down for.

Over at JUMBO Seafood, the CNY 2021 set menus are available from now to 28 February at all their outlets with their Award-Winning Chilli Crab served with golden deep-fried mini buns taking centerstage. Their chilli crabs are no stranger to many, having gained worldwide recognition and feature from celebrity chefs and tourists alike. You can definitely not find a sweet-sour-spicy chilli crab sauce outside that is like JUMBO’s as theirs are made with over 10 different Southeast Asian spices with a subtle eggy fragrance that complements perfectly with their crabs.

The Celebration Set Menus feature dishes such as the chilli crabs, seafood soup braised with crab meat, live ‘Long Hu’ garoupa steamed with preserved radish and boiled live prawns. Prices start from $258 for 4 pax and there is a one-day only Reunion Set Menu on 11 Feb with prices starting from $298. You can also add the Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng ($58/$88) for the additional huat in the new year.
✨ JUMBO Seafood
📍 30 Merchant Road, Riverside Point, Unit 01-01/02, Singapore 058282
🛵 https://www.jumbogroup.sg/en/cny2021
🍴 [Media Invite]


Rly recommend the salmon gnocchi. There were chunks of salmon aside from the salmon cream and the gnocci was really chewy. The amount meat in the tortellini was very generous and it’ll be perfect for those who love salty flavours!