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This place never disappoints us. Obba is the only bbq place that serves their famous flying fish roe rice ball with their bbq meats. Their bbq sets are value for money as each includes your selected meats and one soup or stew dish for sharing. It may not sound like much but don't forget abt their generous side dishes. Guaranteed you will be so stuffed by the time you walk out of Obba. P.S: their spicy soft tofu stew is a must-try on rainy days

Since we can't travel to Osaka, then let Seiwa bring Osaka to us!
I like the batter and the generous mix of ingredients that went into it. We tried the pork okonomiyaki and it was light enough and a good balance to pair off with our Suntory.

Another dish worth mentioning from this café is their perfectly marinated pork chop. The generous portion of the meat was accompanied with creamy mash potato, glazed vegetables and interestingly – cranberry sauce. We love how the café chose to use the thicker bone-in pork chop for this dish! This allows the meat to get a nice golden sear and gorgeous caramelised crust on both the sides and edges while retaining its tenderness and juiciness. Additionally, we also loved how it is paired with cranberry sauce for that added sweet and sour profiles, which surprisingly balances out the meaty flavour from the pork. Do note that this dish will take slightly longer to be served, but it is worth the wait and we would most definitely order this again next time!

The crux of this dish is fresh crabs, fried bak yew pok (lard) and silky smooth rice rolls. Simply the best way to cook crabs.

Chicken was tender, ginger sauce was salty and mild, compliments the chicken q well. Not bad

The pungent smell of durian filled the whole place. Durian haters please avoid! But smells heavenly for durian lovers! Awesome dessert. Reasonably priced. Worth the wait (about an hour during weekend).

Their homemade tofu was crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside! Contrast was good and went well with the sweet yet savoury sauce. This dish only came with a big block of tofu, plenty of sauce and garnishes (not a huge fan of coriander so we skipped that but I’m sure it does add some depth to the taste).

Sweet and sour pork was quite standard. We would have preferred it if the pork chunks were smaller (easier to chew and more to distribute especially if you’re sharing) and for the portion to be bigger.

The IMM branch serves quite a huge range of steamed and fried dimsum so we decided to order a few to try. Both the egg tarts (total 3pcs) and fried yam cake (total 3pcs) were so-so, definitely not the best and have room for improvements. Given their price points, we expected better quality.

You can choose between Ah Por and Ah Gong ginger fried rice. The only difference is the amount of ginger they use for the dish. Ah Por has lesser ginger than Ah Gong!

This dish was a pleasant surprise. We were expecting the ginger taste to be strong and overpowering but it wasn’t. It was subtle, and gave a nice bite to the fried rice. Just the right amount of seasoning as well. Looks simple but it was v satisfying :-)

The iconic Samsui Ginger Chicken is highly recommended by many when you visit Soup Restaurant. Glad that the 5 of us went with the small portion ($19.90) instead of the big portion ($35.90) bcos the small portion turned out to be quite a bit!

V unpopular opinion here but I think this dish was ok... it was not mind-blowingly good as the chicken tasted like regular steamed chicken from chicken rice stalls (except it’s served cold). The only saving grace was the sweet and savoury sauce and the high quality ginger which tasted good even to non-ginger lovers.

Worth a try since it’s highly raved by other customers but personally we wouldn’t order it again :( Also, thought it was worth mentioning that their service staff were super approachable and friendly!

So rare to have quality black pork in Singapore.
The Black Pork Slices have a light tender moist meaty chew to texture. The original has a delicate savoury sweet flavour, while the version in mala broth holds savoury spicy flavour.
Hai Di Lao
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