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Yummy Eats Worth No Deals

Yummy Eats Worth No Deals

Featuring Ramen Keisuke Lobster King, Ramen Keisuke Kani King, Relish by Wild Rocket (Bukit Timah), Ramen Santouka (Cuppage Terrace), Springleaf Prata Place (The Rail Mall), Dessert Bowl, Revelry, River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles, Milk & Honey Gelato (Bedok), Ming Fa Fishball / Meng Kitchen (Upper Thomson Road)
Ade Tan
Ade Tan
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How does vegan food taste this good?? Their burgers remind me of HANS IM GLÜCK’s clean burgers, but gotta say the burgers really blew me both away as much as those at Han’s cause really wasn’t expecting that level of flavour 👍🏻👍🏻

This burger definitely didn’t let us down either with its feisty toon rendang curry that was the absolute complement to the marinated tempeh patty. No deals here but definitely worth the price!

This clean burger (reminds me of HANS IM GLÜCK) came with a delicious mushroom stem patty that was really nicely breaded, and gotta shoutout to that homemade cashew cream cheese, which was so wholesome and creamy and delicious 🤤🤤

With an amazing view of the Singapore river (perfect for date nights), this place is good for casual dining with a friend or with a group. No deals here but price point is reasonable for the quality of food served. Great service and great food, with yummilicious healthiness as a huge bonus, definitely do try this place out! 👍🏻👍🏻

One of the ten million HK bakery in Chinatown, Da Sheng is a no frills down-to-earth honest-to-goodness bakery serving the usual HK bakes! Wife delight was very nice with the unusual addition of some brown rice/flax seed to the wintermelon/almond/sesame paste that was the perfect ratio of chewy to non-chewy and tasted of homemade goodness 🤤🤤 Egg tarts were a huge letdown though, custard layers separated and the crust wasn’t buttery nor flaky enough. Thankfully, their lotus seed pastry was really good - mooncake-like lotus seed paste with a huge egg yolk encased in a baked shell of flaky goodness! Definitely do try their more unique bakes (wife biscuit, lotus seed pastry) but can give their egg tarts a miss!

Definitely a good bowl of prawn mee albeit the long wait (nearly 30 min after placing our orders at 10am on a Saturday morn??) 😥😥 Prawn mee is the only time I eat yellow noodles and did enjoy the beehoon and yellow mee tossed in dry sambal sauce that definitely had a good kick! 💥💥 Prawn broth was nice but could have been richer in flavour, and did appreciate the good portions (small comes with 2 prawns 2 pork ribs, medium with 3:3 and large with 4:4 respectively). Nice place to have breakfast/lunch cause apparently the day time cook > night time cook 🤭🤭

Part of their more premium range, but nothing too impressive - tiramisu still best works soaked in liquor and coffee with thick mascarpone cheese, of which this cake was lacking. But can’t ask for much at this price point (plus they were having a random 40% off), and definitely do try their other more interesting (and better done) flavours (like lychee martini) 😋😋

Somehow deals seem to be attracted to me, cause there was a random one-day-only 40% off this already really cheap cake?? Good place to get cheap cakes that don’t compromise on the taste, the lychee cream layered between layers of soft sponge cake was perfect! Martini taste may not be too strong, but definitely an exotic flavour done nicely and made available at a very competitive price 👍🏻👍🏻

Actually quite enjoyed this drink!! The gula melaka taste was strong with the chewy pearls, and the fresh milk taste was shining through very very strongly in this one. Only gripe would be the price (cause koi would give be the same satisfaction at nearly half the price), but thankfully there was no queue! Worth a try and the occasional treat 😋😋

Such a nice homely bowl of goodness! Though the broth may not be as thick as the famous Katong laksa opposite, it had a good tamed flavour that really complemented the whole Yong Tau Foo Taste. The variety of ingredients is decent (nothing too impressive), but love their noodles options (which ranges from meesua to meekia). Definitely a nice place to have a nice quick lunch, though it can get very hot but thankfully there’s cheap dessert right opposite! 👍🏻👍🏻

Very refreshing appetizer that came with plenty of baby scallops, ikura, tobiko, ebiko, kombu, furakake and cress, which went beautifully with the seaweed cream 🤤🤤 Pictured is the large portion, which was good for sharing before the mains, and was possibly even better than the main pastas 😮😮 A cold pasta well done!

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ASMR 👂🏻👂🏻 These prawns were fried to crispy perfection with just the right amount of batter, not too thin and not too thick, that was extremely satisfying yet not too jelat! Not much salted egg taste, but they definitely do know how to deep fry these beauties 👍🏻👍🏻 Makes me excited to come back to try their Har Cheong Gai!! Great service and feels very homely, we came 45 min before closing and they didn’t rush our meal/chase us out, props for great customer service! 👍🏻👍🏻

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Exactly the rainy day food we all need but not the one we deserve 😭😭 cause it’s so friggin good 😭😭 Was already initially caught offguard by how the soup sizzled furiously when the fried rice grains were added in, but was even more blown away when I tasted the glorious soup! The soup tasted so full and developed that they definitely used lots of ingredients and boiled it with love over many hours to produce this precious baby. With bits of meat and vegetables, this is possibly the best Teochew-style porridge I have ever taste (amazing fish soup aside). Definitely a must must must try! 😍😍

Perfect post-Bedok-85 feast treat! Waffles were super crispy and had a nice buttery aftertaste without being too cloying! Black Goma was pretty expensive, but sooo good that it’s worth if you’re a black sesame fan. Otherwise, their signature Milk & Honey flavour is pretty good too. Ice cream doesn’t quite compare to the usual parlors, but they definitely do serve up some mean waffles! 😋😋

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Cause food makes the world go round (and me too 🐽🐽) Good food good lobangs @adeateee

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