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Hawker Hunting

Hawker Hunting

I love my everyday local food. Let’s support our local hawker heroes, not just the popular ones ✌🏻

I settled for 323 Food & Beverage Western Food because the other shop I wanted was closed! :/ This was a decent portion at 6 bucks but I have a story to tell.

The menu says chicken chop and there was another item that said black pepper lamb chop so I assumed that they weren’t gonna put the black pepper but alas, my chicken chop came with black pepper which I really didn’t like. :/// Sigh but wasn’t gonna make a fuss out of it. The chicken was relatively tender. But other than that, the fries (probably processed), baked beans (probably from the cans) and coleslaw were pretty meh. The people manning the stall were friendly but I think I’d probably try another dish like the codfish if I ever order from this stall again.

Not the best pic but a great curry puff. Willin Low is on point for his curry puff recommendations. You can tell that the pastry is well made and the filling is solid with potatoes. Slightly smaller than the size of my palm, this was fresh and warm, and down in my stomach within a minute. I would definitely get this for a snack in a heart beat

Like the texture of the Hokkein Mee with a very good mix of both the beehoon and yellow noodles. It’s the soggy type which I usually avoid but this one was not overwhelming. Be warned that the chili is super spicy. But overall, a good plate of Hokkein mee.

I guess I can understand why just the recipe was priced at 2 million. Much better than the average hawker stall. Char Siew is not fatty but tender enough. I would prefer a lighter sauce but I guess all the available sauces (towards the thicker and richer taste) went well together with to bring out the tastiness of the star of the plate - the char siew.

Back here for the handmade fishball and I really like the al-dente-ness of the Mee Pok. Love the old school vibes here too and will be back for the QQ fishball again.

Honestly never tried teochew mee siam and I have no idea how it’s different from the norm, or if it’s different. In any case, this is quite a steal at 3 bucks. The gravy is more sour than sweet, the store doesn’t scrimp on the tau gay and tau pok. Must credit the aunty and uncle for always greeting all customers with a smile!

A very generous serving here at Cai Ji. They offer yam rice which felt healthier than just the usual. Didn’t drizzle with any starchy kind of sauce so I could really taste the tenderness of the duck. I can understand the long queues during usual office hours

The rice was fluffy and moist which is a big plus point. Ingredients was a a bit much for two people (not complaining perhaps my friend and I were both a little full). Liked it that we could add our own black sauce and we both avoided adding too much oil but it was still fragrant enough for us. Could really smell and taste the salted fish too. We also had water cress soup which provided a more subtle end to our meal. I would return for this!

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This is guilty indulgence in the morning because of the excessive amount of lard so it does feel slightly oily. But plus points are that the noodles are quite QQ and Char Siew is rather tender.


A really good plate of wanton noodles. I asked for my sauce with a tinge of chilli and added some green chilli. It was light on the palate.

And look at the size of the wanton, really generous with the prawns. A steal at 3 bucks!


Long queue in the morning. CCF was on point, I think the texture of the CCF was smooth and the sauce was savory (slightly on the sweeter side) and went well with the chilli. The CCF is steamed in small batches by to ensure that it is steamed to perfection.


I’ve never been a fan of mee rebus because I’ve always found the gravy to be thick and tasteless but this totally proved me wrong.

When it first came, I was like that’s sauce overload, a bit too much for breakfast, but couldn’t stop slurping after the first taste. The gravy was right amount of flavour and spiciness & completed every item well.

I am glad I went for this because I couldn’t bear to eat Selera Nasi Lemak after the disappointing meal. I will come back for this mee rebus again!!

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Eat eat eat repeat! Perpetually thinking about my next meal 😌

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