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From my fav cold brew place so I decided to give the matcha milk a shot!! The texture once again is wonderful so creamy without being overbearing but flavor wise I think the matcha flavor could’ve been stronger. Make sure to shake well before drinking as the matcha settles at the bottom of the bottle.

Five Oars uses their own blend of beans known as their “Poseidon” blend which is 50% Brazilian and 50% Colombian. Their iced white was super creamy and had a nutty/chocolatey finish to it. The place is really aesthetic as well and I’d come back to try their food and other drinks.

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Stumbled upon this takeout coffee spot at the basement of The Sail and they offer an interesting variety of drinks such as coffee, tea even tea/coffee blends. The drink I ordered was a mix of houjicha, espresso and milk. The houjicha dominates the drink, giving a roasted smoky aroma while the bitterness of the coffee is subtle. An interesting mix and I’d come back to try out their other drink combinations.

$3 for a regular black coffee is really cheap and I’m really glad I found this place as it does really good coffee. They source their beans locally and overseas sometimes depending on the season as their menu changes and they roast their beans in house. It’s a real hidden gem in the One North area.

Slightly misled by the name of the drink as I thought it would be an espresso shot with the ondeh syrup but it turned out more like a latte. The drink was topped with coconut flakes which added a nice toasty flavor but the overall affair was way too sweet for my liking. The syrup they used was quite reminiscent of an ondeh ondeh though and I could easily taste the coconut and gula melaka.


Usually not a fan of IPAs, but this was quite a pleasure to drink. The IPA drinks real smoothly with a hint of citrusy sweetness that ends with a pleasant bitterness. The bottle was well designed too which facilitated easy drinking without flooding my mouth.

Everytime I order drinks that try to recreate a childhood snack of mine I get abit worried that they just use food coloring which makes it taste fake. This drink surprised me though, it was a very refreshing mix of lime juice and calpis and I’m guessing abit of sprite which made it quite tasty especially on a hot day. It was also accompanied with Calpis pearls and was a fun addition to burst it in my mouth.

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Frozen ball of espresso infused with hazelnut, served with a warm glass of milk. When it was first served the coffee and hazelnut aroma hits you quite strongly which surprised me. After mixing with the milk, the hazelnut flavor is still retained but the coffee is somewhat diluted. The frozen ball takes awhile to melt though so wait until it’s fully melted if not it’s kinda like drinking coffee flavored milk.


Little unassuming cafe at Bras Basah Complex that sells coffee and some baked goods. Used beyond here and got 2 drinks for $5 and they give a side of butter cookies. The coffee is decent but slightly inconsistent. The iced white I ordered was really strong and tasted like more than a shot of coffee whereas my friend’s hot white tasted more like milk than coffee.

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Singaporean craft beer!! This is a summer ale that I got off temple cellars and it was super refreshing and clean tasting especially on a hot day. Slightly citrusy and malty with a kick of bitterness at the end.

The filter coffee available when I visited there and costs $7. It’s served in a very aesthetic serving flask and cup with the description behind the bean printed on the tray it’s served in. The coffee’s bitterness hits you first but mellows our into a super fruity flavor. (strong hints of berry)

The beans they use are seasonal and cost $8 for the filter coffee. This particular bean was really sweet on its own and the fruity taste hits you first before ending off on a slightly bitter note. Really easy to drink. Really like the aesthetic of this place and shoutout for playing good music (pretty much straight outta my spotify haha)


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