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An Ning Ng
An Ning Ng

Once you get past the strong fermented scent, digging into the Impossible Burger at Stamford Brasserie was a pleasant surprise. Strangely does taste like real meat!

Unfortunately, it didn’t wow me enough to justify the price that impossible meats are normally tagged with.

My favourite dish of the night - the Onglet steak. Have never tried this cut before but I’m a big fan now!

For those who prefer leaner cuts, I highly recommend this! :-) Sautéed mushrooms and cheesecake was yumz too.

Really appreciated the casual ambience of the restaurant as well.

Medium-rare salmon that is slightly caramelised on the exterior. Amazing flavour and texture 😍😍😍

If only there was a bigger portion, especially since there are no carbs.


Have to admit that I was pretty envious of my friend’s burger when both our dishes were served.

But I made a choice for the healthier option that day, and I had to stick to it. One of my biggest grip about salads is that it’s not filling, but this was jam packed with ingredients! You can’t tell from the pic, but the bowl is HUGE so there’s a lot of veg at the bottom.

Overall, it is one of the more affordable options in MBS (if you don’t want to squeeze with the food court crowds) but if you’re on a student budget, I say don’t bother travelling all the way here because there are many gr8 burger joints out there with better prices!


For the steep price I paid, my expectations really fell flat when I saw the ingredients used in the carbonara. It also didn’t have much flavour (that I had to spam pepper by myself).

If you prioritise ambience over food, the night time atmosphere is pretty good because the restaurant is by the seaside. But if you’re living on a college budget, I’ll say forget it.

$15 - Bacon & eggs burger (Double patties, house-made bacon jam, egg fritters, fried eggs)

The burgers come with a side of nachos but I upgraded it to wedges which costs $1.50 more. It was definitely a good decision though, because they gave a substantial amount and it was nicely fried and warm :-)

Nothing to complain about the burgers; they were simple and satisfying.

We waited pretty long for our food to come though (about 45mins - 1hr) , so you should try and avoid ordering during the peak hours.

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I enjoyed the American diner vibe of this restaurant and it was a bonus that I went there during the Christmas season.

For the menu, I recommend the potato skin. I would say go for the beef and pork dishes. Their rosemary grilled chicken was way too dry, and the best thing on that plate was probably the side of vegetables.

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