Local Delights

Local Delights

A collection of favourites by a local, for the world
Audrey Wong
Audrey Wong

Delicious food, including classic Peranakan main dish, satisfying variety of side dishes, complete with a drink and desert.

Somehow reminded of a Japanese bento set.

Good place for a casual comforting meal.

Post work, craving for dim sum, considered the few restaurants in the area, and finally settled for Victor's Kitchen.

Every item ordered was fresh, skillfully made, tasted and looked absolutely on point. Har kow was fresh, prawns were 'Q'. XLBs were so juicy, the amt of soup inside almost filled up my entire spoon. The siew mai has both prawns and meat, complementing each other well. Carrot cake was also unique - instead of the usual fried paste-like material, the radish was shredded and served steamed. The liu sha bao was definitely good too - liquid gold.

All in all, for sure there's more to this place than just its liu sha baos!

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Located right opposite Bugis Junction, Bugis Cube is home to many nail/hair salons and a particularly unique restaurant selling vegetarian dishes with a local twist.

We were pleasantly surprised to find this Orh luak really delicious with good amounts of gooey and crispy in its eggy base. The magic is in the question “How can Orh Luak be vegetarian?”. Turns out the genius of the chefs found a way by substituting the oysters with.. (make a guess?) mushrooms! How brilliant is that?! For mushroom and egg lovers, this is a definite must try dish!

Beyond Orh Luak, this restaurant serves many types local food with a healthy twist at affordable rates. It’s conveniently located with a warm team of staff, making it a great place for small gatherings and groups with people who are health conscious, taste conscious, budget conscious, distance conscious, etc. Give it a try!


East Coast Park with the sun, sea, and beaches in its full glory - one of the best ways to enjoy a beautiful Saturday morning in Singapore. Of course, no outing in Singapore can be complete without food. And what best place to satisfy any local food cravings than the good old hawker centre!

We bought two items to share between three of us for a sneaky afternoon snack. The Taupok set feels like a refined take on its famous cousin, the traditional Rojak. With the sauce separated from the crispy youtiaos and grilled taupoks stuffed generously with fresh cucumber shreds and beansprouts, this dish is actually much crispier and surprisingly refreshing. Topped off with thin slices of flavourful cuttlefish and crushed peanuts, it’s a good option to savour the most popular items of the traditional fruit salad of the tropics. Matched with the chicken wing grilled to perfection with crispy thin skin and tender meat, it’s a great way to enjoy the weekends with friends and loved ones.

Pro-tip: this is a popular evening hangout spot so not all stalls would be open before 5pm. Visit during lunchtime or the afternoon to avoid the crowd, but if you’re up for it, head down during dinner time to fully soak in the atmosphere!


Legend has it that this is the place where the first XO fish soup was created.

So a few of us colleagues decided to head down to this Kopitiam at Dover to try a bit of history. Not a bad choice. Soup was thick and flavourful, with thick portions of fish. It was so good, all of us could not resist and eventually finished up all the soup. Imagine emptying that entire full bowl into your tummies! 🤤


We sat among the other 30-40 other tables all waiting for the fish head steamboat. Finally, after enduring a one-hour wait, the skill-fully manuvered trolley balancing the steamboat approaches our table, and yes, it's here!

Generous amount of fish head, yam, and delicious fish broth. Flavours were brought out through the stir-fry. If you're willing to wait up to an hour (could buy satay etc in the meanwhile), enjoy sharing a steamboat (with charcoal flames too), and generally stronger flavour, this would be worth your while :)


Ordered the white beehoon (not in photo), but felt that the stars of the meal were the add-on dishes. The sambal sotong was good, with a savoury smooth sauce over the sotong (if you eat the curry leaves, hi-5! These leaves are really crispy). The French beans were fragrant too, esp since the thinner variety of beans were used, and coupled with crispy fried silver fish.

Will also like to commend the service staff that day - the waitress was so smiley and cheery that we felt instantly brightened even when she was just taking our orders.

Overall, felt that this place is a little different from the original place, but still a good consideration for Tze char in the area.


Where else can you find such a beautiful meal? Each mouth brings back the bitter-sweet memories of my engineering undergrad days - the 1-2hrs of respite with my trusty pals after a tough day battling equations and experiments.

Tender chicken, delicious sweet savoury sauce, with fragrant curry over white rice. Added in some vegs because, well, healthy - argh, who am I kidding, it's cuz it's delicious! Happiness is made up of the simple things in life.

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The fragrant aroma managed to seep into the bus. It was our noses that brought us here for supper one evening.

And when we finally tried it, the gravy was indeed delicious. The next time I'll dapao (in the traditional leaves) and let the noodles sit in and absorb the delicious gravy. Bring this noodles and it's amazing aroma home.


Lunch time and in need of a quick and comforting meal.

It may be simple stuff like fried rice, fried beehoon/kwayteow, or hor fun. But don't underestimate the mere half a dozen items on its menu - the magic is that each item is cooked on the spot. Warm and eggy, fresh from the wok, this unassuming stall produces a kick-ass plate of bee hoon.


It always begins in the office. Just after 11am, with a silent sideward nod, we quickly finish up what we're doing, log off and head towards the lift. That's all it takes for us to get the hint.

This fish soup is amazing. So what if it doesn't have a signboard, and the soup is a mess of fish and veg? The soup is so savoury, so thick, with chunks of fish and vegs. It goes exceptionally well with the e-mee (not in picture), but the yam rice is a popular choice too. The chilli (not in picture) is a must try; spicy, but shioks. Ah, this does bring joy even to the most mundane of office days.


TGIF dinner! Open 24hrs, look out for the neon lights along the streets to locate this hole in the wall.

Top 3 favs were the century egg porridge (generous amt of ingredients, super flavourful), crispy carrot cake (crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, amazing), and the longan sea coconut desert (not too sweet). Brilliant conclusion to another week.


Exploring our world. Engineer by day, foodie by night(&wkends). Here are my food adventures❤️

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