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Burpple Beyond!

Burpple Beyond!

Enjoying my Burpple beyond experience!
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~
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Set special with 1 main + 1 small bites at $15.40+. 1-for-1 set with #burpplebeyond!

It was a special occasion that I decided to bring a special person to Despite this being both of our first visit, we were impressed by the food quality served by this contemporary Aussie-Vietnamese restaurant, and of course how value-for-money thanks to #burpplebeyond, especially with the huge portions!

Each main comes with a choice of rice with egg, vermicelli with vegetable spring rolls or salad with prawn crackers. The BBQ marinated pork strips were excellently grilled with a hint of smokiness and tenderness, which reminded me of the Bun Cha that I had in Hanoi, despite a twist to the traditional dish. The grilled cured Saigon Salmon was served with ginger, lemon and sweet soy sauce drizzled. I like the fact that each main came with a whole load of mixed vegetables such as shredded purple cabbage, carrot, peppermint leaves, fried shallots, spring onions; a wholesome bowl of proteins, carbs and fibers.

The classic pork and prawn rice paper rolls weren’t out of ordinary especially when there’s only one pork strip and a piece of prawn. Thankfully, the hoi sin sauce made it up with its thick sweetness to the monotony. On the other hand, the Viet chicken and prawn maki roll was something worth looking forward to. Though made using vermicelli, you could still feel its Japanese element especially from the nori strip, accompanied by a sweet chili nut dip.

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Additional toppings (Price varies from $0.60-$1.40). 1-for-1 beverage with #burpplebeyond! (toppings not included)

3-month old @littlepo_sg at the hipster Haji Lane serves interesting concoctions of artisanal bubble tea, coffee and smoothies. Proclaiming his love for bubble tea, the boss hopes to introduce healthy, less sweet bubble tea amidst the current craze.

As a fan of brown sugar pearls bubble tea, I had to give the most classic Lapsang Souchong milk tea with brown sugar bubble (+$0.60) a try. If you are wondering about the unique name, Lapsang Souchong is also known as 正山小种, a type of black tea leaves from Fujian’s 武夷山 that imparts smokiness. Whereas the other drink that we tried, the Indian Masala Chai milk tea, is brewed using Dilmah Ceylon tea with cloves, fennel seeds, ginger, cinnamon. Wow, who has ever thought of creating a bubble tea out of Masala Chai? At least this is first in Singapore, thanks to the owner’s 3-year experience living in India.

Generally, their milk teas were stronger on the creamy milk rather than the tea, which I would have preferred otherwise. They were very open and welcomed feedback, as I commented that I like my bubble teas with a more intense tea flavour. In fact, they offered us the spices for the Indian Masala Chai if we would like an additional hint. Pearls were chewy, but don’t expect them to be thickly coated with brown sugar. After all, they are promoting healthy bubble tea with just 25% sugar level!

2 cups of bubble tea for just $5.40, what a cheap thrill ! Join me by signing up for a 20% off all-day Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at over 400 curated restaurants!

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1-for-1 bakes & beverage set with #burpplebeyond!

There’s nowhere better to hunt for guilt-free desserts other than @duxton41, where their bakes are made using sugar-free alternatives. And that’s because the folks behind this boutique bar are a pair of fitness enthusiasts.

The pastries were beautiful in general. Unfortunately, the vegan lemon curd tart was extremely sour, and the tart crust was really hard because of the almond flour used. Although it imparts a fragrant nuttiness, the crust was too dense such that it was dry and we had difficulty cutting through. I am not too sure how many can take the sourness, but even for myself who loves sour flavours, I gave up just halfway into this tart. Refreshing but stinging.

A highly popular choice was the ultimate fudge cake; made from sugar free chocolate, chocolate whey protein fudge and chocolate brown rice protein sponge cake. Pretty good attempt for a sugar-free chocolate cake, given that the texture wasn’t too dry. Well, not decadent but it’s healthier.

The blueberry cheesecake white hot chocolate was an interesting concoction. Using hot chocolate from whittard, it actually tasted like a warm blueberry yoghurt to me and lacking on the ‘cheesecake’. Not a fan of white chocolate, so I’d prefer the hot chocolate.

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There’s really nothing that I don’t like on Joo Bar’s menu so far, which explains why I am only left with the last deal on Burpple Beyond. On a return visit, we decided to try this Dak Kang Jung which has crispy chicken tenders, luxuriously coated with the sweet spicy gochujang sauce, which honestly wasn’t really spicy. Some said this looks like a sweet and sour pork dish.

I was delighted that when they stated chicken tenders, they really mean chicken tenders. Was expecting the meat might be a little dry from all the frying and glazing but it was juicy and especially good when you chew it with the gochujang sauce. Not a fan of tteobbokki but I gotta say this one was chewy and soft. I welcome the addition of chopped nuts because this was the distinctive factor that eliminates mundaneness in this anju.

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1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

One of the places that I have always wished for to be on #burpplebeyond! Might not be everyone’s top choice for bubble tea in town, but @hollin_sg ‘s differentiating point of having an exclusive rock salt macchiatos series and different flavoured pearls daily is attractive. Wonderful pairing between the sweet musky pink guava and lightly fragrant honey pearls, but the milky rock salt foam seemed to be slightly overpowering for a fruity flavour as compared to a tea flavour like their classic black tea rock salt macchiato. While the Hollin latte is a safe choice, I would choose the macchiato for novelty. 😬 Chewiness of the pearls was just right, and especially enjoyable when the flavour of the sesame pearls starts unveiling with each chew.

Fortunately there are 2 outlets which means I get 8 X 1-for-1 deals! Join me by signing up for a 20% off all-day Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at nearly 400 curated restaurants!

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An average pineapple fried rice that’s pricey for its taste and portion. Though the general turmeric flavour was on point, I thought it was disappointing that being a pineapple fried rice, the amount of pineapple was miserable. Pretty much just egg, rice, pork floss and prawns. There were neither raisins nor cashew nuts to be found. Perhaps each restaurant has its own variation of pineapple fried rice and thankfully the prawns were fresh, I would have probably go for the olive rice the next time.

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On a day to have something that spice things up, try this spicy clear Tom yum soup from Sawadee Thai! Served in a claypot that still has fire burning at the bottom to keep the soup boiling hot, there’s no lack of herbs to give a strong outburst of spicy, sour, herbaceous flavours. Especially when there are stalks of lemongrass, chopped chili padi and kaffir lime leaves. First sip sent fire down my throat, but my friends and I all agreed that as we drank more, it was easy to get used to the spiciness and subsequently addictive.

Even in the small portion ($12), there were more than enough prawns, mushrooms, squid to feed the 3 of us. The claypot reminded me of a rather traditional way of presentation, like the one I recently had at Krabi’s night market. Being instagrammable is one thing, but watching it bubble in the claypot was actually comforting, as though extra flavour was added to the soup.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we had this as the free main!


1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

Don’t belittle the size of the delectable sandwiches at the legendary @parkbenchdeli because they are so densely packed and can be really filling even when shared! The cubano - a crusty grilled Turkish pide sandwich packed with carnitas pulled pork, sliced ham, sliced mozzarella, dill pickles, coffee djionnaise. Can’t really go wrong when you have vinegary, mustardy kicks smacking right through the tender flavorful, savoury meat. And how about some melted cheese and crunchy pickles for added texture? Bf said it felt like the Chinese 肉夹馍 😂. Probably even more enjoyable if they had gone easy on salt so that it wouldn’t have been such a sodium bomb.

Pretty interested in their breakfast menu which is available from 730am - 1030am on weekdays and all day on weekends. So thanks to #burpplebeyond, I’d probably be back to try! Join me by signing up for a 20% off all-day Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at nearly 400 curated restaurants!

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With #burpplebeyond, a single portion of the pork rib stew + a squid and leek pancake at the price of 1 were more than enough to keep our bellies happy! The stew selection had good customization options;

• Meat - Chicken, beef or pork
• Stew base - Soy or spicy (levels 1 to 4)
• Noodles - Glass noodles or udon
• Add-ons - Cheese, Toppoki or extra noodles

Each stew came along with a bowl of purple rice. It would possibly make a good choice on rainy days as the stew is kept boiling as you eat. Opted for level 2 spiciness in case it was overly fiery to manage, but surprisingly it wasn’t even spicy for me, who usually can’t take spiciness well. In fact, the glass noodles were even more enjoyable after soaking in the stew as they became more flavorful. I was only puzzled that the stew seemed to have a strong beefy note although short pork ribs were served. One could probably imagine how long the ribs were cooked from the meat that was easily torn off the bone and simply melts in the mouth!


1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond! •

It’s a case of reality exceeding expectations with this squid & leek pancake at @masizzimsg! Got me a little doubtful when the photo of this pancake on menu was so green, as though it was only made of leek. The pancake had excellent crispiness from its golden batter, and especially crinkly on the edges. True enough, they were generous with leek but at the same time, weren’t stingy with the fresh chewy squid too, that was well-distributed in every slice! Wasn’t even feeling jelak after 4 slices, and I love the sweet, slightly acidic accompanying soy sauce that complemented the pancake just nicely. •

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we enjoyed this pancake free with the order of an additional pork stew! Sign up for a 20% off all-day Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at over 300 curated restaurants!

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The pasta dish that caught my eye on The Coffee Academic’s menu and thanks to #burpplebeyond, I had it as the free main! If someone isn’t sure what umami means exactly, I am sure this pasta makes a good explanation!

Sautéed Spaghetti tossed in a sweet shrimp spicy XO sauce topped with shio konbu, ebiko and an onsen egg. Such a variety of seafoody elements! The shrimps were fresh, shio konbu was savoury and the ebiko that was popping happily in the mouth. Not forgetting those bonito flakes that were generously sprinkled on top! I would consider it as the next main contributor to the dish’s umami taste after the XO sauce. Unfortunately the spicy XO sauce, though flavorful with a good umaminess, it was way too spicy for me. Even as the onsen egg was mixed in to give a creamier texture, my tongue was on fire halfway through the dish. Although the take on spiciness is subjective, I would have enjoyed it more if the heat level was reduced because it was already overpowering the umami flavour.


On a return visit, I decided to try the satay burger, a flavour that seemed interesting. The standards of the charcoal sesame buns and chicken patty were pretty consistent; Fluffy fragrant buns and a thick piece of juicy but not oily chicken patty.

Satay sauce was, of course, the highlight. Expect generous amount of roasted chopped peanuts, which adds a nice nuttiness to the delicate sweet spicy sauce. Complemented the chicken patty, which was lightly flavoured, quite well. However, I wish they could have given more sauce to have the entire patty covered. Fresh lettuce and onion slices were topped on the peanut sauce, but cucumber slices would have been a better choice for something that’s closer to the actual satay dish, and to add a cool, refreshing taste to the sauce.

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Foodie for life <3

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