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Main Dishes

Main Dishes

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Yi Wei
Yi Wei
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This was great value for money. Mentaiko was tasty, could have eaten another one!

Great buffet at great price with burpple beyond!

The salmon sashimi was usually for the usual salmon cut, but they were kind enough to give us salmon belly when we requested, and it was oh so good!

Grilled prawn was decent, and the other sushi were great too.

This was delightful. The first time I came here they were out of waffles, but this time they had.

Waffles were crispy yet soft, matched the ice cream really well.

The white rabbit flavour was mild, and if you’re having that with more than one scoop, try to get another mild flavour, otherwise you can’t really taste it. Rose pistachio was a hot fav here. Even with three premium scoops, this costed total $18.90.

Meal was decent, though the lamb did not seem fresh. Meat was tough and not tasty.

Back to the basics of chicken rice. This is good.

Rice was nicely cooked, chicken was tender and tasty.

Enjoyed this pretty well. Came in such nice presentation, loved the fried enoki and runny egg. Was at a really decent price too! This was for $6.

Hor fun didn’t have the wok hei taste that some people like, and could do with a little more sauce. The kway Teow got a little dry after a while.

Box looked small but packed a lot of food. Smelled really good and tasted great as well! The grains of rice were clear and not sticky, and the whole dish blended together pretty well.

Was a lil on the pricey side for the other meats though.

Can’t recall what the name of this was, but this was pretty good at first bite. Upon further tasting, the chicken itself did not have much taste, but the skin was fried to near perfection.

Was pretty affordable for 6 pieces for about $15.90, I think. Included thigh, drumstick, wings.

Was an interesting blend of both pizza and pasta together in the same dish.

Wished there could have been more pieces of bulgogi, but this was pretty good and filling. Crust was soft and yet crispy, I finished the crust even though I don’t usually eat them.

Food took a while to come cos they were short handed that day.

Loved this! Had pieces of garlic and shrimp on it. Garlic taste could have been stronger, this was like pieces of garlic placed on the pizza, taken off, the pizza did not have any garlic taste.

Love the cream base, was tangy and sweet without being overly sweet. Crust was good too, I usually don’t eat the crust but this was good.

Great value with burpple beyond, though the largest size to order was 14” pizza.

Menu said it was a folded pizza, but did not come folded. Did I read it wrongly? Ö

But pizza was good, the alfalfa and the rocket were good matches with the pizza. I’m not usually a fan of tomato base, but this was pretty decent, did make me want more.

Great value with burpple beyond, though the biggest I can redeem is the 14” one.

The dinner set came with free flow salad bar, drink, and a dessert. For under $30. Cosy and quiet place for dinner.

Meat was tender, not overcooked. Good value for the price.

Yi Wei

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